Pavitra Bhagya 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Archit gets slapped by Pranati

Pavitra Bhagya 17th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pranati begs Reyansh as she kneels down in front of him and extends her dupatta. Please return my daughter to me. He feels bad to see her thus. He makes her stand. I will tell you where Jugnu is. He tells her to stay put and goes somewhere.

Two guys bring Jugnu to a secluded place and tie her to a chair. She shouts repeatedly at them when one of the guys threatens her with a knife. They blindfold her. What do you want? They mock her. Jugnu thinks of Pranati and Reyansh.

Reyansh brings Dadi to a corner and keeps her hand on his head. I will die if you swear upon me falsely. Do you know where Jugnu is? She calls it rubbish. He says I am being clear. Dadi says my kids run away when it comes to responsibility. What all should I handle alone? Do I have time to take care of Jugnu? Pranati wonders if someone has kidnapped her. Pranati asks her if she got Jugnu kidnapped. Dadi calls it rubbish. Why would I ask someone to abduct a kid of my own house? Pranati says you are punishing me because I decided to go against you. What’s my daughter’s fault in this? Where is my daughter? Dadi tells her she has no idea. I would have gotten you kidnapped instead if I had to take revenge from you. Learn to be a good mother if you so want to be one! Reyansh says the point is that Jugnu is not at home. Reyansh’s brother shares that someone has kidnapped Jugnu. We got a ransom call just now. Dadi repeats the words at Pranati. Who can dare to ask for ransom money from us? It isn’t only about money. Someone is taking revenge from us. Reyansh keeps his hand on Pranati’s shoulder. Don’t worry. We will find Jugnu. I promise. She hugs him and cries. Reyansh’s brother speaks of the possibilities but they rule it out one by one. He asks Rey what they should do. Reyansh thinks of Archit’s threat. He speaks his name out loud. Pranati looks at Reyansh in shock / confusion. Reyansh says Archit came to threaten us today. It’s him only!

Reyansh rings Archit’s doorbell repeatedly and hits him the moment he opens the door. Reyansh asks him about Jugnu. Pranati walks in. I dint expect this from you. Archit asks her if she believes Reyansh. Reyansh holds Archit by his neck. Where is Jugnu? Inspector tells him to stand away. We will check the place. We will find Jugnu. Archit again asks Pranati if she trusts Reyansh. Reyansh tells him to give speech later. Archit reminds him where he is standing. They get into a scuffle again. Pranati pushes them away. I am already shaken up by whatever has happened. Don’t trouble me any further. Archit is still clueless. Reyansh calls him an actor but Archit asks him since when did he start caring about Jugnu. You really think I can kidnap Jugnu? How can you trust this guy? Reyansh threatens to kill him if anything happens to Jugnu. Archit asks Pranati how she can choose to support a guy who has cheated her always. He lists out all the things Reyansh has done wrong till date. You doubt me because of this guy? You know me since years and we still love each other today! Reyansh tells him to stop his drama and come clean. Archit continues questioning Pranati. She asks him to honestly tell her if he has no idea about Jugnu’s whereabouts. He shakes his head. Pranati cries. Archit tries to wipe her tears but she warns him against it. Archit says Jugnu is your kid. How can you even think that I can hurt Jugnu? Reyansh says you came to my house with hockey stick. Archit asks Pranati why she is quiet when Reyansh is saying all this nonsense about him. Reyansh says why she will say anything. Archit says it is enough. Search the house as much as you want. He turns to Pranati. You are such a big player. You are worst than Khurana’s. It is a great plan to damage my reputation.

Pranati says it isn’t about your reputation but my daughter right now. I will do anything for my daughter! Archit tells Inspector to search the house thoroughly. He tells Pranati he only has kidnapped her daughter. Reyansh holds him by his collar angrily. You will kidnap my daughter? I will kill you! Pranati pushes them away again. She asks Archit about Jugnu. Archit tells her to find Jugnu if she can. He challenges both of them. Reyansh gets furious at him. Inspector tells them just then that Jugnu is not here. Reyansh lets go of Archit.

Archit tells Pranati he said it so many times that Jugnu isn’t here but she dint listen to him. You believed me the moment I lied that Jugnu is with me. Pranati slaps him. Don’t play with the emotions of a mother like this next time! Inspector tells Archit not to step out of this house or town till the time Jugnu is found. Reyansh takes Pranati with him. Archit is in tears.

Pranati is in tears as she enters in her room. She thinks of all the bitter sweet moments with Jugnu. She holds her schoolbag and cries. I am really sorry Jugnu. What kind of a mother am I that I left you alone? I made a terrible mistake. You call me your new Ma but maybe this new Ma has to learn a lot. Just give me one chance. I promise you I will not give you another chance to complain. Just come back to me.

Precap: A lady calls Pranati. Meet me alone if you want to meet Jugnu. You wont be able to meet her if you don’t come alone. Pranati reaches the said location alone but Reyansh reaches there as well. Pranati asks him why he came here. He tells her that even he was worried for Jugnu. She is my daughter too. I wont let anything happen to her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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