Patiala Babes 2nd October 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Brings Biji and Dadaji Home

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Patiala Babes 2nd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita checks Minnie’s cupboard. HS says teenagers don’t like anyone touching their belongings, even their parents. Babita says she is searching her own item which Minnie grabbed. HS says mother’s items belong to daughter. Babita finds her earrings gifted by Biji and Papaji and says these belong to only her. She wears earrings and tells HS that Biji and Dadu bought them with their savings and they are very special to her. She then says let us go and meet Biji and Dadu.
HS follows her.

Minnie explains her ordeal to Mickey that NB’s son wants to sell house, Biji and Dadu need to vacate NB’s house, Babes doesn’t want to keep them in her house, so she is worried about Biji and Dadu. Mickey says he cannot keep them in his hostel, so he will ask his

father to let them stay in his vast haveli. Minnie asks how is it possible and asks to find any other solution. Mickey says he really doesn’t have any solution and assures her that Biji and Dadu will find a solution themselves.

Biji and Dadaji pack their clothes in a suitcase discussing that good they vacated cupboard for Irfan. Dadaji scolds Biji for gathering so many clothes and angrily tries to throw away Lovely’s clothes seeing them. Biji stops him and says these are her Lovely’s memories. Dadaji continues scolding her to stop her attachment towards materialistic world, now they are no where to go. Biji says she is worried for Minnie as HS doubted her the other day without thinking once. Babita with HS walks in and inform NB that they came to meet Biji and Papaji. NB excitedly informs them to come and see who has come to meet them. Biji with Papaji walks to them and asks what are they doing here. HS says they came to take them home and Patiala police is always ready to help citizens, they can stay with them for a week to let NB spend quality time with her son’s family. NB says she doesn’t mind their presence at all Minnie apologizes Biji and Papaji for being rude to them and cries that she could not become their daughter and maybe she has some defect in her. Biji says they have a defect that they could not accept her as their daughter. Babita emotionally hugs her and takes them home.

Minnie gets happy seeing Minnie pampering Biji and Papaji and feeding them snacks while playing carrom with them and HS and writes in her diary that miracles do happen. She gets Preet’s call that she and Mickey met with a bike accident. Preet wiht Mickey reaches Minnie’s house injured and informs that a speeding truck rammed their bike, she incurred minor injuries while Mickey incurred multiple fractures in his hand; she doesn’t know what to inform her mother as she will kill her if she finds out that she and Mickey were together. Minnie suggests her to inform Rano aunty that she was traveling in her scooty. Babita says its not right to lie. Minnie says there is no other go. HS asks if they noted trucks’ number and tells he will drop Preet home. Mickey asks to get him an auto, he will go to his hostel room and rest. Preet asks if he has gone mad, how will he handle is severe pain and requests Minnie to let him stay at her house for a week. Minnie looks at Babita and HS. Preet cries that her parents are not progressive like HS and Babita, else she would have taken Mickey to her house. She pleads them next. HS permits. Babita takes him to room and asks why did he agree. HS says Preet is Minnie’s best friend and Minnie would expect her parents to help her friend.

Precap: Minnie applies bandage to Mickey’s fracture while he holds her hand in pain. Babita watches that.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I appreciate the writers for bringing an end to this unpleasant track without dragging too much…that too positively…revenge is always the source of negative and unhealthy thinking where as forgiveness instills positivity ….so better to forgive wherever possible and let the mind be cleared of all the anger and bitterness….of course ,it is not possible to forgive in every case where the hurt is deep rooted like what Ashok did to Babita ,but Biji and papaji’s positive virtues outnumber their drawbacks ….and Babita did absolutely right by recollecting those beautiful memories and the result is there to see…the bitterness gone ,she is the same old Babita…sweet ,kind and happy…And definitely certain problems find their own solutions as the almighty knows how to give simple solutions even to the most complex problems…

  2. But Mickey staying with Minnie doesn’t sound well to me….nothing wrong in staying as a friend…but are they really just friends? Though very helpful and all that ,I don’t trust Mickey with his previous Casanova life style…And nowadays days Minnie is not as level headed as she used to be when it comes to Micky…. Today’s episode showcases Preet’s concern and possessiveness for Mickey ..hope Minnie will not make a fool of herself because when it comes to love ,even the most intelligent will lose their senses…

