Patiala Babes 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanuman’s Growing Fondness For Babita

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Patiala Babes 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sukhi requests Babita to let Papaji and Biji stay with her. Babita says she cannot and he should keep them with him as he is equally related to them like she was. Minnie asks where will Jerry keep them. Babita says he should rent a house like they have rented. Sukhi says he cannot give them the comfort they deserve. Babita says they need assurance and not comfort, he should become a son from son-in-law. Sukhi says she is right, he will have to find a job soon. Babita says she has a job for him. She offers him accountant’s job. He accepts, and Minnie emotionally hugs him. On the other side, Khatri convinces Ashok to work for him.

Hanuman reaches camp venue with his team and fixing a few tents gives them some moral gyaan. Laala informs him that cook has not come today as his mother is ill. Hanuman panics. Laala says if they were around Patiala, they would have taken Babita and Minnie’s help. Hanuman says he does not want to take their help as they will help first and then remind their favors. He continues venting out his mind. Laala asks if something had happened, how will they feed camp members now. Hanuman says he will cook for them all. At night, Hanuman prepares daal. Laala sees a white sari clad lady running and shouts chudail. Hanuman asks where is it and runs behind. He catches chudail and realizes camp member playing a prank. He returns back and sees burnt daal.

Nayeem Bi walks into Hanuman’s house to sleep with pillow, beetle box, manual fan, etc.. Babita says they have pillows, etc. Nayeem Bi says she is habituated to these items and feels sad remembering her children. Minnie jokes with her that there is a chudail in this house. Nayeem Bi gets afraid and insists Babita they will sleep in her house. Babita scolds Minnie and says there is no chudail there. They fall asleep. Minnie frightens Nayeem bi at night and laughs. Hanuman video calls Minnie and informs that he burnt daal trying to catch chudail. Minnie laughs asking if there is chudail even there. Hanuman shows punishing officer for playing prank and asks her to tell her mom to give him tip to rescue daal. Minnie gives phone to Babita. Babita shies and gives tip. Hanuman does wrong. Babita says it is waste explaining. Minnie tells him that she will record Babes’ video on his given camera and upload it on facebook, he can follow tips there. Hanuman gets happy hearing she is using his gifted camera and looks at Babita romantically. Babita feels shy. Minnie records Babita’s video while Hanuman looks at video carefully with romantic feeling.

Precap: Babita warns Khatri and Ashok that if she sits on driving seat, she does not stop as she does not know to apply brakes. Preet notices Minnie and Mickey’s growing fondness for each other.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. SsiyAa

    wow…. i’m so happy you did it.. quick update.. thaku @MA ????

  2. SsiyAa

    today’s episode was good… babita spoke exactly what she should have to sukhi… and we were expecting her to offer some small job to shukhi she even did that.. plus she made him realised that it’s his time to be a responsible son when ashok can’t be…. that dabang song on hanumant and team was suiting them… and hanuman singh acting bring smile, his tedhi medhi body language..???… and the way he fight with laala ??… episode was mood uplifting… chudail prank and babita hanuman vide calling and hanumaan singh romantic look… good going serial… ❤❤❤❤…. leg pulling by minnie of nayeem bi ???…

  3. MeTooPatialaBabes

    The episode came out completely different from our expectations. But it was amazing. Hats off the writers. This show should come in top 10 list.
    The HS-Babita scenes were awesome. Their shyness, narazgi, fight, helping nature were clearly expressed by the actors.
    In last, some notifications were there regarding the video (Someone has liked the video, someone has commented on the video). Can anyone tell me what does it suggest? What would be the reason behind this?

    1. Minnie said that she would put the video on facebook. So i think the video went viral and Patiala Babes will get good publicity through it

  4. So Sukhi is going to work for Babita after all! That’s great. I am sure it would lead to more fights between Ashok and Lovely, because now they are associated with opposing businesses.
    Frankly, i missed Mita today, i want to see her storyline too

  5. Love to watch paridhi.

  6. Good show only don’t bring babita getting romantic with Hanuman

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