Patiala Babes 26th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita And Hanuman’s Cute Romance

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Patiala Babes 26th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie walks to NB’s house and hugs her happily. NB asks what happened early morning. Minnie excitedly informs that Babes and HS have reconciled and slept in same room, now she is tension-free regarding Babes. NB says that is a good news and suggests her not to take Laala’s advice from hereon and to stay in HS’ house. Biji brings chips and papads and says she will prepare even pinni. Minnie asks who is coming. NB says her son Irfan is coming with wife Rukhsana and son Imran. Minnie says she must be very happy. NB says very much and she wants to load her kitchen with snacks so that Imran doesn’t feel any scarcity of snacks. She goes to check Babita. Biji says she will prepare pinni breakfast from hereon to lessen NB’s burden. Minnie makes Biji sit and asks

not to take so much load on her. Dadaji returns huffing and informs Biji that he ordered grocery and will bring vegetables. Minnie asks him to relax.

In police station, Laala informs HS that he wants to cancel his engagement with his fiance. HS asks reason. Laala says seeing his and Babita’s fight, he doesn’t want to get into relationship. HS informs that they have patched up last night. Laala congratulates him and happily hugs.

NB performs Babita’s nazar and gives her moral gyaan about husband and wife’s relationship. Babita senses her happiness and asks reason. NB says her son Irfan is coming with his family. Babita says she must be so excited to meet them then. NB says staying away from children is very painful. Babita says even she cannot stay away from Minnie even for a day. Their discussion continues when Irfan calls her and informs that he has reached railway station and will be reaching home soon.

Biji prepares pinni/laddoo while Dadaji helps her. Minnie asks Dadaji to become Biji’s assistant. Dadaji says he used to help Biji before Babita came home and used to finish half of kitchen work. Minnie amazed asks Biji is it true. Biji says nothing sort of that. NB returns home with Irfan and family and introduces them to Biji, Dadaji, and Minnie and says Irfan is a professor in Aligarh muslim university and Rukhsana is a teacher. She tells Irfan that Khurana saheb is her rakhi brother, so he is Irfan’s maamu/uncle. Biji asks how was their traveling experience. Rukshana says good. Irfan says it was hectic and he wanted to rest after coming home, but he can’t now, pointing at Dadaji and Biji. NB says he can rest in room and takes him and Rukhsana along. Imran gets excited seeing laddoos. Biji shows laddoos and asks if he wants laddoos, he should tell who she is. Imran says daadi. Minnie asks which daadi. Irfan says jhanjat/troublesome daadi as papa told they are jhanjat and are forcefully living in their house as tenants. Biji and Dadaji feel bad. NB walks to them and asks Biji what was she talking to Imran. Biji says just kiddy talks.

Babita is busy decorating vase with flowers when HS with Laala returns home calling veer balika/Minnie. Babita says when was Minnie at home at this time. HS says Laala brought him home saying he wants to have Babita’s prepared food. Babita says her prepared food is served at his police station. HS nervously says yes and asks HS what should he say now. HS says taste differs at home. Babita says she was not feeling hungry, so she didn’t prepare food, but will in 10 minutes if he wants. Laala says dahi kadi. HS says not to trouble Babita as she must be tired with household work and they had lunch already. Laala says yes and reveals that HS wanted to see her face and came here in lieu of having tea. HS shies and walks away. Babita shyingly clicks selfie and sends it to HS. HS checks and asks why is this for. Babita says he doesn’t have to return midway from duty to see her face again. HS walks away smiling while Babita shyingly smiles.

Minnie meets Preet and informs her situation. Preet says she is stuck between everyone and soon everything will be fine. Minnie says she has to do something.

