Pavitra Bhagya 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Reyansh and Pranati do Ganpati puja together

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Jugnu joins Pranati in her room. What are you up to, Nayi Ma? Pranati shares that she too gets homework like her. Jugnu says I do it so as to pass the exams. Why do you do it? Pranati says I have to get a proposal for a school’s project approved. I cannot fail in this. Will you help me? We have to think of innovative ideas for kids. Jugnu says I know how a school should be. It is very boring right now. Kids shouldn’t get to know that they are being taught something. They discuss this happily (in mute). Pranati adds her suggestions in the proposal. She pulls her cheeks in the end. You helped me complete my homework. Thank you. Jugnu tells her to create such a school now. I will go to there only. My current school is very boring and does not think about me at all. I am on leave from now on. Pranati cups her face. Stop your overacting and do your homework. Jugnu calls her pakau on her way out. Why did you take my ideas if you have to do what you want? Pranati smiles.

Vardhan compliments Pranati on her ideas and timing. I have a friend who wants to fund such an education project. He will love your idea. She asks him how he knows. He sits next to her. I cannot let go of an opportunity to earn money. Market has ample investors but it only needs such revolutionary ideas. She tells him that she already has some investors who are interested in her ideas. I am going to pitch it to them only. He agrees. She trips on her way out because of the wire. He holds her just in time. You would have hurt yourself just now. She thanks him awkwardly and leaves. Vardhan is all the more attracted to her.

Jugnu, Armaan and Riya bring Ganpati home. There are cheers of Ganpati Bappa Morya in the house. Riya says Prabhi and Reyansh Bhai will do all the rituals today. Mallika and Dadi look unhappy. Dadi says yes for Riya’s sake. She asks them to step forward. Reyansh and Pranati look at each other. Reyansh takes Jugnu along. Mallika asks Riya if she is crazy. Why are you giving your right to Pranati? She does not deserve all this. Riya tells her she does not want another problem between her and Pranati now. Things have become normal after long anyways.

Reyansh, Jugnu and Pranati start the puja. Pranati guides Jugnu throughout. Pranati tells Jugnu to touch everyone’s feet and seek their blessings. Jugnu does it hesitantly. Reyansh stops her from touching his feet. It does not happen in our house. Pranati says girls do that at our home. Reyansh thinks Pranati is teaching Jugnu everything. I must kick her out of the house in 10 days. Jugnu joins her parents again. Pranati asks Jugnu if it was tough. Jugnu says I did that as they are elders but I will kill them the second they try to mess with me. Pranati stops her from talking like that in front of Bappa. Kesar drops kumkum on Jugnu’s clothes by mistake. Reyansh offers to take Jugnu upstairs. Pranati volunteers to do it. I can do it if Jugnu does not mind. Jugnu looks at Reyansh and then goes with Pranati. Both Pranati and Reyansh are happy. He does not show it though. Dadi takes Reyansh aside. You should have taken her with you. He tells her not to remind him the same thing on every little thing. She speaks in a high tone out of frustration because of which everyone looks at her. She speaks in lower tone next. This can create hurdles for us. He assures her it will be done. She pulls his ears. You are dancing on my head these days. Don’t forget who I am. He assures her it will be done.

Jugnu is wearing a lehenga. She hides behind Pranati as they come downstairs. Vardhan’s gaze is fixed on Pranati. Riya compliments Jugnu. She asks Reyansh if he saw the difference in him dressing Jugnu and in Pranati doing it. She is looking like a Princess. Reyansh calls Jugnu Ninja Princess and cups her face. Jugnu asks them if she is actually looking beautiful. Are you guys pulling my leg? Armaan holds her hand. You look really beautiful. Dadi is also overwhelmed. Mallika looks away. Pranati tells Jugnu she was right in calling her a princess. Jugnu asks Mallika how she is looking. Mallika says you look fine. Jugnu asks her why she only finds her okayish. Do you have a problem with me? Mallika denies. You are looking decent. Is that fine? Reyansh and Pranati look at each other. Reyansh tells Jugnu everyone complimented her including her parents. Why do you care what the outsiders say? Maan smiles. Jugnu says you are right. I don’t know what problem Mallika aunty has with me. She sometimes finds me good and sometimes bad. Reyansh and Maan laugh at her words. Dadi tells them to stop. Mallika says I dint come here to be insulted. Jugnu says I dint say anything when you used to insult me in my house only. I only told your truth to everyone. You have a problem with that? Why are you feeling bad about it?

Riya tells Jugnu to let bygones be bygones. Jugnu says I will forget it but Mallika aunty must promise me that she wont do any new drama after today. Mallika claps angrily. She directs her questions to Riya and Dadi. Your family is insulting me and you are standing there quietly? You all must be enjoying right now. I will tell papa everything. Reyansh tells her to tell anyone she wants to. Dadi tries to stop him but Reyansh says even I will tell her papa what’s going on in this house since last few days. He asks Armaan about Sameer? Armaan is about to reply but Riya tells everyone to stop. This is my first festival in this house after marriage. I don’t want any hiccups. Please stay quiet in front of God. Pranati seconds her. You celebrate festivals with joy and happiness. Jugnu tries to argue but Reyansh stops her.

Everyone sits down for the puja. Pranati, Reyansh and Jugnu are doing the havan. Riya asks Dadi she wanted to give some gifts and Prasad to poor kids. Dadi agrees. Riya asks Pranati, Reyansh and Jugnu to distribute them. They comply. Reyansh and Pranati’s hand touch as they pick a box. Ishq hai plays. Dadi notices them thus. I am trying to throw her out yet Reyansh cannot take his eyes off her. What is really up to?

Pranati moves her hand aside. She gets Archit’s call. He tells her that he has found an investor for her school project. She agrees to come in some time. He tells her not to disclose it to anyone. The news should not get leaked. She agrees. Reyansh overhears her. She is going to meet Archit stealthily.

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