Patiala Babes 26th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Isha Wants Neil Back In Her Life

Patiala Babes 26th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Isha with Kia visits Patiala Babes restaurant and greets Neil. He asks what is she doing here. She says he wanted to meet Kia, so she thought a lot and got pity on him and got his daughter right here. He stands fuming. She says if he doesn’t want to meet Kia, then its fine, acts and tells Kia that papa doesn’t want to meet her, so lets go. He says wait. She asks Kia to sit. He emotionally looks at Kia and asks if she knows who is he. Isha says she will give him one option, let us make an arrangement with which he can stay with Kia forever, he should shift to Delhi and they can stay together again. He says never. She says what is the problem in shifting to his own city. He says when there is no one dear there, why should he come there. She says now she understood why he wants to stay here, for Minnie? He asks what she wants. She gets closer to him and says he knows she wants him. He fumes. She sits and says she herself didn’t come here, she was invited by his Minnie via some NB. Neil asks him to get up and leave. She says she will wait for Minnie and till then he can get coffee for him and play with Kia.

Minnie confronts NB and asks why did she call Isha here, who informed her about Neil’s past. NB says it doesn’t matter, truth is Neil won’t be able to disconnect himself from his past like HS couldn’t disconnect himself from Imarti. Minnie says when Babes came in HS’ life, he made Babes as Imarti. NB gives her HS’ trunk key and asks her to open it. She opens it. NB asks her to pick a box under file. She picks it. NB asks to open it. She opens it and finds Imarti’s bangles, reminisces she fighting with HS for Babes regarding it. NB says HS never gave these bangles to Babita at all, Babita waited thinking HS will give it to her, but he didn’t at all.

Precap: Neil offers ice cream to Kia, but she denies. Isha tells Neil that he cannot understand Kia. Minnie asks Isha if she wants to take back Neil, Isha says yes. Minnie then asks Neil if he wants to go back with Isha.

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  1. Oh my they are still in PB, now it is HS turn, he never got over Imarti and never gave Babita her Bangles. Seriously this serial is a total replay but are fooling the S2 viewers. There is no show here.
    Now great Mini is going to fight with Esha for the Boodha Neil and kia.
    End this rubbish.
    Now its HS turn to be butchered because he loved once .

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