Pavitra Bhagya 4th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Pranati’s mother’s big secret

Pavitra Bhagya 4th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reyansh is trying to reach someone when a car stops. It is his friend. He tells Reyansh to sit in the car. I got a call from the manager. Jugnu climbs in the trunk. God saved me just in time. I hope those guards can never find them again!

Archit suggests Pranati to move on in life. I love Pranati with all my heart. The mistake done by her years ago is a part of her. I am ready to accept you wholeheartedly. Both the families come in. His mother taunts him for making a decision without them. Archit says our engagement is incomplete without your blessing. She blesses them reluctantly.

Matron fumes. This girl is a pain. I took money for her and this girl is nowhere to be seen. Find her! Pranati calls at the orphanage but they refuse to share any details of any kid living there. Her mother asks her where she is off to. Your engagement just happened. That girl cannot be your priority today! We know nothing about her. why do you care? Pranati reasons that their responsibility doesn’t end with the fact that the guards took her back. She was hurt and scared. Who will take care of her? Her mother tells her it is her home but Pranati reasons that not everyone stays in their house willingly. Her mother asks her if she will take responsibility of everyone. Pranati affirms.

Reyansh’s friend speaks of responsibility but Reyansh says I haven’t take responsibility of anyone till date. His friend asks him what if he hadn’t come there. reyansh speaks of plan B which he hasn’t thought of. His friend advises him to get married and have a family. Reyansh freaks out hearing it.

Pranati says I love kids. Her mother gives in. What do you want to do? Pranati tells her she will go to the orphanage to check on Jugnu. I will back after making sure she is fine.

Pranati and her mother reach the orphanage. Pranati hides as she notices a guard. He tells the kids to continue working. will you waste the entire day sitting idle? Pranati speaks to a kid named Prince. Her mother is watching her from far. Pranati asks about Jugnu. He asks his friends but no one has a clue about her. Jugnu’s friend (Gattu) is tied to a chair in storeroom. Pranati decides to find Gattu to find info about Jugnu. She goes inside. Her mother follows her quietly.

Pranati asks few kids about Jugnu and Gattu but they haven’t seen either of them. Gattu hears her. He tries to make noise but she misses seeing / hearing him. Matron keeps shouting at the guards to find Jugnu. One guy informs her about something.

Pranati hears Gattu’s muffled voice. She enters in the storeroom but the chair is empty. One of the guards is hiding behind an almirah with Gattu. He makes a sound again. Pranati is about to open the almirah when matron asks her if she is looking for something. Pranati asks about Jugnu. Matron says she is in hospital. Pranati asks for details but matron speaks of security concerns. Are you the same girl whose
Pranati warns her of a raid in ashram if she would do anything to Jugnu. Matron says this is my territory. You came here without permission yet you are threatening me? I also know how to complaint. Jugnu is fine. You should think about yourself. Leave now. She reprimands the guards. Pranati’s mother was peeking in from the window. She loses her balance as she stands on a stone. The window opens startling her. Matron looks back. Pranati’s mother is shocked to see her.

Flashback shows Pranati’s mother handing Pranati’s daughter to the same matron 8 years ago. She pays hefty amount to her and gives her chain to the little girl. Take care of her. Matron assures her about it.

Pranati’s mother decides to keep Pranati away from this matron or her secret will be disclosed.

Jugnu decides to hide in Reyansh’s house for a while. Matron wont be able to fine me here.

Pranati’s mother recalls the day when Pranati gave birth to a baby girl. She tells the Dai Ma she will give her whatever she wants. It is good that Pranati is sleeping right now. Chetna shakes her out of her reverie. Both the functions are due. You must take very good care of Archit’s mother or she will make a fuss of it. Her husband looks at her curiously as she goes out with Chetna.

Archit enters with his family. His mother taunts Pranati’s SIL on her local necklace. Pranati comes there just then. Archit greets her. they both sit down for the puja. Pranati thinks to call the orphanage again using a fake name. I am sure something is fishy there. Archit asks her if she is fine. She nods. Your mother does not look fine. He assures her she will be fine soon. I think there should be some spark between a MIL and DIL. The girls pull Archit for a dance. Pranati thinks she does not trust that matron. I should call. She tries to call the orphanage but her mother tells her to focus on the function. Stop thinking about that girl! Pranati says I am getting married. Let me just find out if that girl is fine or not. Her mother tells her to come inside for the aarti.

Reyansh enters in his house. His grandmother is doing aarti. He tries to go upstairs stealthily but she calls out to him without even looking at him. He makes peg for her. She knows of his hotel rendezvous. Jugnu jumps in from the window and hides. Reyansh’s grandmother gets inebriated. She scolds him. Jugnu is surprised to hear her. People scold in big houses also? His grandmother scolds him. I had to call so many people to sort out this matter. Couldn’t you find someone else? She was MLA’s wife. Reyansh says she trapped me. His grandmother refuses to believe him. I am old but not a fool! I am your Dadi. You are just like your father, Shamsher Khurana! She asks him if he has never liked any girl till date. Reyansh thinks of Pranati.

Precap: Pranati keeps a box under a huge tree. She thinks of her past (Reyansh) and burns all their past memories. Reyansh is also sitting on the opposite side, thinking of Pranati. He notices the smoke and looks around the tree. Pranati looks on.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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