Pavitra Bhagya 1st October 2020 Written Episode Update: Khurana family shifts to their old house

Pavitra Bhagya 1st October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jugnu parts from Pranati. Now let’s go and do what I had come here to. She takes Pranati to the living room and asks everyone to come out. Maan, Armaan and Riya come there with cake and sing happy birthday song. Riya asks Pranati to cut the cake quickly. You only have 15 minutes left. Pranati nods and looks around. Riya says I know who you are looking for. Pranati denies. Riya says even I was thinking where he is. Armaan leans closer to Riya. This is so romantic, right? Riya does not reply. Armaan asks Maan if he called Reyansh. Maan nods. He must be coming. Jugnu takes Pranati to cut the cake. Reyansh peeks at them from far. Pranati cuts the cake reluctantly. She feeds the cake to Jugnu first and then to Armaan, Riya and Maan.

Jugnu approaches Reyansh from behind and scares him. Caught you! Why are you hiding? You baked the cake. Don’t you want to eat it? Reyansh lies that he was going to jog. Jugnu looks at him from top to toe. Don’t lie if you don’t know how to. You better wish Nayi Ma soon. Reyansh declines. First I was angry on her and now it’s you. This is why you are hiding here? He says I am not rude like you or I would have thrown cake on her. Jugnu asks him to come with her asap. You wouldn’t want to see the next level of my anger. He asks her what he will do. She says I will get bald. I have done it once in the past. Do you want Jugnu or a bald daughter? Reyansh thinks for a few seconds. No, let’s go.

Jugnu takes Reyansh to the living room. Ishq hai plays. Pranati finally smiles a little. Reyansh wishes her Happy Birthday. They share an eye lock. Riya asks Reyansh to make Pranati eat the cake that he has baked. He agrees. She holds his hand while taking a bite. Her eyes well up a little but she smiles at him. She murmurs a thank you at him. Maan keeps Archit’s cake on the table next. He has sent it for you. Pranati and Reyansh look at each other. Riya jokes thatPranati has many fans. Reyansh nods. Little too many! Jugnu asks him what he means. Pranati shares that this was Navya’s idea. I just cut it there. Reyansh nods. Maan asks her if Navya has baked this herself. Reyansh nods. This heart was planted specially there. Maan asks her to cut it. Pranati cuts the cake and makes Maan take a bite. Reyansh teases him that it must be extra sweet. Maan tells him not to tease him.

Armaan plays music. They all dance around Pranati. She smiles sweetly. Dadi stops the music. Why are you guys making so much noise at this hour? Armaan asks her why she has a problem with it today. This has never happened before. Dadi tells them to understand that this is their last night in this house. Remember this day very well. This girl has destroyed our house! She dint do the right thing by sending Vadhan to jail. Triloki cancelled his deals, investors backed out and our business is on hold for now! Armaan asks her why they must vacate the house. She says we wont be able to run business without investors. We must arrange money. Reyansh asks her what they should do. She repeats that they must pack their bags and get ready to leave the house.

Khurana family comes to their old home. Jugnu plans to put a big screen on one of the walls so they can play video games. She asks Reyansh if he likes the idea but gets no response. Reyansh enters inside hesitantly. His childhood memories with his mother start flashing in front of his eyes. Pranati asks him to come inside. She notices the look on his face. Are you fine? She wipes the sweat off his face. Reyansh walks in in a trance. Jugnu tries to tell him her idea again but he heads upstairs quietly. What happened to him? Dadi says we have bad memories with this house. Things took a good turn when we left this house but don’t know what will happen now as we are back here. Pranati is responsible for all of it! She is inauspicious. Pranati says you may not know but we ourselves are responsible for our situation. It is our responsibility to make the best of time. You would know it better as you are elder to me. Dadi holds her hand as she begins to go upstairs. You talk a lot. Neither you nor I can rule this house! Pranati frees her hand. Dadi points out that things wont be same in this house. You and Reyansh must stay in the same room. Kesar says this house is small and has only 4 rooms. Pranati asks Dadi if she means that she should stay with Reyansh in the same room. Dadi nods. Pranati politely refuses but Dadi advises her to leave the house if she isn’t willing to do it. Jugnu tells Dadi she has become bitter after drinking alcohol. You always talk so rudely to everyone. Does this not bore you? Dadi tells her to be quiet. Jugnu insists that Nayi Ma wont go anywhere. She will stay with me only. She asks Pranati who nods in agreement. She kisses Jugnu on her forehead but Jugnu stares at her. Pranati says sorry to her. Jugnu assures Dadi that they will manage Bandar papa and his tantrums. It will be fun. Pranati agrees. Dadi is irked. I don’t know what Reyansh saw in her in the first place. She just wont leave!

Jugnu jumps on the bed to blow the dust. This is nothing compared to my orphanage. Reyansh looks uncomfortable. Pranati says sorry to him. I don’t want to stay here either but I had no option. Jugnu tells her this is no option. We will stay here together. Reyansh declines. I will stay in another room. Jugnu asks him if there is some problem. Matron used to ask 20 kids to sleep in 1 room. This is way bigger than that! If you have a problem with me then I can adjust in another room. Pranati asks her to stay here only. She asks Reyansh if there is some problem. He denies. Jugnu tells Reyansh they must explain everything to him all the time. understand some things on your own sometimes. She goes outside. Reyansh picks a piece of cloth and dust comes off. Pranati asks him if he is fine. He says one can get asthma from all this dust. She repeats Dadi’s words. He affirms that his house is inauspicious. She asks him if something happened here. episode ends on his tensed face.

Precap: Maan marries Navya and brings her home. Reyansh welcomes them grandly in the house. Dadi slaps Reyansh. She later tells Reyansh that things got messed up. He agrees. I wont let any rift come between our relation at any cost.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. maan marring navya is very a tight slap on dadi’s cheek
    and what relation rey is talking about not wanting to create a rift, eagerly waiting for tomol
    the woman in black is she forgotten?

    1. The show is going off air..Probably today is the last episode so the story is gonna be left incomplete maybe or they will telecast remaining episodes on VOOT..

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