Patiala Babes 7th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Mini Trashes Eve Teasers

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Patiala Babes 7th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita with Mini’s help prepares food while Itti si haseen…song..plays in the background. Mini asks her to continue cooking while she brings ice cream. Babita asks to stop as neighbors are badmouthing about them. Mini reaches ice cream parlor and tries samples. Khatri’s wife Kammo fumes seeing Mini. Her friend Nimmo says Khatri is very nice man, but this mother and daughter duo trapped him wrongly. Kammo asks to take god’s promise and provokes friend that they may eye on even her husband Kartar and son Lucky. Lucky enters and complains that papaji is not giving money to enjoy. Mother gives him money. He asks her to go and gossip somewhere else as his friends are coming here. Mother leaves with Pammi. Son’s friends enter and they plan to flirt with Mini. They start pestering Mini.

Babita finishes cooking. Dadaji comes to meet her. Babita happily greets him and says she and Mini stay on terrace and there is no connection between ground floor and terrace. Dadaji asks where is Mini. Babita says she has gone to get ice cream. She serves him rajma chawal. Dadaji says it is amrith/elixir and he was missing it. He asks her how is Hanuman Singh. Babita says he is a good man, Ashok must have misguided him. Dadaji says he does not trust Ashok and wants to hear from her. Babita says Hanuman does not even look at her and is a very good man. Dadaji says he heard Hanuman is a drunkard, Babita is very innocent and cannot understand men’s tricks. they acts as good at first and then try to take advantage.

Lucky and his friend continue flirting with Mini. Mini warns to stop pestering her, else she knows karate. They laugh on her. She trashes them royally and teaches them a lesson. They call their friends, and Mini trashes even them. Hanuman reaches with Laala and enjoys Mini’s fight silently. At home, Dadaji asks Babita why did not Mini return yet, she told Mini went nearby. Laala enters running and informs Babvita that Mini is fighting in parlor. Babita rushes towards ice cream parlor while Dadaji follows her. Lucky and his friends’ parents enter and start yelling at Mini. Babita confronts them. Dadaji asks Hanuman being a policeman can’t he stop fight. Hanuman asks not to disturb him as drama has reached its climax. Parents badmouth about Mini. Babita confronts that she is proud of her daughter, they should control their goon sons who trouble girls and continues. They shut their mouth in shame. Mini asks Babita not to cry and takes her home. Hanuman tells Dadaji that these are new generation women who are self-sufficient and can take care of themselves and answer any mischief mongers, anyways Patiala police is there for rest, he is thandedar Hanuman Singh. Dadaji walks away smiling.

Back home, Hanuman apologizes Dadaji for calling him senior citizen. Dadaji says he is senior citizen and asks Hanuman if he is proud of his uniform. Hanuman says very much as he earned it, his grandfather was in police and wanted him to be a policeman. He goes to bring water and jaggery for dadaji. Dadaji says Ashok complained such a nice man and left Babita and Mini on road, they need not worry as Hanuman is with them now.

Precap: Mini praises Babita’s room decoration. Babita asks her to bring lemon and chilli to ward off nazar. Mini goes to bring it when she hears door bell and opens door, finds Mita standing.

Update Credit to: MA

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