Pavitra Bhagya 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Vardhan gets arrested

Pavitra Bhagya 22nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vardhan asks Reyansh if he will hit his brother for his lover. You are our blood but who is she to you? Say something. Is she your girlfriend, wife or mistress? Reyansh is about to hit him again but Pranati stop him. Vardhan tells him to go ahead and hit him if that’s what he wants. Answer my question first. Who is she to you? You will hit your elder brother for her? Pranati and Reyansh look at each other sadly. Reyansh says I was wrong. I dint know that someone’s life will be ruined because of my one mistake. She is still bearing all the taunts and insults till date because of me. I was a coward and I dint have the guts to stand by what I did. I couldn’t take responsibility for what I did! I dint think she will be insulted her entire life because of what I did! I was wrong! Pranati is emotional. Reyansh admits again that he was wrong. Vardhan asks him if they are making some film. Stop these dialogues. How can this outsider live in this house if there is no woman in Khurana House except Dadi? You should have thought of this before bringing her here. The maximum number of people living in this house is men. How can we control ourselves? You cannot have a sole right on her. He throws something at Vardhan but he ducks. Reyansh holds him by his collar angrily. They continue to argue all along. Dadi comes downstairs with Maan and Armaan. She tells the boys to stop Reyansh. Maan holds Reyansh while Armaan tries to hold Vardhan. Dadi shouts at them to stay away or she will slap them. What’s happening here?

Reyansh tells her that Pranati wasn’t lying. Vardhan tried to molest her. Dadi asks him if he will trust that girl and hit his own brother. Reyansh says I will as she isn’t lying. We have only abused, taunted her till date. Wasn’t that enough that the kid of this house tried to molest her today? Till when will she remain quiet? She asks Vardhan if Reyansh is telling the truth. Vardhan lowers his head. Dadi slaps him. I will not allow something like this in my house. She turns to Pranati. You started Mahabharat in this house after all. You don’t roam around in a house like that which is filled with guys! You always flaunt your character certificate. You would know how a society treats an unwed mother. Things do not start just from one end. Pranati is stunned. How can you say such things about a woman after being a woman yourself? It is a world of men. Any woman who tries to raise her head is wrong. She is at fault if a man looks at her wrongly. She is still at fault if a guy loves her yet he chooses to leave her! This is the world we are living in! Things aren’t going to change! I thought you are a strong woman. You may have gone against me and have spoken badly about me but I ignored everything thinking that you have become who you are today because of your struggles. What use is it of when you have such low thinking? You judge everyone hence, the world makes an opinion about you. Tell me what the society will call a woman who sells alcohol? Dadi tells her to be quiet. She is about to slap Pranati but Reyansh holds her hand. Pranati asks her if she felt bad.

Inspector calls out to Vardhan just then. Dadi asks her family who called police here. Pranati says I did. Dadi asks Inspector how he can come to someone’s house so late at night. Please leave. Pranati declines. I registered that complaint. I have proof against Vardhan. She plays the recording. Vardhan starts sweating. Reyansh tells Inspector that his brother, Vardhan, is the one who tried to molest Pranati. Arrest him. Vardhan asks him what he is saying. He requests Dadi to talk some sense to Reyansh.

Archit walks in with his team of journalists. Reyansh stands in his way but then notices the ID hung around his neck and stops. Archit airs the news live on TV. Journalists question Dadi and Vardhan but Reyansh tells them to leave. No comments. Vardhan glares at Pranati before being taken away by police.

Archit walks up to Dadi. What will you say now? A woman was molested in your house! Are women not safe in this house? Is this what you have taught your kids? Are only criminals born here? Reyansh gestures him to be quiet and sends Dadi to his room. A female reporter asks Pranati what she will do about this. Pranati looks at Archit. Reyansh takes Pranati aside. She asks him where he is taking her. He tells her to be away from reporter. She tries to free herself and gets hurt in the process. What is wrong with you? He asks the same question to her. What have you done? Are you out of your mind? She asks him what she did. Reyansh asks Pranati why she had to involve media in this. I was handling it. She says I dint call media. Reyansh says I am sure you told Archit. This is a matter of this house. She insists that this is about her. I dint tell Archit anything. She says I don’t know. Maybe Jugnu told him. Reyansh says why will she. Don’t you see a difference between old Reyansh and this Reyansh? I was handling everything. I agree what happened wasn’t right but why did you have to involve media? We will be in news because of you now! You don’t trust me, right? She says I don’t care. Media should know what has happened. Everyone should know what Dadi has raised. Face this if you want to support the truth. Don’t back down now. Just face it once and for all! Ishq hai plays. Let the world know the real face of Khurana family. Please get a hold of yourself before things go wrong. She goes.

Reyansh is practicing kick boxing. Pranati and Vardhan’s words echo in his head. He recalls the time when she had told him about her pregnancy and the court hearing. He falls on his knees. I realize today that elders must guide us on the right path if they see us walking on a wrong one. Sadly, no one could guide me and I kept making mistakes. I wont walk that path again. I will support the truth completely, Pranati.

Precap: Reyansh is applying ointment on Pranati’s back. Dadi taunts him about it. Mallika tells Dadi she has a plan. Pranati tells Reyansh that she saw Reyansh today, not a Khurana. Mallika tells Dadi to unite her and Reyansh. I will ask Papa to take care of everything.

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  1. Dadi is making deals… bet it is to either get rid of evidence or for Jugnu’s custody so she can blackmail Pranati… Archit really is trash, she’s going to be the next creep, he was born to be kebab mein haddi… where is the woman in black… did the production team forget about her

  2. Archit ne aj bohot accha kiya..rey ko karna cahiye tha..glad kisine to kiya or acha hua pranati backout naii ki

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