Patiala Babes 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie Brings Mita Home

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Patiala Babes 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman Singh/HS Babita gets jealous seeing Babita chatting with her facebook fans. He gulps glasses of water and silently disconnects broadband connection. Babita gets sad that network is disconnected, how will she speak to her fan now. HS says usually broadband gets disconnected at night, she can speak to her fan in the morning. Babita sadly walks to her room. At Khurana house, Biji serves breakfast to family. Lovely sees Babita having fruits and juice and insists to have same breakfast. Biji says Mita needs nutritious food during her pregnancy, Lovely can have fruits once Ashok’s salary comes. Lovely says even Sukhi is earning and she deserves food she likes. Biji asks her to stop her tantrums. Mita says she can share her fruits with Lovely. Lovely yells at her and walks away. Mita gets angry. Ashok asks her to not overreact. Mita asks if she is overreacting or his sister. Biji walks to Lovely’s room and tries to calm her down. Lovely alleges her that Mita is her favorite after Mita’s pregnancy. Biji says everyone knows she favors Lovely. Lovely feels sad that she could not bear child and her in-laws hate her for this, Sukhi has to bear a lot because of her. Biji asks if she is jealous of Mita’s pregnancy, she should be happy that she is becoming aunt, else she will go away from her brother who is her only support as already her in-laws kicked her out of their lives. Lovely gets emotional. Biji requests her to behave well with Mita.

Next morning, HS sits in open bathroom to wash his face when Lala walks in and asks him to get ready as commissioner ordered to reach police station as foreigner’s are coming for inspection and HS should take care of them. HS says he hates foreigners and applying soap on his face asks Lala to bring water soon. Babita walks in and hands him over strawberry milk shake. He gets happy and asks if she learnt it via net. Babita says her fan Bobby taught her. Lala asks him to finish cold strawberry milkshake instead of tea and attend duty with a cool mind.

Mickey scribbles get well soon on Preet’s bandaged leg. Preet asks if she will really get well soon. Mickey says prayers are really powerful. Minnie rushes to them and says Mickey’s handwriting is very bad, devimaa cannot understand it; she scribbles on bandage. Her and Mickey’s nok jhok starts and they get engrasped in each other’s chat. Preet feels jealous seeing this.

At Khatri’s office, Ashok tries to feed Mita and requests her to eat for child’s sake. Mita says she does not want to, does not know what problem Lovely has, his family behaves so rudely with her. Ashok shouts not to drag his family now. Their argument continues when Khatri walks in commenting. Mita walks out. Ashok shouts to take care, but Mita walks away. Ashok says Mita is feeling unwell, they were discussing finance. Khatri says it is okay as even his wife does not listen to him. Mita walks out and standing on road gets panic attack reminiscing Lovely’s taunts. She falls down. Minnie and Mickey see people gathering and rush out holding each other’s hand. Preet gets more jealous seeing that and shouts to take her also. They see Mita in a confused state and mob trying to help her. Mickey suggests Minnie to help Mita. Minnie reminisces her bitter past with Mita. Someone asks Mita if he can drop her, if someone is with her. Minnie says she knows this woman and takes her along. Babita hearing door bell opens door saying it is definitely Minnie and stands shocked seeing Minnie with Mita. Minnie nervously says Mita was in confused state on road and she had no other way than bringing her here.

Precap: Nayeem Bi says she is feeling bad that Ashok is leading happy life again with Mita. Babita says she is not. Nayeem Bi then tells HS if Babita rejects his proposal, he will be sad and even if she accepts, he will be sad as Babita is trying to run away from her relationships right now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. One thing I notice is, I really glad that the writers don’t put Meeta in such negative role. She’s kinda anti-hero. Not supporting Babita in explicit way, but confronts Ashok if he wants to do something wrong.
    And I’m shock knowing the fact that Preet has a crush on Mickey (at least in my interpretation)
    I wish the story could elaborate well and don’ t turn to be a pathetic story like other soap opera’s love triangle. Good luck, all of Patiala Babes’ crew!

