Patiala Babes 27th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadaji’s Family Becomes Nayeem Bi’s Tenants

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Patiala Babes 27th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita feels worried for Biji and Papaji hearing they left Ashok’s house. Nayeem Bi/NB from her terrace calls Babita and says guests have come. Minnie jokes if she is expecting a baby at this age. NB scolds her. Babita asks if her daughter and son-in-law have come. NB says not real daughter, but a daughter like and shows Lovely, then Sukhi, Dadaji, and Biji. Minnie and Babita get very happy seeing them. NB says they are her new tenants, though her house is small, her heart is big. Biji says her house is as bigger as her heart. Dadaji says there is beautiful house than this in whole Patiala where he can see his daughter-in-law/bahu and granddaughter/poti.

HS throws party for Dadaji, Biji, and Sukhi. Dadaji plays carrom with Sukhi and jokes. Minnie asks Sukhi where is Lovely bua. Sukhi says she has gone to beauty parlor. HS prepares juice. Laali asks why did he throw party for them. HS says he sees a father in old man dadaji, mother in Biji, brother in Sukhi and is feeling happy seeing them happy. Laala asks if he sees Imarati bhabhi in Babita ji. HS feels shy. On terrace, all ladies gather. NB says she knows palmistry and checking Biji’s hand says she had one more boy before Dadaji came into her life. Minnie taunts Biji. Babita asks NB to stop, else Minnie will taunt Biji more. NB says she always tells truth as her palmist teacher taught her. Biji shyingly reveals that a handsome boy used to taunt her when she used to stand on terrace and she liked him. Minnie taunts her again. HS brings juice for them. Minnie says statue and asks what is he doing in ladies’ space. He says he brought them juice. She takes juice and forcefully sends him down. HS watches from steps hiding. Minnie insists to check Babes’ palm. NB checks and says her lines are very light and may be it is looking for true love Babita feels shy. HS rejoices hearing that. NB then checks Mita’s palm and says she has suffered a lot since childhood. Biji says her baby will bring happiness in her life like Minnie brought happiness in Babita’s life, maybe she is shattered now, but soon she will be strong like Babita is with Minnie’s support. NB then checks Minnnie’s palm.

Ashok at his home gets heavily inebriated with Khatri. Khatri orders liquor and makes Ashok pay. He then acts as pity on Ashok as his family left him and says what will he do with this big house, he can sell it via Khatri and they will put whole money in their business. Ashok says he kept this house as collateral and took business loan, he is unable to pay loan now and bank authorities are pestering him a lot to pay loan. Khatri’s smile stops and he silently walks away. Ashok shouts Khatri is too selfish like his family.

Mita packs her bag. Babita sees Minnie’s baby clothes in it. Mita says Biji gave it and she believes it is good if baby wears elder sibling’s clothes, but if Babita does not like it, she will return all clothes. Babita says let it be as Minnie will be Mita’s baby’s elder sister biologically. On sofa, Mickey informs Minnie that Patiala Babes’ video garnered 2 million views. Babita asks how will they benefit with it. Minnie says she will become famous. Mita says they can monetize their videos and explains about how advertisement videos work and how ad companies sponsor and pay video creators. Minnie and Babita rejoice hearing that.

Precap: Babita asks Mita to take care of herself and baby during her journey. Mita says her journey would have been easy if Babita would have forgiven her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. ActionLeadsToConsequences

    Such a beautiful serial.
    It shows that Actions have Consequences, i.e. Karma. At the same time, it shows how people who were on the receiving end of Bad Actions can Move On without having to Forgive the person(s).
    I like how Nayeem Bi opened her house and hearts to Babita’s ex-family. She saw how they had the natural need to support their son at the expense of Babita, who served them for nearly 17 years. Then she saw how Babita’s ex-family finally “disowned” their son who kept crossing the line over and over.
    And I like the realistic portrayal of Babita who is kind to Mita, but doesn’t forgive her. After all, Mita was a catalyst (could have been any other young, vulnerable woman) for the destruction of her marriage and home.
    And that Khatri character ….. wow. I guess God puts people in our paths to clean our Karma. This serial shows God putting Khatri in Ashok’s path so he gets cheated badly, and then realizes all the good he has thrown away.
    Of course, it will be too late to get Babita and Minnie back in his life (regardless of whether Babita re-marries or not), but at least he will learn to be civil and keep his distance from his estranged ex-wife and daughter.

