Patiala Babes 8th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Mita’s Plan Fails To Misguide Mini

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Patiala Babes 8th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadaji asks Babita if she needs financial help as she is staying alone with Mini. Babita says she has sufficient money to survive for sometime and when she needs she will ask her father like FIL. Dadaji says he is pround of her and says she should not hesitate whenever she needs money for Mini’s studies as it is Mini’s right. Hanuman serves him jaggery and water and asks not to worry about Babita and Mini, they are self-sufficient, he is there for them anyways. Dadaji smiles. Hanuman touches Dadaji’s feet and says it is greeting from junior citizen to senior citizen, he felt as if his grandfather visited him. Dadaji walks away smiling.

Mita takes Lovely for shopping and then restaurant. Lovely munching food continues her blabbering and asks Mita if she is sad as Ashok scolded her over food issue. Mita sits silently. Lovely says Ashok does not love Babita, but she is related to him via Mini, Ashok loves his daughter and she can get into Ashok’s books again by befriending Mini as Mini is the only key for her future with Ashok.

Babita prepares art piece with home items for their room. Mini praises her skills and says other’s nazar should not fall on it. Babita asks her to get lemon and chilli from Hanuman’s kitchen. Mini walks down and opens door hearing door bell and finds Mita standing. She ges angry seeing Mita and asks what is she doing here. Mita asks if will not greet in guest and walks in herself. She tries to brainwash her that Ashok cares for her, so he is worried for her and does not want her to fall into Babita and Hanuman’s trap, Hanuman is so cunning, so Ashok filed complaint against Hanuman, she convinced him to take case back. Mini says she is a big lier as dadaji came and informed that he took complaint back, she should get out from here and stop trying to butter her and take her away from her mother. She sends Mita out forcefully and locks door. She returns to Babita with lemon and chilly and says she sent out evil from door itself and blabbers that Mita wants to lure her and get her away from her innocent mamma, but she will not let her succeed.

Dadaji returns home and tells Biji that he went to meet Babita and Mini and found Hanuman very innocent and hardworking police officer who is proud of his job, he is like a diamond, and I regret why I did not get a son like him. Ashok angrily walks away leaving food hearing that. He reminisces Mini confronting him angrily. Mita walks to him and asks why did he leave food halfway and tries to console him. He shouts that his own daughter hates him because now. She provokes him against Babita and informs she went to Mini to clear her misunderstanding towards her father. Ashok shouts she did a mistake and made his situation even worse. He continues shouting and she continues emotional blackmail. He proposes to marry her and says he will divorce Babita. Mita asks if he will propose her this way. He hugs her and thinks he will divorce Babit and will snatch Mini from her.

Precap: Khaitri gives eviction notice to Hanuman and says if he does not evict mother and daughter, even he has to leave this locality.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. My poor friend is going through this story. Her husband left her for a young girl (almost half his age).
    He is 61 and the girlfriend is 36 (soon to be wife). I see my friend crying everyday. My friend is skinny and dark skin and her husband loves FAIR skin YOUNG girls. My friend is now old in his eyes. I feel Babita’s pain.

    1. Most men are a*sh*les. They are needy and seeing a light skin think they got the world. Well no worries, men at this age has prostate issues, many other health issues. Let the 36 year old carve the turkey. Lets see for how long..? I think dark skin is beautiful.

      1. Thank you Jade. I got my friend to read this. She laughed. Her ex husband is indeed an a*sh*le. He is a stingy horrible man who neglected his two kids and run after young girls all his life and now one of them (internet bride) agrees to marry him to get to America.

    2. devinder -UK

      Ashok is so full of himself . of course its not his fault it babes and Minnie’s fault he had a affair , they have become homeless, babes should give him a peace of his mind , she should stop being a doormat and tell him few home truths. it shows all men behave like this in the end .

  2. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice show! Reflecting true face of society and also presenting challenges faced by girls and women suffering from extra marital of husband and father. I love Mini, I also like Hanuman Singh. But Babita should be more strong and bold.

  3. i knew the society people will create more drama. after all, all their sons got beat up. I wonder aint there any other young girl living in that mohalla? I thought Hanuman was living in his own house, and not rented one. I mean Hanuman cant rent his house if he himself living on rent. But then how the committee can make a decision that Hanuman will have to leave his own house. I hope, being a police officer, Hanuman teaches them well about the law… This is also true, how if a woman tries to live alone then the society people make life hell for her. Everyone is judging only Minnie and Babita, but none can see how much of a pervert their own husbands (Khatri) and sons are! on one side Kahtri keeps badmouthing Babita under the name of matarani (while giving out adult videos from his office on the side) and these society boys also decided to tease Minnie. The mothers are also against them as they think their sons are bhola bhala and made of gold. I am so happy that this serial showing the mirror to society. Babita and Minnie are still lucky that they got a helper like Hanuman, else anywhere else and they would have to continuously keep shifting homes…
    Eagerly waiting for the time when Babita takes up some job and Minnie continues her college education. Ashok thinks he will slap Babita with the divorce notice. Yes, Babita will get hurt now, but in the long run it will be only good for her. Where as Mita will suffer, tied up with a disgusting man like Ashok

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