Patiala Babes 28th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Minnie Loses Case

Patiala Babes 28th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie encourages Arya to be brave and answer questions appropriately. They enter room where school trustee Mr. Kapoor suggest internal committee member Kavita that Arya must be imagining things and nothing sort of unusual event must have happened. Kavita says truth must come out. Mr. Kapoor signals his puppet committee male members. Kavita asks Arya her name, what does she call her sister, what did she see. Male members cross-question Arya and try to frighten her with wrong questions. Minnie warns them that Arya is getting afraid and they should not ask irrelevant questions. Committee members say they cannot continue if she shouts like this. Mr. Kapoor asks her to go out if she wants justice. Minnie resists, but helplessly walks out. Reporters throng her.

At home, Preet with Bobbby and others decorates house for Minni and Arya’s welcome, Neil prepares cake for them, Dadaji/Biji and NB wait for them. Neil calls Minnie and asks when are they coming as Preet has arranged party for her and Biji, Dadaji, NB, Bobby are waiting for her. She says Arya is alone between internal committee members and is afraid, she is worried for Arya. Neil says Arya is a brave girl and she know what to answer, so she need not worry. Committee members continue to frighten Arya with wrong questions and rude behavior. Afraid Arya describes how Kewal dragged Gretchen into bathroom and how she was shouting for help, and runs away calling Veer Balika, hugs Minnie saying Gretchen will never return.

Trustee and committee members give statement that Arya and Minnie are orphans and are very stressful after their parent’s recent death, so Arya is imagining things and needs psychiatric treatment; Kewal is innocent. Minnie returns home shattered. Family tries to console her. She destroys cake and cries loudly.

Precap: Minnie informs family that she will not fight now. Biji and NB describe their rchildhood molestation story. Minnie says women have to suffer a lot. Bobby says even men suffer.

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  1. salim Bharmal

    Patiala Babes story writers must be really sick people with no repect for women

  2. There’s no real point in this story anymore . It started off a mother n daughter team which was awsome . Hanuman n Babita love story was so beautiful but it ended before it even started . Killing the main actors n the most loved people in patiala babes. They should rather remove the grandparents . Now minni is playing babes n Neil is playing Hanuman . There is no romantic scene between the two . No special moments between the two . The show is everything for Arya. Arya is a spoilt girl that tries to be like minni and get her way in everything . Bossy arrogant character for a child .

    We’re is mikki? Did he die too ???

    This story is getting very boring .

    Thanks for the written updates .

    Who is enjoying meri dad ki dulhan?

    1. Verma4

      I am and it’s a great show.

    2. I dont agree with you regarding arya. Arya is a 4yr old kid who lost her parents. Being an orphan is the worst thing that can happen to a child. It does not matter if she has awesome grandparents or sister or anyone else. Nobody can take mother and father’s place. She is sad, she misses her mother miserably, and as a kid she has no idea how to deal with her pain. A lot of this comes out as anger and tantrums, specially at minnie. But overall she is not a spoilt kid and actually acts way mature than her age at certain cases.
      But other than that i agree with everything else you said. I guess the writers wanted to put minnie as the sole lead and since the fan following for hanuman and babita was way way more, they decided to kill them off. Worse, they assumed babita as a competitor of minnie and decided to destroy her character and her story before killing her. They completely reversed all her progress since her divorce so much so that audience knew babita scenes will now include only brainless fights and accusations. Babita and hanuman could have had a wonderful life but the writers robbed us all of it. And now i dont even like this show. Half the original cast – ashok, mita, lovely, sukhi, babita, hanuman, mickey – they are all gone. Only neil and arya are the new additions and the story is not at all unique or interesting anymore. The title patiala babes does not even make any sense now.
      Further, minnie spent 5years abroad but i feel her character has not changed at all from before. You expect a person to mature and grow and become a little different after spending such a long time alone and independently. She should have some networling skills, should have become calmer, should know how to deal with situations a little maturely, but no. The few scenes i have seen, she speaks more english words and that too maybe because she does not speak with babita anymore. And what i feel worst is the writers dont focus on minnie’s love for babita at all. As if arya is the only one who lost her mother. Minnie was angry at babita but her mother used to be her world at one point of time. I cant believe babita’s death is not a major factor in minnie’s life anymore. So many things were left unresolved between them…
      Anyways, the story has no plot. It is freestyling to any issue the writers feel they should pick up. Cant believe this show will continue while beyhad2 will go off air

  3. nice piece and everyone though it male or female need to think deep in society root

  4. BalajiMurugadoss

    The show is moving in a realistic pace. Not everyone would get influential advocate to fight in the court or win easily. Hope Arya gets justice

  5. Verma4

    this used to be good and now I cannot f**ken stand it anymore,

  6. I like the way the ploy has developed. The social theme of child molestation is being handled nicely. The back the scene attempts at hush-up, the school committee playing sham politics, attempts at frightening children into submission etc are portrayed quite well. Add to it, all characters play their respective parts especially Minie, Neil and Arya very well .

    . It has

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