  2. who is interested in this ? all are waiting for hanuman and babita love and marriage rest is just dragging of story

    1. I am interested in this. Frankly hanuman and babita’s love story is the least interesting subplot in this show for me. I like watching all the characters and all their stories

      1. SsiyAa

        even i’m interested in this… the only show i follow. i won’t had if it would have revolved more around HS and babita’s pairing…

      2. MeTooPatialaBabes

        The HS- Babita relationship is a part of the main story ‘Patiala Babes’. It is not itself the main story. It is the story of the women in Patiala and if more specific 2 ladies (Mini and Babita).
        It is the story of:
        1. a divorced woman – Babita
        2. her daughter Mini
        3. Mini’s step mother – Mita
        3. wife of a wicked man – Kammo
        4. alone woman in her oldage – Nayenbi
        5. a childless women – Lovely
        6. a young lady – Preet (because she is more interested in relationships)
        7. a died women – Vimarti
        And some more man’s story with connections with their stories.
        I like that the serial does not have a trend: Main story aside and a love story as main

  3. I dont usually have tears while i am watching other indian shows, but patiala babes is of another level. The scene where minnie watches mita and finally hesitatingly tells the crowd that she knows mita, that scene really made me emotional. I also like how babita is no longer miss goody goody and she didnt want to bring mita inside despite knowing mita was ill. These little things make her character very realistic
    Preet is again falling for another guy. I hope she does not fight with minnie again. First kittu now mickey. Preet knows right that in the beginning mickey had repeatedly tried to flirt with minnie and she rejected him? I dont like preet making jealous faces while watching minnie and mickey together

    1. SsiyAa

      i agree..

    2. seems like you get emotional watching this show but yes one thing is true this show sticks to the realm of the society nice sets locations; original issues ;societal backfires ; soon hanuman and babita will try to fill the void in each other’s life # flirting is never bad as long as mickey had good intentions but yes girls like flirting if its done in healthy spirit irrespective she’s comfortable im relating minnie here people like khatri and babita’s ex husband make men look like as bad as they are not
      its truth a man can be a good best friend ;lifepartner;hubby;loving daddy; good son;caring family man ; best bro but as long as that man falls in love with anyone especially a girl the society term him mannerless and in some regions they are called gundas too whats the reason as usually a dad needs degrees salary oriented “man ” for his daughter and why not he will demand its his right and there is the chain broken who have not that thing to satisfy the pride of a gals father # real love completion is hard once some people adds religion caste into it like a ghee in the fire # some girls are afraid to tell their parents that they feel they are in love and thats where a boyfriend need to step in work hard to get pass from the toughest exam i.e from strict invigillator her dad and this can’t be vanishing any off soon coz with tough competitions in modern era these numbers will increase definitely # hopefully minnie gets her love here # cheers was not in motion to write this but it feels like it will suit the plot ? what say @ telly team :))-

