Pavitra Bhagya 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Pranati refuses to leave Khurana House

Pavitra Bhagya 26th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi asks Pundit ji to give the aarti thaal. She does Pranati’s aarti. I couldn’t do it in front of everyone else but how will I be at peace if I let you go like this. Pundit ji leaves. Dadi is impressed seeing her packed bags. It is time for you to leave. Pranati keeps looking at her quietly. Dadi says I am sure you never thought you will lose this luxury so soon. She picks up the bag in which Dadi had given her 1 crore. Your bags were light when you came here. Did you steal some stuff from here? I have a big heart. You can take them with you. You have seen such a luxurious life for the first time after all. Let’s go. She holds Pranati’s hand who asks her if she wont check what’s in the bag. Dadi refuses. Leave quietly or I will throw you just like I threw your bag! Pranati frees her hand. That bag was for you. It isn’t mine. Dadi is confused but Pranati shows the content of the bag to her. Dadi is shocked to realize that the money is still safe. Pranati tells her to count it properly. Don’t blame me for stealing later. It is the same money which you had given to me to get Jugnu. I dint touch it. Why should I leave when I did not use them at all? Keep the money. My daughter is waiting for me. I will speak to you later. She begins to go when Dadi shouts that the deal done by her are always done in her style in this house. I rule this house, not you! Pranati asks her what deal she is referring to. Dadi laughs. She goes to bring the contract. Pranati gets tensed. She prays to God to do some magic. This contract should not come between me and my daughter. Dadi tells her this wont work. I will submit it in the court tomorrow itself. I will make sure Jugnu and you are kept apart. Read it well and just leave!

Pranati opens the envelope with shaky hands. Her worries disappear as she reads it. She starts smiling instead and hugs it close. Thank you, God. Dadi shoots her a confused look. What are you mumbling? Pranati shows the agreement to her. They don’t have my signature. Dadi looks at the papers and notices that the signatures have been smudged. Pranati says I made that deal to save my daughter. She was in danger from the people of this house. You may not believe it but God is with me. My love has been blessed and my belief in God has strengthened. I wont bow down in front of you or this family anymore! Dadi fumes. You dint do the right thing by messing with me. You don’t know me! You have crossed all your limits. This family is aware of my wrath, my anger. See what I will do to you now! She leaves.

Pranati folds her hands in gratitude and smiles through her tears.

Archit calls Pranati. She is standing at the door now. He opens the door for her but she asks him why he is here. I dint even call you. I can handle my problems on my own. I have told you so many times not to interfere in my life. She closes the door. I am not going anywhere. She turns to go inside when he says I knew that you wont come with me. I know how much you love Jugnu. You have left all the other relations behind you. You are a mother above all. I have seen your sacrifices, your battles for Jugnu. I know it wont be easy. I salute your emotions. She is touched. You should not have come here. Please leave. He tells her to stop it. I know you want to push me away from you so you are being mean to me intentionally. Stop it now. You cannot decide what I feel for you but it is your right to accept or decline my emotions. I respect you for that. If you have ever considered me your friend, then promise me that you will return my friend to me. They do their signature handshake. Reyansh is watching them from the door. He is irked when Archit holds Pranati’s hand during the handshake. He hits a stool angrily.

Reyansh comes to his room and removes his shirt. He pours water on himself from a bottle and thinks of Pranati and Archit. He practices kickboxing. He even hits his hand on the wall repeatedly. Why am I getting affected? It is good that Pranati leaves this house. She can go with anyone. Let is be. I only care about my freedom.

Pranati comes to Reyansh’s room looking for Jugnu. Reyansh takes a step back absentmindedly and they collide. He holds her in his arms as she slips. They share an eye lock. Ishq Hai plays. She tries to stand but trips. Both Reyansh and Pranati fall down in the process.

Precap: Reyansh is lighting candles when Pranati comes downstairs wearing a saree. Pranati touches the ancestral necklace. Mallika again creates a fuss about it. Now this unwed mother will make Riya wear this necklace as a shagun? This is inauspicious. People taunt Pranati and Jugnu. Pranati holds Jugnu close. Reyansh tells everyone it is enough.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. i had wished pranat to leave this house so the bustards realize her importance but no that didn’t happen, now pranat will have this dadi’s wrath n insults.

    anyways it was a good ep i just missed jugnu in the ep

    thanks pooja for your writting

  2. I hope Reyansh marries Pranati and finally realizes he loves her..

  3. Really missed Jugnu in this episode, she should have been there taunting her wicked Dadi. Wish Pranati did leave so that they learned to appreciate her, bit after she walked in after Riya looks like she is in the house to stay… their footprints side by side. This Mallika is going to make RIya another envious witch like she is. I hope Anisha get’s brave and divorces her loser husband – she deserves far better.

  4. Thank you Pooja 😊…… Pranati and Reyansh need to get married soon. Jugnu is being called illiegmate,…. I see it coming . I know that Reyansh burst into jealousy when Archit and pranati are together

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