Precap: HS and Babita welcome Minnie with aarti and showering flowers on her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I feel the show is finally getting back on track and balanced… thinking about the marriage episodes, i now feel the writers did not give Babita and Hanuman many scenes because they wanted to continue some tension after the wedding. If hanuman and Babita had talked before the wedding (and there was enough time and opportunity for that) then all these misunderstanding after the marriage would have been avoided to a large extent… but its okay because i feel the makers are finally showing realistic and positive things again. The way Hanuman listened to Babita and talked to her like a friend was commendable. Its is through this understanding only that babita will start trusting her relation with Hanuman… If Hanuman had instead got angry again or got jealous listening about Ashok and Babita’s relation… then would have again hid herself behind a wall… but that did not happen…. Hanuman is not perfect and i feel his relation with Minnie still needs to mend and re-bond again… But atleast his and Babita’s relation is finally moving forward. Loved their little lovely moments today and yesterday
    Babita also has a lot of insecurities… the things with Hanuman and Minnie will resolve with time. But i hope she forgives and apologizes to Biji Bauji. Whatever be the past, but right now i feel very bad for the two old people. Both children out of the country and they having to live in a rented home with no financial independence of their own… and more than anything, the loneliness that envelops them day and night… Just a year ago they had everything and comfortable old age… but now their situation is so sad
    I have only one question about Minnie’s half yearly exam happening now. I remember when she went to get late admission, the principal said he cannot do that because soon half yearly exams will start, Minnie has already lost a lot of classes and he cannot give her a chance mid-session… that was long before Babita had even started her business… Ashok’s arrest happened after Minnie’s admission too… but they are showing half yearly only now. It would have been more suitable to show annual exams. Minnie had filled forms when the show started… if the college is having half yearly now, it means at max 7-8 months have passed since start of show… So many things happened with Babita in only 7-8 months? the writers should have shown Minnie’s birthday and then annual exams… but then i guess immediately after they would have to show Minnie filling forms outside Patiala for photography course (today Babita mentioned Minnie talks about going outside for studies), but i suppose the writers wanted Babita-Hanuman-Minnie to spend more time together before Minnie leaves
    Loved the precap… i did not like when Babita entered after wedding Minnie was standing far behind. I suppose tomorrow Minnie’s greh pravesh will also occur
    Hi Lakshmi and MeTooPatialaBabes, i did not comment these few days but read all your comments everyday… you all said your thoughts about the episode beautifully. Hopefully, things will take a positive turn from here on…

    1. MeTooPatialaBabes

      I don’t whether my reason was realistic or not. But I hope you all have read about why HS behaved strangely with Mini. I think what they wanted to us is not intimacy even after marriage though both persons love each other. They needed to develop understanding may be before or after but the actual relation is build up after marriage only. So this thing can’t be explained before. Also HS can’t talk or burst out at Babita before marriage otherwise the relation would break. So he might have kept it on hold for some time.

    2. SsiyAa

      Exactly my point… Too late to call it half yearly exam

  2. SsiyAa

    Hello @lakshmi 😘, it’s true I wasn’t liking present tracks, but the reason was something else.. I was out of station for two days and was very busy and didn’t got time to watch or read updates… So was absent here… But glad you mentioned me and asked about missing comments even I hope @dhara makes entry soon… And true show is still different and unique from other current serals… Well I missed 2-3 episodes but somehow managed to watch today’s episode and thanks @MA for quick update

  3. Hey I am from Nepal. I am regular viewer of patiala babes. I love this show. It’s my first comment

  4. SsiyAa

    The best thing is they finally showed minni with books showing her studying and out of babita -hs pairing.
    Happy this time they didn’t showed her solving their problems instead discussing them with HS, NB, laala…. Today finally they showed preet and Minnie discussing personal problems as a best friends…. Good..
    Minnie’s concern for biji -bauji is reasonable and natural… The only mistake biji bauji did was never to take stand for babita… They never asked Or foeced ashok to take minnie or babita with him never cross checked his 17 years foreign life.. Never corrected lovely for her obnoxious words… They over pampered their children and now paying for their mistakes and they know that… They never made babita suffer or tortured her or were evil to her, they were only silent. Basically babita is equally mistaken here.. If biji bauji never spoke for babita’s right then babita also never asked for her rights. If they forgo5 to take care of her wish then even she forgot to think about herself… Till the time babita learned to speak for herself the same amount of time biji bauji took to speak for babita to ashok…. Both are equally responsible for her such past.
    This is what I feel…. And when no others are present then it’s Minnie’s responsibility to take care of them because babita is no more their daughter in law and suppose they never considered her as their daughter but above all that Minnie is still their grandchild….
    It’s good to see makers finally ended the gap between the two, and today’s episode was again positive and mood refreshing and had a smile watching every scene..
    Happy finally they decided to shift the plot little to other characters too… And finally they realised Minnie’s grapravesh was left hope hereon Minnie’s perception will start changing about relationships and marriages but still there’s lot more to be shown like will HS become good father..?.. When Minnie nwill call him father and not uncle…. And when babita will realize to not act typical with her ex laws,…
    There’s a saying to leave happy one should learn to forgive… Holding grudges will only stop you from moving on and behave normal… Let’s see
    And the entry of NB son and his family, I have strong feeling he is here for property… Does someone remember when last time NB expressed her pain regarding her son asking for selling house to which NB refused as it’s only memory of her expired husband and all of sudden he enters with rude and irritated attitude, none of them greeted NB the way they should instead tried to be commanding and frustrated but it’s NB love which is ignoring everything, one should know how to behave with elders.. I have strict hatred towards such disrespectful people 🤢🤬😡

