Pavitra Bhagya 9th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Reyansh and Jugnu meet again

Pavitra Bhagya 9th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pranati walks up to her mother who begins to fumble thinking Pranati overheard anything but that isn’t the case. Pranati says I knew it that you are also worried about that stranger girl. That is why you are here. her mother nods. Pranati asks her if matron said anything. Her mother says I came here looking for you as I was sure you will be here. Pranati asks about Jugnu again. I have registered a complaint against you. Matron says I have filed a complaint against you as you have been chasing us for no reason. What does that girl mean to you? Pranati’s mother asks Pranati to come with her. Matron suggests her to stay away from some things as that will be good for her. Go with your mom. Police might beat you if they will take you for interrogation. I told you she is safe and in hospital. Why don’t you believe it? Pranati’s mother takes Pranati with her. Before leaving, Pranati promises the matron she wont be at peace till the time she sees Jugnu safe. I wont even let you live in peace till then. Matron calls someone. I will send you in Jugnu’s place if you are not able to find her by tomorrow morning.

Pranati’s mother asks Pranati to promise her she wont meddle in this matter after today. Pranati tells her to understand. You know something is fishy here yet you don’t understand anything. It is about a little girl. Her mother stays put. They drive away. Gattu looks on. I hope Jugnu is safe wherever she is.

Jugnu runs downstairs stealthily and calls Gattu. They discuss about each other’s whereabouts. Gattu advises her to hide well. Jugnu assures him about it. He also shares that a Didi came looking for her twice. Maybe she wants to help. Jugnu says no one wants to help people like us. They only show pity so they can have a maid. Everyone is same! Don’t tell anyone anything. Gattu agrees. Elope from the town at any cost. Jugnu says we will escape together. I will tell you details soon. He is afraid but she tells him to be strong. I am with you. They end the call. Gattu steps out of the bed. Matron has overheard their entire convo.

Jugnu smiles thinking of the new life.

Reyansh thinks everything was over. Why did Dadi’s one question shake me completely then? I should focus on my present. That was my past. There is no space for past in my life.

On the other hand, Pranati is getting henna on her feet. I forgot my past with great difficulty and I am finally moving ahead. I don’t know what lies ahead but I know that there is no place for my past in my present.

Jugnu gets inside Reyansh’s room. She recognizes him to be the same guy who had escaped with her from the hotel’s window. She is amazed by all that she sees. We wear the same pair of clothes for days! She tries Reyansh’s jacket and looks at herself in the mirror. I will join police in future. Reyansh is headed to his room. She hears a servant asking him about food. She hides immediately. Reyansh is confused seeing the door and cupboard open. Why is my jacket here? Was someone here? Jugnu manages to run away.

Next morning, Reyansh is exercising. His brothers notice him sitting quietly. They ask him about it but Reyansh says I have called Dilsher to uplift my mood. His brothers say it is Dry Day today. Dilsher has brought liquor and snacks. They hide the bottles as Dadi asks them which party they are speaking about. They speak of workout. She falls in their words. Jugnu thinks how to escape from here. This Dadi looks so decent. She was so drunk last night. Are there two Dadi’s or one only? She tells her grandsons to exercise. Don’t think about party. Dilsher asks Reyansh why they hid it from Dadi when she drinks herself. Reyansh says she gulps it down. She is so decent in the morning whereas she is completely different in the night! Reyansh’s brothers discuss about a wedding happening nearby. They decide to go so they can meet many beautiful girls for fun. They discuss about stocking the bottles somewhere else. Jugnu hides in the table.

Mehendi function is on at Pranati’s place. Pranati’s family applies mehendi to Pranati one by one. Chetna suggests her to smile a little. Reyansh comes to the wedding with his brothers. They manage to get inside with the trolley by fooling the guard. Pranati goes to wash his face. Reyansh sends his brothers to look around to make sure no one sees them. He wheels in the trolley. Pranati notices him going. She notices a kid hiding in the trolley and calls out after Reyansh. He does not hear her though. Pranati loses track of Reyansh. Her mother and Chetna ask her to come and wash her face. Pranati wonders if she was imagining it. Is this some sign? What is happening to me?

Reyansh and his friends get ready for the party. Reyansh tells everyone to call their friends over for the party. Reyansh invites a girl for the party. He notices the phone moving on its own and gets curious. Jugnu calls Gattu. He tells her he will reach soon. She tells him to hurry up. Matron thinks only Gattu can make her reach Jugnu now. Jugnu tries to walk away stealthily but Reyansh finds her. Are you done with your business call? Why were you hiding? She tells him to speak about himself. He threatens to call security. She suggests him to do it. They should also know that a party is going on on Dry Day. They both are at par with each other in dialogues. She fools him and hides.

Pranati asks the guard if he couldn’t find a kid here. He tells her she is mistaken but she questions him as to why a kid will hide in the trolley. You should know why and who brought that trolley here! He tells her that someone from the gym brought it. She tells him to go. I will check it myself. Chetna stops her from going anywhere but Pranati tells her she has a gut feeling about this situation. Let me go once.

Jugnu crawls behind the trolley once again. She thinks to sell the liquor so she can buy stuff for herself and Gattu. She steals two bottles. Reyansh is still looking for Jugnu. He asks his brothers about it but Reyansh insists that she is here only. His brother reasons that anyone under 18 are not allowed here. Reyansh says I know that already. He stands near the trolley worriedly.

Precap: Jugnu gets stuck in fire. Both Reyansh and Pranati come rushing to help her. They are reminded of their past as soon as they see each other. Jugnu runs away. Pranati passes out. Reyansh lifts her in his arms.

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