Patiala Babes 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mita Bids Adieu, Babita Forgives Her

Patiala Babes 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mita continues explaining how internet marketing and advertisement works via videos ads and how video creators earn money. Her taxi comes. She takes Dadaji and Biji’s blessings. Dadaji cries that he cannot face he because of Ashok’s mistakes. Biji blesses her. Mita then hugs Lovely and says they are like sisters and sisters fight and reunite. She then meets Babita and thanks her for her support. Babita asks her to take care of herself and child as her flight journey is of 8 hours. Mita says her journey would be easy if Babita forgives her, but it is okay. Babita asks not to go with a guilt and think she has forgiven her. Mita emotionally tries to hug her but stops. She then hugs Minnie and encourages her to purse her hobby as profession. Minnie asks her to keep in touch via e-mails while she leaves in taxi. Babita says she forgave Mita somehow. Minnie asks how can be she so good, if she was a boy, she would have married her. Babita shies.

Bank bouncers warn Ashok to pay loan installments, else they will seal his house. Ashok complains manager. Manager also warns if he does not pay loan on time, his house will be auctioned. Ashok yelling loudly as usual calls Khatri and asks him to arrange some money. Khatri says he cannot hear him and disconnects call. Kammo asks why did he lie. Khatri says Mata Rani suggested to stay away from broke friend, disobedient employee, and disloyal wife. Kammo says can’t he see her freedom, she is doing partnership with Babita and is earning as she likes, he is so jealous of her; if he troubles her, she will leave and take his shop which her father gifted him. He cries that his catering business shop (Balli’s shop)’s lease period is completing and he is in trouble.

Nayeem Bi/NB informs Babita, Minnie, and Hanuman Singh/HS that she found that Balli’s shop lease is ending and Khatri was hiding the fact. HS explains that government gives properties on 99 years lease and never sells properties. Minnie asks that means even she can lease that shop. HS says why not, but what will she do with that shop. Minnie reminds how Khatri fixed Patiala Bibi Catering service board on that shop and threw our board out, they should take revenge. Babita says she does not believe in winning on losing, she fights for life and wants to succeed in everything she does. HS asks Minnie if she can do something. Minnie says why not.

Minnie with Mickey clicks Balli’s shop pics. Khatri notices that and tells Balli that NB must have sent them. He walks to them and asks what are they doing. Mickey mimics Khatri and jokes. Minnie also jokes and walks away from there. Khatri stands fuming. Minnie prints Khatri’s pic with Patiala Babes board on shop behind. She asks Babita to get take it as inspiration and reach her goal to get this shop. HS asks if he can get anything he want, even if he wants to become PM. Minnie says he can if he has a spark in him to achieve his goal.

Precap: Minnie asks HS to express whatever he feels for Babita. HS gets nervous.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. SsiyAa

    i actually cried on mita’s good-bye words to every-one… i miss her… the way her adieu portio is shown was adorable and natural… happy babita half-heartedly but forgave her… i will miss hunar aka mita… ???????????????????????????????… the way she wanted to hug babita she found her friends in babita and minnie… full emotional scene..???…. mita character was the most unique and surprised character in this serial… since starting everyone kept guessing she will do planning and plotting against mother-daughter just like vamp but nope she came out different and with surprise of real person…
    … honestly speaking i rarely watch any serial and i wasn’t even interested to watch patiala babes thought to be dramatic like others.. but randomly i started to read the updates on TU forum.. and for few weeks i kept on predicting as a silent reader that mita may be negative lead.. and after randomly one day i watched any episode where i saw hunar as ashok’s love interest.. after few episodes i almost understood mita’s character and i continued to watch.. basically the reason for me to watch this serial was “MITA”… her unique and different positive, real and honest shade which gave this serial different taste and must watch zonar…. loved her as Mita.. hope she do more good project in future… ????????.. miss u.. ???

