Pavitra Bhagya 30th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Reyansh struggles with his feelings

Pavitra Bhagya 30th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi and Reyansh’s eyes widen in shock as Jugnu burns the family portrait. He pulls it out of her hand just in time and saved the portrait. What has happened to you? You would have hurt yourself. Dadi looks on in shock. Pranati enters just then. What happened? She runs to check on Jugnu. Why are you crying? Did something happen? Jugnu moves her hands away. Pranati looks at Reyansh. Archit walks in with the cake just then. You forgot this, Pranati. Reyansh thinks this is what was missing. Dadi welcomes him. come what may but these people wont change or budge! They will continue enjoying life as it is. I don’t understand the modern concepts. Whatever you (Reyansh) went through in college wasn’t right. I can do nothing though as no one listens to me in this house. Enjoy!

Jugnu asks Archit what he is doing here. Why was Nayi Ma with you? Pranati tells her not to talk to elders like that. Archit and I went to attend a project meeting. He was just dropping me home. Reyansh tells Jugnu it is true. Your Nayi Ma needs her friend in every 2 minutes. I don’t understand what’s going on. You two better explain it today. Archit repeats Pranati’s words. As a journalist, I have a few contacts who can help her in this project. Reyansh nods. He tells Jugnu this isn’t a coincidence that it is her birthday and she had to go to Archit for a project. Pranati asks him if he remembered it. Jugnu says we did. I sent you a message asking you to come home by 6 at any cost. You saw it yet you went out. Pranati says I dint receive any message. Jugnu insists that she saw the blue ticks. Don’t try to fool me. Pranati calmly explains that she dint get her message. I wouldn’t have gone out if I had received your message. I would have been back on time if I had received it. Jugnu shrugs her hands away. Pranati says believe me. I wouldn’t have gone out if I knew that you two had planned a surprise for me. Reyansh pulls Jugnu back. You missed it though. Maybe your friend is more important to you than your daughter. Stop crying. This wont work in real life and you aren’t taking it seriously. Pranati says I am not lying. I really dint get any message. I am happy that you two remembered my birthday and planned all this. I would have come back from my death if I had the slightest idea.

Jugnu melts down. What are you saying, Nayi Ma? What’s the point of speaking about death on your birthday? This will upset us also. I have just learnt how to take out my anger (by looking at Reyansh). I am fine. Let’s drop it. Pranati kneels down and kisses on her hands. I am not lying. Can I celebrate my birthday without you? Archit shows the cake to Jugnu. Your mumma did cut it but she said she will eat it with you only. He also kneels down in front of Jugnu. I know your mumma since years. A friend has a right to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Jugnu nods. Archit thanks her for understanding. Feed cake to your mumma now or she wont eat it. Pranati stands up and looks at Reyansh. How did you two think that I will celebrate my birthday without you? Don’t you trust me this much? Reyansh says we do but it becomes shaky when it comes to your friendship with Archit. This has happened in the past also. Archit says I am not saying anything as this is your family matter but I do know my limits as a friend. Reyansh smiles. Archit tells Jugnu that her mumma wanted to have this cake with you. I came to give it to her as she forgot it in the car. He asks Reyansh if they can have a word. Reyansh refuses. Pranati asks Archit to go home. This can happen later. Reyansh is reluctant but Jugnu forces him to go.

Archit tells Reyansh he cannot understand the change in his tone. I could have made a fuss of it too but it wasn’t right to do this in front of a little kid. Keep your ego aside and be good. You will be cursed otherwise! Reyansh says I have been cursed since childhood and I have been cursed many times in the past 9 years but nothing went wrong. Archit says you will be cursed for creating a rift between the mother-daughter. Have you thought how this will affect Jugnu? I don’t know why you are doing this but it wont be of any good. A mother is more important for a kid than a father. You think what you did was right? Jugnu is a kid but you know how good Pranati is as a person and as a mother. You should begin to trust her if you still doubt her. stop doubting her. change for your daughter’s sake if not for Pranati. He leaves.

Jugnu asks Pranati if she really wanted to eat the first bite of cake with her. Pranati nods. Do you think I would have celebrated my birthday without you? I genuinely dint receive your message. I am your mother. I cannot do anything that can hurt my kid. Jugnu says that’s what I was thinking. You spoiled my plan though. Pranati apologizes to her. what should I do to fix your mood? Please forgive me. Pranati notices the portrait on the ground. Who made this? Jugnu says I made it and then I burnt it. Pranati asks her why she burnt it. Jugnu tears it and walks away.

Reyansh is miffed with Archit for his lecture. Has he looked at what he does all the time? He looks at the cake. This is so beautiful. There is a heart on the I in the end. Am I God that it wont matter to me? Of course, it does! I will be obviously hurt. Even a stone will be affected because of it! He goes to the house temple. He was lecturing me today! My blood boils whenever I see him. I agree he was right at few points but what kind of a love is it? I tried to back off but it isn’t easy. I was enjoying life but then Pranati came back and it became a mess. What should I do? Please tell me whether I should back off or not? Is something really going on between them?

Pranati is in the temple. I made a lot many mistakes. I got pregnant at 18 and chose to bring my daughter into this world. I dint think about my parents. Maybe I was wrong. I couldn’t even understand my daughter and her hopes. I couldn’t understand that a mother and daughter’s bond is very pious. I thought we will be able to live our life happily but I became selfish when I saw her. I brought her to this house without even asking her. I forced all these relations on her without asking her what she wants. I am an ordinary human being. I don’t see anything except my daughter. I know I have made many mistakes but my intentions were never wrong. I love my daughter very much. I want her to be happy always. Why do I hurt her knowingly or unknowingly? I have to win her trust. I wont be able to live without her. Please give me strength to win her love. Give me the strength to rectify my mistakes. Please show me a way, Ma. Everything is going smoothly when things go for a toss suddenly. This relation keeps tangling instead of getting untangled. Please give me strength to win Jugnu’s heart. I don’t have much time. please show me the way. I wont be able to live without her. I don’t want her to be upset with me always. Please help me, Ma. She cries thinking about all the incidents. Jugnu happens to be passing by and asks Pranati if she is crying. Pranati wipes her tears. Why dint you sleep yet? Jugnu says how can I sleep when you are crying here. this wont help anyone at all. Should I say something? Pranati says you want to tell me that I don’t look good while crying. Jugnu denies. You look good instead. Bandar Papa said you cry in every two minutes as you know you look good when you cry. Your eyes and face turns red. You look like an apple but you do look good. Pranati asks her if she came to tell her this. Jugnu says I was walking by when I saw you crying so I thought to tell you. Pranati hugs her. She thinks you know Mata Rani that I have vowed to not think about my own life. You have supported me and Jugnu till date. Please bless us always. It is important for Jugnu’s turns out to be good.

Precap: Reyansh feeds cake to Pranati. Everyone is dancing and enjoying. Dadi comes and turns off the music. She says remember this time, a big trouble has come upon them. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Is it jurt me or does it seem like the charachters are repeating clothes?PB is getting monotonous due to like scenes(clothes,dialogues,pranati’s tears)

  2. Is it just me or does it seem like the charachters are repeating clothes?PB is getting monotonous due to like scenes(clothes,dialogues,pranati’s tears)

    1. Aafiya

      I do feel the same totally monotonous

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