  3. So minnie is nurse too, applying bandages to fractures?

  4. So Mini got what she wanted by bringing the Khuranas home and made Babita guilty with you are selfish mood and HS went along with it on the temporary bases if a 1 week. And she Mini did not apologise to Babita or HS for being rude to them or the Khuranas as well no apologies. But Beeji dare to question HS as a Father but ignored Ashok and there lovely children is beyond redemption.
    So Mickey and Preeti put her right to stop creating problems all the time and she can’t do it as well.
    So why is she not studing having missed so much already.
    So the Mickey and Preeti hit by a truck and no Police report and now taking shelter in HS house as well.
    So Preeti is pleading to let Mickey stay here as he is badly hurt, Babita says no but Mini uses her eyes to plead with HS and he agrees, and Babita is not happy, here I understand her fear about Mickey.
    I don’t get why the Khuranas and Mini were overdoing the Mickey treatment. He went to the hospital right and why on earth was he holding hands tightly with Mini and Babita flipped seeing this and has every right to do so. It did not look right at all.
    A couple of points from today
    1. HS not happy with Babita apology.
    2. No apologies or thanks from Mini the great today for Babes or HS
    3. Is Mini is not happy with Babes Marriage with HD.
    4. Khuranas are in Babita face already.
    5. Mickey being there is not a good sign at all
    6. Both Babita and Mini are users of HS.
    7. This letting Mickey stay is going to hurt HS and Babita Marriage if Mini and Mickey do something stupid.
    8. Why did Mickey not go home, is it because his parents will not accept a girlfriend as they live in a Village
    All in all not a good eposide at all.

    1. Totally agree. The PH has gone mad, yeh show kya Se kya ho Gaya ek saal mein ?

  5. I am still not sure if biji papaji have come permanently to stay with babita or is it a temporary thing. Even if its a temporary thing its not really a solution because the danger of nayeen bi’s house getting sold is still there. It was minnie’s main worry too that where will they go if nayeen bi sells and leaves. But minnie looked glad while writing in her diary, so i am not sure for how long biji papaji have come to stay
    I thought there will ba a scene where minnie returns home and finds her grandparents there and she is really happy and grateful. After her bitter argument with babes in the morning,there should have been a few hugs and apology scenes. Dont know why the writers skipped that
    Its natural how babita was not comfortable hiding things from rano. As kids, we think of a lot of white lies for our parents so as to avoid trouble at home. But obviously babita, being a mother and elder, is not comfortable listening to the teengaers formulating lies to be told to Preet’s parents. In the future if for some reason mickey leaves preet, rano will have the full right to accuse babita that you encouraged them and look what happened, you had no right to hide things about my own daughter from me
    As for the mickey minnie situation… i would understand if they were really only close friends. In the newer generation it is very common to casually touch each other or hug each other which would have been a complete no no in our parents’ generation. So babita’s fear could have been deemed baseless… but here the writers themselves try to show numerous times that mickey minnie are closer than just friends. Minnie already thinks of him as soulmate. Mickey has no qualms claiming that he still loves her. And even today when mickey held minnie’s hand in the cafe the director made it a point to show their hands separately. So obviously even the writers are showing that mickey minnie are on a path that might hurt preet a lot… here i really hope that in this track at least minnie again does not end up admonishing babita. Rather this time it should be babita making minnie understand things. The track should not end with minnie saying ‘babes we are friend, broaden your thinking’ and babita mutely accepting that. Its time minnie starts learning lessons from her mother too instead of always being the one distributing wisdom

    1. Totally agree. The ex in-laws are acting they have moved in permanently… why ???

  6. One thing i did not like today was biji saying ‘i did not like how easily hanuman lost trust on minnie on wedding day. If it were ashok, he would have tolerated all the hurt feelings but still taken care of his daughter’. Like really? Has biji forgotten the numerous times ashok accused and humiliated minnie? During his arguments with mita he accused minnie of poisoning mita’s mind. Ashok had even slapped minnie once or twice. Hanuman would never raise his hand on minnie ever. Biji is really still blind to the kind of person ashok was? Papaji is right in telling her ‘bachon ka moh ab to tyag do budhiya’

    1. Totally agree . This is totally crap and most ridiculous track. Why on earth are the KHURRANAS hovering around. babita in her new life anyway. Babita’s apology to her ex in-laws was totally demeaning and degrading for her as a woman, because nothing she said or did was wrong anyway. They are making the Dabangg inspector as a silent onlooker anymore. This whole show is spiraling down down down.

    2. one thing I will say all track come to end which I kike they don’t drag them on and on but I still don’t understand why the writers are dragging Khatri’s track and not expose him in from of everyone.

    3. This Biji is a Chameleon she changes her actions and words as it suits her and her situation. She is one sic old woman and her husband is not too far behind in this Dept, can’t stand either one of them , and their characters and the actors playing these roles are both useless.

  7. Yes Dhara,Biji has once again proved she is not as mature and open minded as her husband…we can accept if she just got concerned about HS doubting Minnie but comparing him to Ashok and lavishing all sorts of praise on that wretched guy was not warranted..even a mother ,with all her love ,should n’t be so blind to her children’s misdeeds…and Ashok’s not just a misdeed but a sin…I couldn’t see yesterday’s episode and my first two comments were based on the written episode where this particular statement of Biji comparing HS to Ashok is omitted…I was happy that the elderly got some shelter but I have my own doubts now…with this kind of mindset ,Biju will certainly create problems in Babita’s life…It is for Dadaji to be strict with her and stop her from ruining the family peace…

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