Patiala Babes 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie Revives Patiala Babes Restaurant’s Reputation

Patiala Babes 5th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie asks Geeta since when dishes are returning. Geeta says sometimes. Minnie says it takes a lifetime to develop good reputation and just one incident to spoil it; if people spread news that Patiala Babes Restaurant doesn’t prepare good food, then customers will not visit them at all. She asks Simpy to correct her mistake. Simpy cries that even Babita didn’t scold her so much. NB scolds her to accept her mistake and correct it. Minnie says Babita would have been hurt most as her reputation is most important to her. Arya listens to her carefully. Minnie tells Simpy she will not repeat her mistake hereon and to be careful. NB says Babita always used to feel Minnie’s void and hoped she would return to help her. Arya says till when she should wait and asks Minnie to join. Minnie joins her. Arya says she thought she is smart, but Minnie is much smarter than her. They both taste soup and says it is not like mamma’s.

Minnie gathers her staff and asks what is missing. Simpy says they don’t get fresh vegetables. Geeta says there is problem in dairy products. A man Khurshid enters and says it is problem with spices. NB greets him and tells Minnie that he is expert in mixing spices. Khurshid says his forefathers were chefs and had magic in their fingers. Minnie asks what is the solution. Khurshid says there is only one solution to remove all powdered products and to replace them with real spices. Minnie says let us do it right now and they start grinding spices. Arya plays with flour and sprinkles atta on NB and Geeta. Minnie laughs. After sometime, customers start coming in. Simpy prepares dishes, and waiter serves them. Minnie and her tea eagerly wait to see customers’ reaction. Customers taste and praise taste. Team gets happy seeing that and Minnie shows thumbs up.

Minnie jokes with Arya to stop looking with lateral gaze queen. Arya says she is princess. Minnie thanks her for her magic as her one complaint got restaurant back on track. She jokes in HS’ style. Arya hiding her face shyingly says it was her duty. Minnie asks where did she learn this from. Arya says by watching TV. Minnie says boss’ chair belongs to her and this moment is proud for them. She sees restaurant getting full with customers and gets more happy holding Arya’s hand. They both then reach home on scootie. Arya says chee she doesn’t like to sit intimately with her. Minnie says she doesn’t have to for long as she is going leaving soon, and NB/Daadu/Biji will be there to take care of Arya. Arya asks if she is going to Australia. Minnie says Jordan, if she is happy. Arya says very happy as she will get rid off her finally. Minnie gets sad hearing that. Arya walks in. Biji calls her and says her favorite serial will start. Arya informs what happened in restaurant. Puro asks Minnie if she should get her something. Minnie says its okay, she will go and check if her tickets are confirmed. Arya sees Biji sad and asks if she is sad as Minnie is going. Biji says yes as she knows Minnie from childhood. Arya asks how. Biji says she is Minnie’s daadi like her. Arya says that is why their Biji, Dadaji, Dadi amma, mamma are same but papa is different. Rani tries to cheer her up. Arya leaves to her room. Biji says Arya is also sad that Minnie is going. Rani says Arya is happy instead. Biji says she is sad as Minnie is connected to her parents.

Arya walks to Minnie’s room and seeing her exercising mimics her. Minnie smiles and continues exercise, holds Arya and asks if she was copying her. Arya says she is sweating, but pretty girls don’t sweat. Minnie says she is also pretty but sweats. Arya asks her to lift her in front of mirror and says let us see who is more pretty. Minnie asks to check then. Arya says her eyes are not good. Minnie says she is like her. Arya says her nose is bent, Minnie says even her nose is bent. Arya asks if their face match. Minnie says of course as they are sisters. Arya asks if she will look like her when she grows up. Minnie says possible. Arya asks when they are sister, then why Minnie stays in Australia and not here.

Precap: Preet asks Minnie if she cannot change her decision.
Minnie says she doesn’t know as Arya’s mother never let her alone. Preet says Arya’s mother is no more.

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