Pavitra Bhagya 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Dadi plays a dirty trick to keep Pranati away

Pavitra Bhagya 29th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pranati leaves her phone on the table and walks away. She hears the voice note sent by Reyansh and later deletes it.

On her way out, Dadi notices Kesar’s phone. Dadi thinks of an idea. She tells Kesar to clean the room properly and picks up Kesar’s phone.

Archit smiles and gets up excitedly as he reads a text on his phone. He tells Navya he has found a business proposal for Pranati’s school. Navya says you planned a surprise for her. Archit says if this finalizes then this will be the best gift for her. I must go. I will spend some time with her this way. He calls Pranati and tells her about the business proposal. Don’t worry, you won’t go alone this time. She agrees to meet him at his place directly. He agrees.

Jugnu and Reyansh make laddoos and cake for Pranati. They also decorate Pranati’s room. Jugnu gets electric shock as she tries to switch on the lights. She falls. Reyansh panics. He scolds her for scaring her father. You are just like your mother! What if something had happened to you? He hugs her tight. They head back to the kitchen. Reyansh asks Jugnu if her mother has read his message. She nods. I saw those 2 blue ticks as well. Reyansh says nice. He keeps the cake in the fridge after completing the icing. Jugnu thinks seems like their fight is going to end soon. It will be fun once Nayi Ma comes.

Pranati is waiting at Archit’s home. He gets a message just when they are about to step out.

Kesar is unable to find her phone anywhere. She asks Dadi if she has seen it. Dadi says you have become old. It will be here only. Kesar nods absentmindedly.

Archit tells Pranati that investors have canceled the meeting. She says it’s ok. We got potential lead anyways. She begins to go but he requests her to wait. She is worried that Jugnu must be home by now. Archit and Navya sing Happy Birthday song and come out holding a cake. Pranati is touched. I thought no one remembered my birthday except Ma. Archit says we dint forget it. It is good that the meeting got canceled. We can celebrate it properly now.

Reyansh is getting impatient. She should have been here by now! Did she read the message? Jugnu says you have asked me 56 times already. I don’t know how to count in Hindi anymore. Don’t ask me again. He tells her to switch on the light. She says the room looks so good because of the décor. He loses his cool for a moment but she assures him that Pranati will be here soon. Reyansh says I don’t think she will be come. She would have been here if she had to!

Dadi enters in Pranati’s room just then. This looks so beautiful. You (Reyansh) have never decorated my room like this on my birthday. He says it was Jugnu’s idea. Jugnu denies. I am so tall that I can hang all these decorations myself. He tells her to let it be. Dadi asks them about Pranati. We are waiting for her downstairs. Jugnu looks out. I don’t see anyone. Dadi says everyone is. Call Pranati or better, just video call her.

Pranati tells Archit and Navya she will cut the cake but she wont eat it. I want Jugnu to feed it to me first. Archit agrees. Navya says I have begun to realise that the idea of celebrating with your kids is different. She is about to cut the cake when she receives Reyansh’s video call. He notices Navya and Archit in the background. He disconnects the call. Dadi adds fuel to the fire. She tells Reyansh and Jugnu that they worked so hard to make Pranati’s day special but she is celebrating with them there. Let’s clean up these decorations. I cannot see my grandson in this condition. She is still stuck with her past which is why she is there.

Pranati makes her birthday wish. She prays for happiness for Jugnu. Archit and Navya sing birthday song for her as she cuts the cake. Navya packs a cake for Pranati. Pranati calls home but gets no reply. She gets tensed. Pranati thanks Navya for the surprise. Navya says birthdays are special and must be celebrated with your loved ones. I know what it means to be alone but I am glad that I wont be alone once the baby is born. Pranati says I am really proud of you. It wont be easy. People will say a lot to you but you should stand strong. Navya says I know you are my support system too. I never thought that someone from Khurana family will help me. Maan is so different than Armaan. There are few good guys in that family. Pranati gets lost for a second. Of course, Maan is a good guy. Navya says I am talking about Reyansh. I know how he has remained in the background yet took care of all my needs. Maan gave me emotional support but Reyansh has understood all my needs. He takes care of me, us. It is true that people change for good. Archit asks Pranati to come.

Jugnu pushes the food away. Reyansh asks her if someone behaves this way. You were so eager to eat all this in the evening. What happened now? Jugnu says I don’t feel like eating it now. I wanted to eat this with Nayi Ma but now I don’t want to eat it at all. Aren’t you angry? Reyansh denies. Don’t misbehave and take out your anger on food. She says how else will I vent it out. Dadi supports Jugnu. Her mother does not care for her. Her anger is justified. She isn’t misbehaving. He tells her to drop the matter. My mood is bad already. Dadi tells him not to teach her. I am your Dadi. Pranati is wrong and Jugnu is right to show it. Reyansh takes her aside. This isn’t the time to say all this. She is already upset. This will just add up. This isn’t the right way to raise her. Dadi says you will teach me how to raise kids. Did you forget that it was I who raised all of you? Reyansh says that’s why we are so ill mannered. Dadi tells him to speak openly. He repeats his words. I want her to raise Jugnu right. Jugnu tells them to stop. I am not so ill mannered. I don’t know what’s the point to say all this right now. I am angry as Nayi Ma isn’t here till now. Dadi nods. She should have been here by now. Reyansh stops her.

Archit’s car breaks down. She tells him she will leave in a cab but he tells her to let him fix the car. She says it is 8 already. Jugnu must be waiting. He says you say as if someone is waiting to celebrate your birthday. No one even remembers it! Wait for 2 minutes. She wants to call Reyansh but he phone is dead. Archit tries to give his phone but she decides against it.

Jugnu says this is how I am. I am very angry. I don’t know how to get rid of it. He says take bath from cold water. She begins to lose her cool. He asks her what she is up to. She looks at the candle and picks up the family portrait that she had drawn. She burns it sadly.

Precap: Precap: Pranati asks Jugnu why she is crying. Archit walks in with cake just then. Reyansh thinks this is what was missing. Dadi thinks it is going to be fun now. Pranati is in the house temple. I have to win Jugnu’s trust. I wont be able to live without her. Jugnu sits down next to her. You look good when you cry. Pranati smiles. Later, all the kids have a good time at Khurana House. Pranati and Reyansh look at each other.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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