    1. I agree Mita’s character was unique in many many ways. In the beginning she was shown a little insecure of Babita and i thought they would show Mita getting worse and worse in her jealousy as days go by. And Ashok will regret that why he left Babita for a person like Mita. But the opposite happened. And its not like Mita never lost her temper, or never showed shortcomings. when Ashok was in jail under false drug case, Mita lashed at Babita for not stopping HS from making the arrest. But despite these small things, she was also so nice and genuinely with a good heart. She never wanted bad for anyone and even stood for right things going against Ashok. She was a very interesting character, strong and outspoken in some cases but also weak and vulnerable in others, and i feel so bad that the writers wrote her out. Actually, all the characters are so good that i dont want anyone written out. Wonder what the writers have thought for the future that they exited such an important character from the show

  2. the part where Mickey imitates Khatri’s weird laugh was funny…
    now that Mita has left, their will be this vacuum in the show. I will miss her very much. I wonder what will be the future tracks now. I just hope Mita returns one day. the end to her character arc seemed pretty final though. Only if he Ashok ever accepts his mistakes and changes, only then Mita might return with a baby. Now Ashok has no one to fall back on, he might grow even more bitter from here on or he might become a better person if he introspects even a little
    Today’s episode was okay, but i was wondering a few things. A few tracks that i feel has been left unfinished. Minnie and Babita were going to a psychiatrist and it was a good thing to show. But it was only mentioned twice and now Minnie seemed to be all right again. (of course, her making up with Preet plays a big part in that but i still wish they would at least mention in their talks that they continued with the psychiatrist for a few weeks at least. It would have been a message to the viewers that depression doesn’t get cured in a day but one should not lose hope.) Secondly, Minnie and Babita both filed molestation cases, Babita against her ex-employer and Minnie against that college kid. But the cases have never been even mentioned after that. Did the guys get bail? Has the case reached court? I thought it will be a part instead of just being mentioned and then forgotten. Thirdly, and i feel bad about this, that Babita took self-defense classes only for five minutes in the show and that was it. I seriously expected to see her training her for a few days and because of that her body language slowly changes, she grows more confident and fearless and we could see her growth.
    I am saying all this because the show is excellent otherwise and raises very good points with positive messages. and i know they have many characters and many sub plots going on at the same time. But i feel instead of hurrying through or mentioning things only once, it will be better if they deal with one problem completely before bringing up the next issue. Or maybe two issues at max at the same time. I am not saying i dont enjoy the show, i love it in fact. for me, this show is already the best in ITV right now. But i will love it even more if these little things are taken care of

    1. Sorry the. If wl be no different to others serials where they belive in dragging one issue on a x o. Foe weeks months or years. No keep it short and sweet. Sorry dhara. On this one I won’t agree with u.

    2. Hi Shin Uk, no need to say sorry, different people different opinions. Even i dont want arcs to drag on and on unnecessarily. I like how the serial keeps it short, simple and undramatic. Its just in one or two cases i feel the topic was more serious and they could have dedicated a little more time to it. Otherwise the pace is perfect

    3. SsiyAa

      Yes.. Even I was expecting those tracks to be given more time… But it’s in vain now… Atleast they should now show how babita with her team expand her venture… Bcoz it’s foolishness to show she is doing everything all alone on that small stove… Bcoz for making lunch dinner for so many people one will require manpower and other required sources in large no. Her struggle of establishing herself can’t be so smooth, frictionless…

  3. Emotional episode, we’ll miss Mita. I liked how Kammo threatened Khatri (bahut dam hai us lady mein)
    Aur woh Ashok, rassi jal gai par bal nai gaya. Bahut roega beta, bahut roega. Minnie being support for HS and Babes relationship seems too mature for Minnie, I don’t think ki Minnie inti mature hai ki aisa delicate matter samajh sake.

    1. SsiyAa

      Wow… That sentence of yours “Bahut royega beta bahut royega.. “.. ????… And i know in starting minni won’t understand but later she will be the strength of HS and babita Relationship… But honestly speaking i was less interested in love track and more on other serious track like dhara mentioned above.. Many topics were left incomplete… They could have shown them for more episodes or in correspondent to other sub topics… But it’s too late to expect about them… Now waiting what more they have in their PITARA.. ??…

  4. PossibleLeaps

    How will show continue without Mita? I think relationships should form and friendships should strengthen.

    Then we should have a 15 year leap where Minnie’s sibling (not Ashok’s child) comes from London.

    The show should illustrate the interactions between this 15-year old and the other people in Patiala.

    Perhaps show how old unfamiliar wounds will surface, only to be smoothed down.

    This requires lot of realistic imagination from the writers, but I’m sure they will do a great job.

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