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I m back..with the recap of last few episodes of Patiala babes so that we can continue with the fan fiction from next update.

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What we have seen till now in season 2 is…

Minnie and her younger half-sister Arya are orphaned because of accidental death of their parents Hanuman and Babita.

Minnie wanted to return to Australia but she gets to know of Babita’s wish to see Minnie handling Patiala babes restaurant when Naeem bee tells her.. Minnie decides to stay back and take over the responsibilities of the restaurant.

Then there arrives head chef Neil Oberoi in Patiala babes ! 😍 Niel is very supportive of Minnie and is also favourite of Arya whom he Lovingly calls chhoti madam!☺️

Neil and Minnie have their cute nok joks and unknown feeling of romance as they become friends!

Meanwhile Arya complains Minnie about a school peon keshav, molestating and manhandling her best friend. Minnie opposes the school trustee and committee and runs a campaign throughout the city to raise the voice of such s*xually assaulted women with the full support of her closed ones ( preet, bobby, Neil, dadu, beeji, dadi amma, kammo aunty, and many other ladies) ! Finally Minnie wins the campaignπŸ‘ and Keshav’s truth comes out.. in the meantime Minnie has realised herΒ  “roohani love” for Neil.πŸ’“πŸ’•

Neil also loves Minnie a lot and Arya makes him write all his feelings on a piece of paper…I a sense a LOVE LETTER for Minnie ! πŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ

Due to circumstances.. Minnie doesn’t get to read the letter and Neil misunderstands that Minnie has read and also understood his feelings.

So finally..Neil takes Minnie at his home in Delhi where he and IshaΒ  (Neil’s wife) were going to discuss for his divorce and Minnie finally gets to know that Neil is married and has a daughter too ! Neil agrees to all the demands of his wife to get the divorce and start afresh with Minnie ! While Minnie gets a flashback of her own past and her babes !

Minnie getsΒ  heartbroken πŸ’” and they return to patiala where Naeeb bee has already found out Neil’s truth and asks him to leave. Neil decides to quit Patiala babes restaurant and leave Patiala forever but Minnie, in her hearr doesn’t want to loose Neil hence asks him to serve his notice period.

Once in the restaurant..bobby explains Minnie that he can see love for Minnie in Neil’s eyes so Minnie should not prejudice Neil and should atleast listen to Neil’s side of story.πŸ‘‚

Minnie decides to listen out Neil where Neil had an emotional outburst of his bitter past and not being able to meet his daughter and missing her growing up😒😭. He shares his pain and Minnie handles Neil with utmost care and love !β€οΈπŸ’ž being with him while night !

Minnie understands that now Isha wants either Neil or his everything and is very much clearly determined to support NeilπŸ’πŸ’–.Next day Naeem bee calls Isha at the restaurant and wants Isha and Neil to sort out their differences so that they can get back together. Minnie asks Isha if she wants Neil back she accepts but Neil declines to go back to Isha. Minnie supports Neil and challenges Isha that the matter is now going to be a mess ( Minnie mode on!!😊🀩) Ans she is going to loose everything she wanted !

Minnie also bonds with Niels daughter KIA guessing her favourite to be pastries and asks Neil to arrange the best pastry in the town for their special guest giving Neil the opportunity of doing something for his daughter! And leaves from there with Neil hand in hand !!😍🀝🧑

PRECAP : character sketch of new entries and further developments!

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  1. Please unite Minnie with Ashok and Mita too. Minnie wanted to read her father’s letter who wanted to connect with her but Babita had burnt that letter. Ashok was a bad husband but loved Minnie and Mita and Minnie had decided to stay in touch through email

  2. Supriya_r

    Please continue!!! Missing Patiala Babes badly!!!!

  3. Plz continue

  4. Please, continue the serial… It’s loved by all

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