    1. SsiyAa

      your each and every line is just perfect… perfect words perfect lines… accurate description…

      but that last paragraph, i strictly and offendly don’t want babita and minnie to be back to ashok…never…and we all know that won’t happen ever…. and i don’t want to see ashok to be changed but punished… strictly punish.. he deserve that…

      1. ActionLeadsToConsequences

        @SsiyAa I totally agree with you.
        No way should Ashok ever unite with Babita and Minnie. Ever.
        That was too too too much damage he inflicted and he had so many chances to backtrack and repent. The consequences of his Actions, i.e. Karma will punish him strictly.
        This is similar to a personal situation. Only difference is this real-life “Ashok” is far far worse and is (obviously) pretending to repent for Citizenship/Financial reasons. And, yet one of “Babita’s” relatives actually believe “Ashok’s” crocodile tears and once asked “Babita” if she want to go to a counselor with “Ashok” to possibly reunite.

      2. ActionLeadsToConsequences

        @SsiyAa And thank you for your compliment, by the way!

    2. Love this ❤ so true!!

  2. SsiyAa

    well in real life luck can never be so strong to be padosis without trying…. she should have shown little struggle of sukhi with family… but the reunion was sweet… simply sweet… babita has start to think about hanuman and that is the next content by makers i feel so… it was in my mind since long why minnie isn’t proposing idea of making money from digital platform, happy that mita did that portion… even if mita doesn’t have lines she still marks her presence… i will miss her…. i wish babita at least forgive mita half-heartedly.. but do that….
    but the funny and predicted part was where khatri leave ashok and leave the house after knowing there’s nothing kind of profit can be made by ashok.. hahaha… that part was epic… however, “leechad” kind of person khatri is but the actor playing this is good…
    have anyone seen the movie, “SANSAAR” of rekha, anupam and raj babbar… storyline if different but the feeling is similar…. and i still recall that song, “dekhiye…ye sansaar hai… yahi sansaar hai”… just like anupam even ashok is left alone but it was anupam’s ego but here ashok is devil… i don’t know if he will ever realise or repent for his sins…!!…

  3. I was wondering why Khatri was being so nice to Ashok and today i got the answer. He was hoping to get some profit from Ashok’s house and the moment he figured out there was nothing for him to gain, he left. Now Ashok is truly alone, passing his nights in drunken stupor. He doesn’t even know that Mita is leaving. Wonder what he will from here on. Today they also cleared that even the house is no longer under Ashok’s authority. He better get his act straight or he will be begging in the streets soon
    The reunion of Babita and the rest of the family was sweet. After so many days everyone seemed really happy. Even Hanuman felt like his lonely house has got a new family. They decorated the house with lights and were cooking food and playing games, it felt like a surprise festival.
    Also, Minnie joked about what love might enter Babita’s life in future. I know she was teasing everyone, but i hope when she actually finds out about HS feelings, she takes it maturely. It is evident that even Babita has started to care for HS and even getting a little possessive of him. HS is also like a father to Minnie already. They will make one perfect family
    Today Mita will leave. I feel Babita will forgive her before leaving because in these one-two days she has grown very sympathetic towards her. She even let Mita keep Minnie’s old clothes whereas i had thought she will get upset. I know i said it would be too soon for Babita to completely forgive Mita, but the way they have shown the last 2-3 episodes, it will feel natural either way. Babita may or may not forgive Mita and i hope in the last moment she is able to give Mita a little satisfaction and joy before leaving. Mita deserves as much

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