Pavitra Bhagya 5th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Walking down the memory lane

Pavitra Bhagya 5th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reyansh’s Dadi (Baljeet ji) asks Reyansh if he has never liked any girl till date. Reyansh thinks of Pranati. He asks her if she is kidding him. No! She refuses to believe him. It cannot be true! You have my swear. Tell me. He says there was a girl when I was 17-18 years old. I actually fell for her.

Pranati is looking at her reports. She recalls holding her dead baby girl. She holds the report close emotionally. Archit asks her if she is planning to leave him. She hides the report. He reminds her of the jagrata downstairs. She doesn’t look at him. He asks her why she is still crying. She says I am about to get married after all. He says there are reasons behind tears. These tears are your pent up emotions which you are unable to hold back now. She apologizes to him but he tells her not to say anything. I know you don’t love me but my love is enough for both of us. Are you marrying me under any pressure? She shakes her head. He says I hope you will eventually fall for me. She replies that all emotions inside her are dead. I will never fall in love with anyone again.

Baljeet ji says you will fall in love but you are holding back yourself. He says I back off whenever I feel emotions are starting to surface. It does not suit me. I did love my mom once and she did love me back. This is why I am a little nice. Mom eventually left me alone. I ended up with your son. you were also busy with business so I got part time love from everyone. I killed this emotion inside me. Earlier it was love that was running away from me but now it is vice versa. I have such a good personality! Your grandson is following his mind. I have put my mind over my heart. She prays that he is able to grow in life. I wish you end up expanding our business. Reyansh isn’t interested. I wont let anyone break my heart so I end up doing that in advance. She asks for another peg. I will handle everything. Go and enjoy life. She says I love you to him as he begins to go. He hugs her sweetly. I love you too. She prays that he says this to a woman soon. He tells her to think before saying such things. What if it comes true? My life will be over! He leaves.

Pranati says one person cannot handle the burden of two. You will get tired. It is unfair to give you all the responsibilities. I don’t want to start a new journey with my past. I know how to tackle my past and it is my problem. I know how to do it. She begins to go when he asks her where she is off to. She says I have to finish some pending work.

Reyansh is driving. Dadi’s words echo in his mind. He comes to a secluded place and looks at the giant tree in front of him. Judai plays. Pranati comes from the other side holding a box. Reyansh sits under the tree. Pranati keeps the box on the floor. She touches the tree emotionally. Both Reyansh and Pranati are thinking of their past. Pranati says I wish you were here right now. I never missed you so much in life before. I wish I could ask for one wish. I would wish that you were here so I could show you that I am finally moving on. I would have slapped you so much that that noise will quieten the screams inside me. Reyansh stands up feeling strange. His friend calls him just then. Are you fine? Reyansh agrees but his friend knows him too well. Are you near that wishing tree again? Reyansh denies. His friend catches his lie. Reyansh agrees to meet him at their usual place. Pranati thinks I must forget my past as I am going to marry a very good guy tomorrow. I owe him this much.

Pranati’s mother is looking for Pranati. She tells Chetna to find her. bring my medicine for hypertension with you. Chetna nods. Archit’s mother pulls her daughter aside. What was Pranati’s mother saying? She says aunty was asking about Bhabhi. Archit’s mother wonders if Pranati has ran away. Her daughter tells her to accept Pranati wholeheartedly but her mother tells her not to forget old relations for new ones.

Pranati’s mother asks Archit about Pranati. He begins to cover up for Pranati but she knows him too well. He admits that Pranati said she is going to complete something which is unfinished. Do you need my help? Pranati’s mother denies. She thinks Pranati must have gone to find info about Jugnu only! Archit’s mother asks her what is bothering her. We are relatives now. You can tell me. Who are you looking for? Pranati’s mother says I was looking for waiter only. She manages the situation for the time being but hopes Pranati does not reach Bal Mandir orphanage at any cost.

Pranati looks at the lock tied on the wishing tree and recalls a past incident where she was tying the lock on one of the branches. Reyansh comes from behind and holds her close. He asks her why she is locking the tree. Who will steal it? She explains that this is a wishing tree. All students ask for a wish here. He asks for a Harley Davidson. She pats his head sweetly. This is for lovebirds. She keeps one key and gives another one to him. Our love will be safe inside it forever. This lock will open with both keys only. He says we must lock our bedrooms as well. We can have the keys of each other’s bedroom too. She says there is nothing important than love in life. You will realise it one day. He says I understood it already. I know how much I love you. He says few filmy lines. She tells him to tell her directly whether he loves her or not. He asks her if she will kiss him if he says yes. She feels shy. He says I love you to her. She smiles sweetly. They lean closer for a kiss. Flashback ends.

Pranati and Reyansh look at the keys in their hands. Pranati says I kissed you to gain your love but you did the opposite. I wish I knew your love was hollow like you! What to call a guy who left his girlfriend especially when she was pregnant!

Precap: Matron tells Pranati’s mother that Jugnu is Pranati’s daughter only. You lied to your daughter but the girl who met your daughter is no one else but her daughter only. Pranati calls out to her mother.

Precap: Pranati keeps a box under a huge tree. She thinks of her past (Reyansh) and burns all their past memories. Reyansh is also sitting on the opposite side, thinking of Pranati. He notices the smoke and looks around the tree. Pranati looks on.

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