      1. I am not saying flirting is bad. I said that because I was wondering if Preet had forgotten about it? Mickey was always interested in Minnie from start. When she couldn’t get college admission, Mickey followed her around offering help and Minnie repeatedly refused him and even scolded him. Preet saw that. When Preet fought with Minnie, it was Mickey who gave her company and became her friend. So preet should know that Mickey has always preferred Minnie and it is not fair of her to get jealous of their friendship/closeness. She also should not start dreaming of a relationship with Mickey and start drawing heart signs for him because she is again setting herself up for heartbreak and another fight with Minnie. She should show a little maturity here…
        regarding your second point, I guess, the society we live in is more filled with negative people than positive ones. On an average. Maybe its just a perception, i dont know. But the number of boys who stalk or harass girls is quite large. (and a lesser number of girls do too) Similarly, there are also large number of girls who have this ‘fairy-tale’ image of romance in their head, who will just term anything as love and start destroying their lives in its name. (again, so do boys. love at first sight is so overrated). So parents, society too are quick to judge. Genuine love is sacrificed because either people think the ‘girl must be stupid/characterless/misguided by the guy’ or ‘guy must be “romeo”/goonda/characterless’. Love is a good thing and makes life better for everyone involved, but half the people/youth have such distorted ideas about love, be it from bollywood or stupid shows, they end up hurting themselves more than anything else.
        In the beginning Mickey was like the first type of guy. He knew nothing about minnie, did not even want to know. He had made up his mind that he loved her based on an umbrella and he followed Minnie around, trying to claim her as his own. Of course Minnie got irritated and told him to shut it. But I like him now that he tries to be a genuine friend to Minnie. I am sure he is still attracted to her but he no longer sees Minnie just as ‘his girl’ and respects her for the person she is. Even Bobby’s case is the same. Minnie shows no interest in him yet in his mind he has woven thousand dreams around her and has all these expectations that will never get fulfilled. Preet is another case of wanting ‘prince charming romance’.
        But this is all very true for teen romances. The difference is more visible when we see how mature people like Hanuman and Babita are treating their ‘romance’ while compared to the children. Teenagers and young people do behave like this and i hope this show again gives a good message about this entire thing. Maybe they will pick up some of the other things you mentioned, like a guy being judged only based on his degrees and salary. They already showed its wrong to judge Preet because she is fat (as per kittu’s family). I feel they should also show that for teenagers there is more to life and future than just falling in love. so lets hope…

  4. SsiyAa

    is nayeembi saying right?.. in precap… i thought babita is over ashok… then??

    1. I was also surprised by the precap. The show established that Babita is over Ashok, then what happened… Maybe after we see Babita’s interaction with Meeta in the next episode, we will understand better

      1. SsiyAa

        hoping for same…. well i have one concern, when babita indirectly refused HS to develop anything about her like that, then why HS is in hope and developing his feelings more!… as bABITA never felt like that towards him.. she is normal and friendly only. makers haven’t shown any signal on babita’s behalf.. so how far it is good for hanumant to keep hope?…
        and one more thing, before lovely used to roam with mita and go for shopping with her that too on mita’s money and now this attitude towards her!.. how far this is right?

      2. SsiyAa, i agree about lovely. she is selfish to the core. She got friendly with Mita first because she thought if she remained in Mita’s good books, she can continue living lavishly. She was happy as long as she got to do all the shopping. But Mita made it clear she was not Babita. she protested when Lovely wore her clothes without asking her permission first. When lovely had her kitty party, Mita chose to do her own work first and cook for Lovely’s party later. Lovely realized no matter how much she runs behind Mita she wont get any extra favors. So immediately she started getting all rude and insulting towards her. Lovely want everyone to bow down to her so that she can live like a queen and go to parlours and parties all the time. i feel bad that she can’t be a mother, but i dont like her as a person at all. She does not really care for anyone
        As for Hanuman, i dont know what to say. It felt he has reserved his feelings aftr Babita’s refusal. but when he saw Babita chatting he got jealous again. I understand jealousy or liking to watch Babita cook. But the precap made it seem like Hanuman was thinking of proposing again and NayeenBi was trying to stop him. It will be clear only after watching the full episode

      3. SsiyAa

        Haan… Let’s see

  5. MeTooPatialaBabes

    The actors are very well chosen. Their expression is enough to express the feelings. Hanuman’s jealousy, Nayenbi’s experience in knowing the minds of HS and Babita, Mini’s expression while taking Meeta, Babita’s anger and jealousy.
    Lovely should understand the situation. She is right at her place but she need to control herself.
    Preet! This type of girls exits! And most of us do not like them this way. Her main focus is on her relationship and love. So mean for her best friend.
    Day by day I feel that Ashok does not care for Meeta. How can he leave and let go his wife alone when she is pregnant and hungry? I question that do ever he loved Meeta or it’s just his lust? Whatever, the scene when she came out of the office and was walking with the taunts from everyone. It was very heart touching and emotional. How one can bear such taunts? Once Ashok spoke very bad words for Babita in the court. Every one felt very bad for Babita. Mini was there to help her. Here, for Meeta, no one is there. Even her husband is not interested in such matters. She is all alone and bearing pain. She is innocent, everyone must understand this.
    I was not knowing that Babita is still having any place for Ashok. His happy life with Meeta makers her jealous. Is is true? If it is Nayenbi is right at her point which she told HS about HS-Babita relationship.

