Patiala Babes 6th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Wins Catering Order

Patiala Babes 6th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita nervously waits for client’s reply after sending food sample. Minnie asks her to relax, stop biting nail, and wait till client tastes food and sends confirmation. Babita says she is right. Minnie asks whenever they used to get tensed, where they used to go. Babita excitedly says Sherawali Dosa.. Sukhi says that shop is closed 2 months ago. Hanuman Singh/HS brings dosa stall and asks Minnie to come down with her mother. She comes down and gets excited seeing Sherawali Dosa stall. Babita asks stall owner how is he. Minnie tells HS that she just discussed with him about dosa stall and he brought whole stall. HS says he is a simple policeman and just like Hanuman ji brought whole mountain when asked to bring sanjeevani boti/herb, he brought whole stall. Babita munches dosas continuously. Minnie asks HS if he is surprised seeing Babes eating so much. HS shyingly says Babita ji is a petite woman with huge diet intake capacity. Nayeem Bi/NB also joins them and watches HS’s fondness for Babita. HS staring at Babita’s face pours water on Babita’s hands while she washes them. Babita asks vendor to give tissue paper and vendor says he does not have tissue. HS offers his hand kerchief to her.

Khatri calls Babita’s client Garewal to his office and offering him ice cream says he had hired chefs from Chandigarh to prepare special meals. Mita signals Ashok this is wrong. Khartri next offers bribe hidden in tissue paper. Garewal says it is not his money. Khatri insists to keep it and pass his order. Mita takes Ashok aside and says it is totally unethical. Ashok warns her to keep her mouth shut.

Babita’s worker returns with tiffin bags and informs that client asked to cancel order. Babita and Minnie get tensed. Garewal meets them and they ask why did he cancel order. Garewal informs that he sent empty boxes as clients liked their food and insisted same dishes for dinner, so he canceled their order to sign new one and they will deliver to even his corporate offices. They all get happy. HS says the way Garewal spoke, they thought order is canceled. Babita asks what about Khatri’s order. Garewal says Khatri tried to bribe him, but likes ethics. HS says dog’s tail cannot straighten in life. On the other side, Khatri blames Ashok for losing order with his lame idea. Ashok asks him to give him some time, he will get new idea and even repay for his losses. Khatri says he can take howmuch ever time he likes, but he will not get any salary till he gets new order.

Babita at night sits near HS’s bed and reads comments on her facebook video. She tries to hit mosquitoes. HS wakes up hearing sound and asks their chit chat starts. He asks what is she doing at midnight. She asks if she disturbed him, she will up. He says he has kept some time for her out of his routine, so she can stay. Babita says she is reply to comments on her video and smiles. He asks reason. She says she is chatting with a single father and can understand his feelings. HS gets jealous and asks her not to, but she continues. HS continues feeling jealous seeing her laughing on someone else’s comments.

Precap: Minnie brings ill Mita home.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Best serial of all

  2. SsiyAa

    Today’s episode was good…. HS jealousy and so many questions.. Savages.. were must watch…. ????…. I was in thought that khatri will grab the order by cheat…. But thank god ???… This is the only serial which shows win of right, and honesty… Everytime it gives positive message and something that touches our reality…. Loving it… ?.. Even I was teary eyes when that man announced his order in babita’s favor… In yesterday’s episode sukhi’s confidence was worth watching ???…. Ashok will never leave his ego ??.. Such a obnoxious person.. Huh..
    So, tomorrow I guess minnie will learn about mita pregnancy..

  3. Khatri might have caused injury btw one thing of this serial mita isnt shown negative.

  4. MeTooPatialaBabes

    I came to know that a new turn is coming. Elections! Voting for the mohalla president who is Khatri for now. This time Nayenbi is going to stand as his competitor. What a great idea for ruining his power!
    I hope that the serial is going to be hit soon .

    1. SsiyAa

      wow.. this is good news

    2. hello all babes

      soon this show will hit like ddlj

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