Pavitra Bhagya 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Reyansh fights with Pranati over Archit

Pavitra Bhagya 4th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reyansh and Pranati look at each other. Jugnu gets up and walks away but they continue looking at each other. Jugnu asks Bandar Papa if he wont take revenge from Nayi Ma. Reyansh smirks at Pranati. She hides behind everyone one by one. They get drenched in the process but she manages to run away. He finds her hiding behind a pillar. He chases her around the house as she runs away again. She reaches a dead end. This time he blocks her way. It is time to take revenge. She tells him she does not like all this. He says you were something else outside but you became boring here once again. How boring, Prani! He holds her hand as she tries to walk away. Ishq hai plays. Pranati closes her eyes as he breaks the water balloons on her head. They share a long eye lock. He moves closer. She closes her eyes as well. Jugnu throws flower petals on them. Where are you lost, Bandar Papa? There are more balloons. She gives them flower petals. Reyansh and Pranati throw them at each other.

All the youngsters are dancing now. Pranati and Riya have a hearty laugh seeing the boys dance with Jugnu. Reyansh lifts Jugnu while dancing. Pranati smiles seeing them thus. Vardhan watches them from upstairs. His eyes are fixed on Pranati. There is something about her which is missing in Anisha. Reyansh notices Archit’s incoming call on Pranati’s phone and gets upset. He looks at Pranati who is happily dancing with Jugnu. He shows the phone to Pranati. She says I couldn’t hear it because of all the noise. How could you hear it? He replies that I must be alert if some outsider will call my family member at odd hours. She wonders why Archit is calling her right now. He keeps the phone in her hand. Do ask your friend that. Pranati attends Archit’s call. Is everything fine? He declines. Navya is not in a good condition and no one is at home. Can you come right now? She agrees. Pranati tells Jugnu her friend is not well. enjoy here. I will be back soon. Jugnu tries to say something but Reyansh tells her to let Pranati go. He tells Pranati to admit that she is going to meet her lover. Pranati takes him aside. Think before saying something. Atleast mind your language in front of Jugnu. What would she be thinking? He says your actions are worse than my words. What were you doing? You are going to meet your ex in the middle of the night. What will Jugnu think? She tells him to keep his thoughts to himself. I don’t have time for this nonsense. don’t forget that Navya is in this condition because of you, your family and your brother. He tries to stop her but she does not let him talk. Have you thought about Navya’s condition? He calls her Mother Teresa. I wasn’t born yesterday. I know the truth. She tells him to think whatever he wants to. I am going there so the consequences of the ill-doings of your family. Very often, kids have to bear the brunt of the misdeeds of their parents. He claps for her. You are blaming my family to hide your sins. Don’t you remember what you have done? She tells him it is no point talking to him. I really don’t care what you think. Navya needs me. I will be with her. You cannot stop me. He holds her hand as she tries to leave. He calls out to Maan. Pranati tells him to let go of her.

Reyansh asks Maan if Navya is not well. Maan is clueless. Reyansh asks Maan how he does not know this. Pranati asks him why Maan would know. Maan shares that he was taking care of Navya upon Reyansh’s askance. I was with her because he told me to look after her. Pranati asks Reyansh if he was doing all this for Navya. Maan nods. Reyansh also thinks Armaan wasn’t right. He wants nothing else to go wrong with Navya again. Reyansh asks him why Archit is calling Prani when he told him to take care of this matter. Pranati replies that Archit is her friend. Tell me why you said that in front of my daughter. Do you want to insult me in front of my daughter? You have no right to do so. Are you trying to prove you are great by trying to help Navya secretly? You are doing both the things at the same time. What kind of a person are you? I am getting to spend few moments of happiness with my daughter. She is happy around me rarely, talks nicely to me. I want to spend them with my daughter. I don’t know what she must be thinking of me now. You ruin everything good in the end. Deal with me directly if you have problems with me. Don’t try to create problems between me and Jugnu. Reyansh walks away.

Dadi compliments Reyansh on his idea to lure his daughter. Keep Jugnu away from Pranati. He says that’s what I am doing. She says Pranati would not have been in the party if you were doing that. He tells her all this takes time. I will do it. Just chill. She stops him. I don’t have much time. Pranati should be out of this house within 10 days. She goes.

Precap: Armaan, Riya and Jugnu bring Ganpati home. Reyansh, Pranati and Jugnu do puja together. They even sit in the puja as one family. Reyansh overhears Pranati telling Archit she is coming over. He asks her where she is off to. She replies that there is some important work. I will be back in an hour. She is about to step out when she finds Vardhan waiting at the door.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Reyansh is a sick person 🙄

  2. This Archit is becoming increasingly annoying, his constantly calling Pranati almost to an obsessive level. There is no room for Archit or Navya’s characters anymore. We already have a disgusting annoying psycho in Vardaan we don’t need a blossoming duplication in Archit. Don’t even know why this Pranati wastes her time with him. Pranati can be so annoying at times, the way they are writing her character makes you not want to watch sometimes. This over reacting and always tear eyed nonsense must end now. Pranati needs more spine. Jugnu really is the star of the show. I must say Jugnu’s interactions with Rey are more heartfelt than her reactions with Pranati, you can see Reys character improve in certain aspects and grow (hopefully he stops being his Dadi’s chamcha soon). Pranati’s character is still at stage 1, no growth and same over reactions and Rona dhona all the time even Jugnu has grown character wise …. seriously writers what is wrong with you?

  3. can you put the update from September 7th please

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