Pavitra Rishta 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 10th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Soham taking bar owner to Ankita’s house. Bar owner is hesitant but Soham convinces him. Watchman tells them that Rushaali and Shirish are not at home. Soham says, we want to meet Ankita. Sunanda is giving lecture to Kinnari about the happy family. Raunaq asks Kinnari to come to see his bedroom. Soham and bar owner enter, Kinnari asks who are you? And asks them to go out. She thinks they came to ask for charity. Raunaq says, they are Ankita’s relatives. Kinnari says, I thought they are poor labourers. Raunaq says, they came for our engagement. Kinnari says, I forgot them as they is nothing in them to remember. Ankita comes. Soham calls Kinnari as behenji. Kinnari is irked. Soham tells Sunanda that I want to talk to you. He tells about Mansi’s engagement. He says, Mansi’s father is a drunkard so we came to invite you with her kaka. Bar owner invites them. Sunanda asks the servants to serve the meals. Ankita asks Soham to go. Soham says, I don’t have money for Mansi’s engagement. Ankita says, you will not get money this time. Last time you have asked money from Rushaali madam. Raunaq asks, what is going on?

Soham says, we are discussing about the arrangement. He says, Mansi’s father didn’t do anything and we have to do for the arrangement. Soham says, if we would have money, then we would have make the arrangement. Bar owner asks for money for the engagement. Ankita shouts at Soham and calls him baba. Kinnari says, he is your father. Sunanda says, we were told that he is your neighbour. Ankita says, he is my baba. Sunanda says, you had a big lie. Ankita says, he is a drunkard. Whatever I said is in helplessness. She says, this is bar owner and not my kaka. Last time, Rushaali maam helped my father. But I don’t want them to take advantage of your goodness. Sunanda calls the SP and says, two people have entered my house and claiming to be my bahu’s kaka. He is actually a fraud. She asks the police to come soon. Bar owner says, I will leave. Sunanda says, I didn’t call the police. Soham says, let him go….I will tell the reality.

Sunanda says, either you are lying or your daughter. She taunts at Ankita and says her values are wrong. Soham couldn’t take it and says she is very good. I am wrong. Sunanda says, father is a drunkard but couldn’t listen anything against his daughter. Until when you will lie. Naren comes and asks, who is lying? Naren asks Ahana. He sees Soham and asks Attu to lock the kitchen as he is a sugar thief. Ankita says, he is not our neighbour but my baba. Naren is shocked. He asks, he is your father! Ankita says yes. Naren says, my sasur ji. Soham says, I came to give the invitation and leaves. Ankita is crying. Naren asks, why are you crying?

Ankita goes to her room. Naren follows her. Ankita is still crying. Naren says sorry for calling her baba as a sugar thief. Ankita says sorry for not informing him about her father. She says, my baba had stolen your bracelet on your birthday. He is a drunkard and a gambler. He took money from Rushaali maam. Ankita says, I don’t want him to take advantage of your goodness. Naren says, we will give our goodness to him and then he will be good. Don’t worry about Mansi’s engagement and marriage. We will take care of everything. He calms her with her soothing words (hope, every husband is like him. So good and cool. Good soul). Sunraha haina tu…….plays while he takes Ankita photo. He makes her smile.

Prashant tells Pranav and Sonu about Mansi’s engagement and reminds them not to ask her to work. Pranav says, we will ask her to rest. Pranav says, we will do the arrangement. He sees some person with the decoration stuff and thinks there is someone’s engagement today. Prashant goes and he is informed by the people that they came here to do the decoration for Mansi’s engagement. Prashant thinks, jiju is fulfilling every responsibility after marriage. I thought him wrong. RK calls Purvi and asks her to open the TV. Purvi switch on the TV and sees about Arjun out of jail. She is relieved to see the charges waiving from him. RK says you are crying at the good news. Purvi looks at her tears in the mirror. RK says, you are soon going to be my wife, Purvi RK. He says, you will not be my wife in my bedroom but will be infront of the people. He asks her to take care of her beauty and dark circles. Also asks her to change her house as she is going to be Mrs. RK. He says, I will book a suite for you in some good hotel. Purvi thinks she is stuck.

Sunanda shows the necklace of 3.5 tolas gold. She says, it is heavy and old fashioned. I don’t wear this. Give it to your sister. Ankita says, it is not needed for me or my sister. We will be happy if you come to bless her. Sunanda says, I will not enter the chawl at any circumstances. She says, Naren is doing every arrangement. Sunanda says, you are bringing out the worst in me. Sunanda asks Ankita to give blessings to Mansi from her behalf. Bless her to love her husband which you are not doing. Shashank’s family come to Soham’s house. Naren welcomes them. He asks, how I am looking? Everyone smile. Ankita comes to Mansi and says, you are looking good. She says, I have seen many dreams for all of us. I am happy that you are getting husband of your choice. Mansi says, you have done many sacrifices for us. Ankita asks her to stop crying as Shashank jijaji is waiting. Ankita, Mansi and Sonu smile and hug.

Raunaq asks everyone to return the phone of Kinnari, else. Kinnari asks Raunaq to call the police now. Raunaq calls on the number and the mobile is found in Pranav kurta.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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