    1. SsiyAa

      The best part was there was no mickey 🐭 today.. 😛😛… And Minnie’s fake smile was also not there 😅
      And showing final exam was better word then saying half yearly, as far as I understand our semesters are divided in 4 basically 2 for 11th and 2 for 12th so logically Minnie still have to study 1+ yr with family before moving out and calculating this should be her 2nd semester not first and if it’s first then isn’t this too late?… 🗓📝
      Good at least babita is aware that anytime Minnie go out for her studies…
      Lala was so right while saying looking at hs-babita marriage one will feel why to get married and feel like the same to stay away from siyyappa if it has to be like this… But glad HS mended his thoughts… Let’s see what NB son holds for us..

  5. Hello Dhara and SsiyAa,glad to see your comments again…Hai ,Riddhima welcome to the forum…will be looking forward to read your views…as for today’s episode ,the subtle romance between the leads was very cute….the way they were feeling shy and stealing glances at each other like any newly marrieds was just lovely…hope HS won’t need to bring along Laala the next time he wants to see his wife…
    Yes,Dhara ,the elders’s situation is really pitiable..hope Babita and HS will forget all the bitterness and give them their right place in their home…Let them be any selfish ,no elder should be left feeling pathetic and at other’s mercy for basic needs of life…but I don’t think that will happen soon…It is obvious NB’s son and bahu don’t like their presence in their house and consider them as intruders…I think in the upcoming episodes we will get to see Irfan’s mean colours and Minnie ,who is already feeling bad for her grandparents ,will confront Babita to reconsider her decision…hope Babita will have a big heart and accept them into her family..
    Yes,Minnie, going to attend her half yearly exams ,is not logical..the writers should appreciate the fact that there are viewers who give attention to minute details as well and take care while penning them…Mickey seems to have taken a short break after all that marathon running around …and it is welcoming as well as I am tired of seeing this boy acting like an on call helper…
    Not understood the pre cap…in what context ,Babita and HS will be arranging that traditional welcome for Minnie…Friends ,any ideas why Minnie is still addressing HS as ‘Hanuman uncle’ and not ‘Papaji ” as she used to call Ashok..Is it that she is not yet comfortable with the new relationship just like HS is? Or has she developed hatred for that word itself…personally I feel it doesn’t matter as long as the affection remains the same..

    1. SsiyAa

      Few things comes from inside.. You are aware of your relations.. You share good bond but still the feeling of father is not important to be permanent.. It evolves sometimes Situationally but to accept that completely takes time… It’s a kind of vibes but to maintain that, involve in that and survive with that is a challenge… HS shows father’s figure but still some more time they need with each other to mend their relation…

  6. SsiyAa,I can see both of us expressed the same doubt about Minnie still preferring to call HS as uncle..After posting my first comment ,I started thinking whether it is really possible or even natural for an eighteen year old to suddenly switch over to the term ‘father’..if she were a young child ,it would have come naturally as she would n’t remember much about her biological father or the trauma undergone by her mother or other circumstances that led to the second marriage of her mother…but having been a witness to all the agony caused by her ‘Papaji’ ,I feel Minnie wouldn’t like to call HS by that name …I think she will be more comfortable and natural with ‘ Hanuman uncle’ rather than Papaji..more than the actual father ,she needs a father figure who will always be there to guide her in all aspects of life..and HS has already proved to be…so it doesn’t matter if she continues to call him ‘uncle’….but let us see what the writers’ views on this subject ..whether they will make Minnie call HS ‘dad’ or won’t raise that question at all…

  7. SsiyAa
    Shoots scenes
    Paridhi herself saying pata nhi patiala babes catering kaun chala rha hai.. Income kaha se aa rha hai 😛…

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