Patiala Babes 31st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Ashok Plans To Character Assassinate Babita

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Patiala Babes 31st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman after hearing Tirath says Madan will go to any extent to get case in his client Ashok’s favor. Ashok speaks to Madan over phone and says he should have offered 25000 rs instead of 20000 rs to buy Tirath. Madan says not to worry if Tirath did not agree, he has many other ways. He meets Khatri in lieu of buying a property and asks about Babita and Mini. Khatri asks what is the issue. Madan says he is Babita’s husband’s lawyer. Khatri says now he understood why he came here, he wants him to badmouth about Babita in court, but he will not do that. Madan says he heard even he was troubled by mother and daughter. Khatri says it is their neighborhood problem, he cannot help him. Madan says okay then and leaves. Khatri smirks.

Babita presses Mini’s head when she gets headache and gets worried. Mini says it is usual headache and she will be fine once she sleeps. Babita agrees and walks to kitchen. She reminisces Khatri, Biji, Hanuman, and others words and gets tensed. She overhears Hanuman and Lala speaking and walking down asks what was Lala telling. Lala says people are badmouthing about her and Ashok can go to any extent to win case. She asks what he means. He says Khatri is badmouthing about her. Hanuman asks not to pay heed to such gossips, Ashok will not insult her to win case.

Khatri gather neighbors and informs that Babita’s has filed alimony and maintenance case against her husband, so her husband’s lawyer had come to seek help for giving evidence against her. Neighbors yell that Babita is so greedy. Kartar asks what did he say. He says he is Matarani’s disciple and society union’s president, so denied to help lawyer. Ashok calls him and asks howmuch he wants. Khatri asks who is he, if he is drunk. Ashok says, 20, 30, 40, 50000 rs. Khatri asks to call him back when he is sober and disconnects call. Neighbor asks who was it. Khatri says wrong call, people don’t know his value.

Mita asks Ashok whom he was speaking to. Ashok says Hanuman’s neighbor Khatri whose evidence is needed to win case against Babita, they will prove that Babita is having an affair with Hanuman since long ago even before Ashok came back to India. Mita says she will not let him do Babita’s character assassination. He asks if she hates Babita or not. Mita says she does, but cannot let a woman insulted. Ashok says this is the only way to win case. Mita continues opposing.

Babita continues reminiscing Khatri, Laala, Hanuman, etc.’s words and does not sleep whole night.

Precap: In court, Jugdge says it is alimony and maintenance case. Madan says it is not as he wants to reveal something about Babita’s character.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ashok already is rubbing his girlfriend in babita’s face. That’s punishment enough for Babita. Yet he is trying to spoil the mother of his child character. He just wants to bring down Babita to justify his ugly behavior as a husband and father. Honestly speaking Divorce is painful and ugly.

  2. Why it us a women has to suffer when Ashok is the wrong one. Every woman had right to alimony and Maintenance

  3. Ashok needs to get same treatment of questions about his character and illegitimate reaction with mita then he will realize what women’s go through the questioning of their character

  4. This serial raises some good points while showing the reality… am glad that Mita made the point ‘I might hate Babita but I am also a woman and I can’t tolerate people character assassinating Babita.’ I wonder why Mita is still sticking with Ashok, i can’t see any ‘love’ whatsoever in their relationship. Ashok is abusive towards Mita as well and shuts her up and screams at her whenever he pleases. Why exactly Mita wants to be with this guy who has no morals and blames everyone else for his mistakes?
    When divorce talk started, Bauji and Biji were adamant that they wont let it happen. The least they can do now is come to court and give testimony in favor of Babita. I have feeling Khatri will take the money and say whatever Ashok’s asks him to in court. Babita’s situation is so bad. Just two months ago she was thinking Ashok loves her and will stay with her forever. And now this

  5. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Why always Babita suffered due to Ashoke! Ashoke is bad husband, bad father, bad son most importantly bad person! Poor Babita! Now Babita is facing humiliation for her legal right!

  6. Bipassha said it right! Ashok is a bad person. No good father, No good husband, ,No good Son, ,No good man for his girlfriend and the neighbors hate him too. He is a good for nothing character.

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