Pavitra Bhagya 15th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Judge gives joint custody to Pranati and Reyansh

Pavitra Bhagya 15th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Judge invites Pranati and Reyansh’s teacher to the witness box. Reyansh gets tensed whereas Reyansh is certain he will lose now. Flashback shows the teacher trying to explain to Pranati that Reyansh isn’t a good guy for her. Pranati’s teacher says Pranati is a very good girl. Her financial condition isn’t very good but she knows how to use her mind and heart. She speaks against Pranati leaving Reyansh shocked. How did this happen? Chhabra takes credit but Dadi says it was my doing. Flashback shows Shamsher giving bribe to the teacher.

Judge announces a small recess break after which they will announce the final decision.

Pranati is crying outside. Reyansh pins her to the wall. She asks him why he is doing this. I know you are avoiding looking me in the eye. Your lawyer is lying and you know that! He nods. Why do you have such high hopes / dreams in her mind. Can’t you see that these people can stoop to any level to get Jugnu? I don’t want her but Dadi wants her! I cannot tell you the reason though.

Hearing resumes. Dadi comes to the witness stand. She cooks a nice story for Reyansh in the court. My son has a heart of gold. Please don’t separate him from his daughter. Dada looks at Pranati for a second before taking a seat.

Judge says mother has first right on her kid. Pranati is unmarried but Jugnu is still her daughter. Pranati plays the recorded conversation between her and Reyansh just when the judge is about to announce her decision. Chhabra calls it wrong but Judge tells him to maintain disciple. Pranati gets a chance to speak her mind. Judge hears the recording again. Pranati says they want to safeguard their reputation by taking the child’s custody. I would have gone to ask them for money or status if that’s what I wanted. I only want my daughter and nothing else! Judge says it has been proved that Reyansh wants his daughter for his own selfish reasons. Jugnu will stay in Juvenile Welfare Association till the time we come to conclusion. Jugnu stares unhappily at her parents.

Dadi beats Chhabra. He tells her he is her lawyer. You cannot hit me. She says it is because you went silent in the court.

Pranati tells her mother that Jugnu would have been with us today if you hadn’t lied to her. why did you lie to me? Her mother says I did it so you can start a new life. I dint know this is how it will backfire.

Dadi says judge refused the bribe. That politician is going to beat me just as much as I am beating you! His daughter will not leave Reyansh’s side now. She receives his call just then. He says my daughter is threatening to commit suicide if I don’t get her married to your grandson. Your entire family will be on road if my daughter does something foolish. He ends the call before she can say anything.

Pranati is worried for Jugnu. Her mother assures her that they will find a way out of this.

Judge is confused about something. She goes through the papers once again. She realises something and looks determined.

Chhabra gets a call from the court. Pranati also receives a call.

Next morning, Judge says court does not consider the decisions taken after 6 pm as valid. Let me repeat it now. Something prompted me to rethink my decision. We have come to a different conclusion this time. I saw something when I left from here and also experienced something on my way home. Flashback shows judge discussing the case indirectly with her driver. Judge says Jugnu has lost faith on relations and humanity. Sadly, she does not trust her parents at all. It is our turn to help her regain that faith. Court wants to give a chance to Pranati and Reyansh. Court has decided that Pranati and Reyansh will get the joint custody of Jugnu for 6 months. Everyone starts arguing. Judge says they have to stay together and compensate for the ill treatment she has faced till now. They haven’t been married so they cannot be forced but going different ways would mean that they will have to forget about Jugnu’s custody. If anyone walks away then that person will lose the custody for once and for all. Everyone tries to argue but judge stays put. Pranati and Reyansh look at each other. Archit looks at them.

Pranati meets the judge outside. why did you do this? Reyansh left me when I was 18 years old. He told me to get an abortion and I had to hide away for 9 months to give birth! Do you realise what he has done to me? I cannot trust or love anyone again. I am engaged to Archit and they have agreed for this marriage after a lot of difficulty and now you gave me a joint custody! Judge says you told me every time that you can do anything for your kid. A father and mother are equally important for a kid. You are a mother! Nothing is more important for a mother than her kid. This is your test. Will you be able to do it? Can you keep your life, dreams and hopes on hold for a while for your daughter? Will you be able to live with a guy who you are disgusted with but you have to be with him just because he is your kid’s father? Don’t come again to me if you cannot do it. Pranati agrees.

Precap: Politician and his daughter at Khurana House. Politician’s daughter tells her father that she wants to marry Reyansh and be Jugnu’s mother. Pranati says I am Jugnu’s mother. It cannot be anyone else! Dadi welcomes her grandly. The DIL of this family is here! Pranati says I came here to discuss about Jugnu’s joint custody and not to stay here. She speaks to Reyansh who tells her to leave the house for good.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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