Patiala Babes 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanuman Scolds Minnie

Patiala Babes 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mickey asks Minnie if she can survive any unforeseen sorrows and events. Minnie says she can. Mickey says great, she should cope up any bad situation be happy. Minnie says she promised to cope up bad events and not to be happy. Mickey says let us celebrate in Mickey’s style. They board a truck and play with grass in fields. Ali Ali Ali…song…plays in the background. In police station, Laala waits for HS to return before ending duty. HS returns and asks if he filed dowry harassment case. Laala asks yes and asks if Minnie is found. HS says not yet and Babita feels he did not become Minnie’s father yet. Laala says he loves Minnie more than a father. HS says but couldn’t become her father. Laala says it takes time and Babita should understand that. HS says that is the problem.

Minnie returns home. Babita asks where was she whole day and why is she roaming with Mickey, how will her marry happen with such bad reputation. Minnie says it will happen when it has to and she will find her man like Mita did. Babit asks what she means. Minnie says that is what she told in the morning. Minnie says whatever she justifies, people point fingers at her, teenage kids immaturely act, etc. Their argument continues. Minnie then writes diary that impressions are deeply imprinted on our minds; she had different image of Babes in childhood, but now it has changed and it hurts, why can’t she see dearness in Babes’ eyes now; she used to sleep on her lap, but now she doesn’t feel so; Babes is no a different pitch now and Babes has changed. She continues pouring her heart into her diary.

Biji with Dadaji walks to Minnie and offer her jalebis. Minnie says they are great. Dadaji asks if her mood is fine. Minnie says yes. Biji says she had an argument with Babita. Minnie says its usual mother-daughter friction and they reconciled. Dadaji says good to hear that. After sometime, HS with Babita walks to Minnie and asks why did she misbehave with her mother. Babita says she did. HS says this house belongs to him and Babita and they have given her freedom as a daughter, but she shouldn’t misuse it, else he will not let her in his house, etc. Minnie says she understood what he meant and asks if she can go to her room with his permission or anything is left. HS says this much is enough today. Biji and Dadaji hearing their conversation cry holding Minnie. Minnie says HS really didn’t mean what he said and consoles them. Babita asks HS why did he scold Minnie so much. HS says he followed a father’s duty and why she has problem with it.

Precap: Babita tells HS that they sow jau/barley during navratri festival. Biji asks Minnie to sow jau as Babita gets it done by her always. Babita tells HS they both should sow jau this time.

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  1. Why are they destroying hanuman and babitha characters.. please change Story line.. Hanuman doesn’t have to be mini’s father but can the father figure.. but these writers slowly breaking the bond of all characters

    1. And that is really sad, just because they want to bring in some conflict they are using this ploy. But it’s disheartening to see their bonding being destroyed because the makers want to bring in some so called entertainment

  2. Babita plse stop being such a ninny.. Grow up you are a mum.. HS stop treating your wife as a child you run for her every whim. And fancy.. Be firm. With her.. And stop reminding Minnie it’s not her house.. You are a family.. You favour her now what changed.. Also you pretended to like her as a dad.. You are disgusting.. You did it all to impress babita.. You are sick

  3. Simmy Chawala

    Babita seriously needs to grow up. She doesn’t know how to handle relationships at all. Everything has to be according to her no regards for others

    1. Yes! So true.

      I wish Babita would grow up. I used to like this serial as it was very different and progressive. But now it is getting crap

  4. You are right Dhara,there is a difference between watching the serial and just reading the update and my previous comment about HS chiding Minnie was entirely based on the update..I couldn’t watch even today’s update but I agree with NK that even for Babita’s sake ,HS should not have said that…..He knows nowadays everything is not ok between mother and daughter…I don’t know if Minnie has understood his intentions and taken it in the right sense,but this is going too far now…
    Babita can certainly voice out her concerns about her friendship with Mickey and make her views clear but in a mature and sensitive manner..She could have sat with her and explained the reasons for he concerns …This way Babita is going to destroy her bond with her daughter…Already Minnie is feeling that her mother is changed now and she doesn’t feel like sleeping on her lap anymore ..whether HS takes her side ,or Babita’s side or stays indifferent,Minnie has already formed an opinion that he doesn’t love her as a daughter…else he wouldn’t have doubted her or required proof to put rest to his doubts….Under these circumstances ,it is but natural for Minnie to feel dejected ….Hope Babita makes amends for her rude observations and sort out the matter more prudently….The situation is very delicate now and it is for Babita to handle it carefully and she should do it at the earliest before her second baby arrives…

  5. Correction….’ today’s episode’..

  6. I think they r showing the reality of the world in this series but I found only two genuine and unchanged characters in this series they r lala and mini.since the beginning they clear about their relationships and bonding unlike other characters in the show. May be in the upcoming episodes there can be a two year’s leap where Babita may be blessed with a baby girl and mini may leave their house forever with dada and dadi.

    I’m totally hurt with babita and hanuman word’s today with mini

  7. Yvonne Codner

    Babita is turning Patiala most feared Police Officer Hanuman Singh into a wuss. He now has to dance at her beck and call and do as she wishes or else she may kick him out of their bedroom. Now she is turning HS into a villain. Poor Mini, she has to be told that the house is not hers. If I were Mini I would find a College and move away from Babita and let her stay in her fairytale world. She irritates me so much that although I try not to watch I am concerned about Mini and how she keeps hiding her feelings behind her smile. Mini knows that HS is just doing what Babita asked him to do. He loves his brave girl a lot, but wifey comes first. SMH!!

  8. They are creating conflicts to prolong the show. Plus, some of the insecurities with change on relationship equations is realistic. What’s most unrealistic is Babita’s character and her stupidity in handling a daughter who is almost an adult. More wisdom is expected from a woman who is been through what Babita has been through in her life.

  9. Did i read that Mini is the only one who has not changed.
    Have you even been watching from the beginning. Mini has been the same a liar and his she is hiding things about her and Mickey and knows that the Mita tag applies to her. Yes Babes would have been horrified if she knew the whole truth about Mickey.
    Lol whats wrong with you all can you not see that’s its the CV who have destroyed Babita role and its is HS turn now and did I read someone called him disgusting. Its down to the CV has they are all in Love with Great Mini the cheater and liar to justify her and yes they gave butchered Lally as well.
    Mini is not true daughter ti her Babes as she lies and why does she not tell the whole truth of Mickey instead if hiding in her dairy.
    Its because Babes has seen through her and is not going to listen to crap that comes out of Mini’s mouth.
    Khuranas should stay out of it and tell Mini a few home truths about a Girl’s respect etc if they don’t want a repeat of Ashok history.
    Mini has still not learned and was holding hands with Mickey behind Preeti back.
    She has to learn that Life is not how she wants it and you have to work at it to shape your future and not bossing around.
    So please stop feeling sorry for Katha Kottage darling Mini as she will cheat her best friend and is a liar to boot but thats ok as she has butchered others to glorify her so that she can bask in her self inflicted sorrow and fake smile.

  10. Why is HS character being spoilt . He loves mini n Babita . But now he is married he has to see both sides . If he sides with mum daughter is upset n if he sides with wife than mini feels neglected.

    This Micky he loved mini remember. Than Preet came in n he went for her . There is no romantic scene with Preet n Micky. They look like friends n mini has something with Micky that she is not showing . She is one step ahead in hugging him n showing affection before Preet . Preet is a little boring . Mini n Micky hmmm even the names tell u they a team mouses ? n Preet like Donald Duck lol ?

  11. Feels so sad for Mini and anger for HS.

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