    1. I too felt very bad for Meeta in that scene, It has been months since she returned with Ashok from London and everyone keeps blaming her or insulting her in one way or another. Biji asked her to have food but not in a loving way, just as a form of responsibility. Lovely always hurts her with her sharp and needy attitude. And the worst is Ashok, the man for whom she gave up everything. I feel Ashok treats her worst than Lovely, saying demeaning things to her, disregarding her love due to his own anger and arrogance. Ashok hardly ever talks to her nicely or cares for her. Meeta is truly alone, she is pregnant, her family is going through a financial crisis and no one considers her even as a friend. Ashok cheated her too by hiding his marriage from her. Yet no one has even a little sympathy for her. Meeta deserves better. She thinks for the well being of everyone too and all she wants is a peaceful life.

    2. SsiyAa

      I don’t think it makes babita jealous I think she is reminded of a betrayal whenever she sees her…maybe that’s it and that feeling makes her hurt or sad or angry…. I think in next episode Babita will discuss how Ashok was not there when she was pregnant with Mini and she is afraid that mita will also suffer the same pain… It’s obvious to be upset on looking at someone who broke her marriage……. For whatever reason mita didn’t left ashok is another story, but from top reality is mita is equally responsible as ashok for all the sufferings babita and mini had….. Though we all know minnni and babita will get comfortable with mita and her child but that will obviously take time..

  6. Perminder Virk

    I think that Babita needs a reality check of her do called Love for Ashok. Will She be the other woman in Ashok/Mita lives. Does she want him to divorce Mita and marry him after all that he has done and said to her. Why was she do angry at Mini when she saw her with Mita who was not looking well. That Mini was forced to explain.

    Lately She has changed to being selfish along with Mini in using and taking help and support from HS. When he indirectly asks her for Love she starts shouting and accuses him. But on the other hand she is happy to chat on line with a stranger and laugh with him. And every time she sees Ashok she starts being Strong, to make him see that he left her. Why does she do that. Its a shame as her character is getting weird now.
    I hope that she does not be the other women in Ashok/Mita’s life.

    1. SsiyAa

      Arrrrre… You are taking it at wrong track…. Your perception need to be change….
      There may be some betrayal or jealous or pain emotion that will be confirmed only after watching tomorrow’s episode… But babita isn’t selfish Or Show off type… She is real just realistic… She can’t be devi Or villian.. It’s just can’t accept someone who broke her Or cheated her so easily.. That’s it.. She will need time to accept.. she can’t be another woman.. she wasn’t selfish to take help from HS in fact she was resistant but it happened in that period of time… only request please don’t look at this in a melodramatic way it’s a very sober show just enjoy it and try to understand her emotional perception too..

    2. I dont know what made you think these things, but Babita is not in love with Ashok and she does not want him back. She has even acknowledged that she never knew what love was because Ashok had no time or care for her in their marriage. But just because she has moved on doesn’t mean she will automatically be friends with the mistress, or who is now the bahu of her ex-in-laws. That hurt will never go away easily and she has repeatedly said she cannot forgive both of them… and Babita didn’t shout at Hanuman because of his indirect feelings. Indeed she was very gentle when she refused him. Instead she shouted at him for his ‘favors’. You say she is using him but she repeatedly says they should not accept his help and he has done enough already. When Hanuman still insists that is when Babita gets angry. I dont know, it is just the opposite of what you mentioned… and she is strong in front of everyone. Ashok, Mita, Hanuman, NayeenBi, Preet’s parents – Babita had become strong in reality, not just being a show off… I am sure she will never be the other woman in Ashok/Mita life. She will die before she even thinks of returning back. She even refused to shelter Biji-Bauji!

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