Patiala Babes 25th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie Questions Babita

Patiala Babes 25th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita serves tea to HS. HS says people say housewife’s work is easily, but its one of most difficult one, there is no better feeling than when a man comes home tired and his wife serves hm tea and sit next to him smiling. He asks about Minnie. Babita says she has not yet returned from college. Minnie enters, and HS asks her to have food. Minnie says she already finished food at NB’s house and walks to her room. Babita complains that she is doing this often while earlier she never used to have food without her. HS says she should be lenient to girl and give her some space to breathe. Babita continues complaining and HS defending Minnie. Minnie walks to them with ration card and asks what is this. HS says ration card. Minnie says she knows, why is Babita’s name with a surname Singh. HS says if she is asking about not including her name as she is 18 now and cannot be adopted legally and included name in ration card. Minnie says she is talking to Babita about including surname as they had decided they will not use Khurana or any other surname and will have their own identity. Babita says she is married to HS now and is Mrs. Singh. Minnie says she was Mrs. Khurana and now Mrs. Singh. Babita says its different as HS is not abusive like Ashok and is very loving and caring. Minnie says there is no difference as she is talking about surname and not love. Babita says there is a difference as Khurana family was abusive and misused her goodness, but HS loves and cares for her. Minnie continues trying to explain, but Babita continues arguing. HS asks Minnie if there is no difference between Khurana and Singh. Minnie says no as Khurana was verbally abusive and Singh family’s bahu HS’ mothe was physically abused and killed by his father. HS asks what does she mean. She says he knows how much she loves and respects him and even he supported when she fought for her and Babita’s identity, then why he has a difference of opinion now. Babit angrily tries to slap Minnie, but HS stops her and says girl is grown up and Babita shouldn’t scold her.

After sometime, Babita continues confronting Minnie while Minnie says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Babita sits in front of her and situation has changed and now what she told doesn’t matter to her as it is an impractical idea. Minnie says again that they fought for their identity and she is proud of it. Babita says she is happy to be called as Mrs Singh and doesn’t want to discuss about this topic again. Minnie says as Babes wishes, but she will marry a man who will respect her and she will not change her surname for anyone. HS informs Laala about Minnie’s misbehavior. Laala says he should have made her do situps and controlled her, how can she insult HS’ family, she has definitely gone on Ashok. HS says she has not gone on Babita or Ashok, but on Imarti as she speaks truth and is right, she fought with the world and made her and Babita’s own identity and there is no question of surname.

Precap: Minnie asks Babita if she is having fever, she will get her a tablet. Babita says she is having karvachauth fast and cannot have even water.

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  1. What is wrong with mini… her obsession will leads her mother’s life to much complications. Now she will make a fuss about karwachoth.. What she say is some What true but at present it’s uncalled for!!!!!

  2. I find this show turning problematic day by day… being independent means having the right to make a choice. If a woman chooses to work after marriage she should not be made to feel guilty about it. But if a woman chooses to give up her job after marriage she shouldnt be made to feel ashamed about it either. Minnie might see things differently but it doesnt mean she is right. A name does not create an identity. Even a job does not create an identity. An independent identity doesnt mean u have to be disconnected from everything else… and if babita doesnt want to work i dont think she should be viewed as doing a grave mistake. There is nothing wrong in being ‘just a house wife’ if a woman finds that fulfiling in itself. Yes, it does bring a question of financial independence of the woman alone… but babita can just sell her shop and save the money for financial secirity. She can do a lot of things to make sure she has some money. Yes her bank balance wont keep on increasing every month but not every person desires for more and more money4l…. its just that i dont like how the decision to give up job after marriage is shown as wrong or stupid here.
    But on the other hand, from the story point of view, this decision of babita does make it look like we have wasted our time by watching the show from the start. It was supposed to be babita’s journey but babita doesnt seem to have ‘learnt’ anything. I thiught babita’s view had changed. Didnt she want kammo to work too? Didnt babita say with respect to kammo ‘even married woman should work to realize their own worth’. What happened to those realization of babita? Now babita looks like an opportunistuc hippocrite with a holier than thou attitude. When she was divroced she wanted all women to work because it was worthy. But now that she is married again she couldnt care less about anything. What did she learn from life then? Only if husbands are like khatri or ashok then women should work. And if husband is like hanuman then no need to work? To work or not to work should be based on your own wishes and not on the type of man your husband is. What the hell
    And hanuman too. I understand he wants to support babita in every way, he encourages whatever decision she takes and always supports her… but i thought he would at least once tell her that he has no problem with her working and he will be happy either way. I mean hanuman so easily accepts everything babita does or says that it looks like he has got no independent thinking of his own anymore. What happened to the old hanuman who said ‘i want to make mother daughter so much independent that they would never again need to depend on anyone else’. Now hanuman has no problem with babita being dependent on him?
    I can understand if minnie feels betrayed by both hanuman and babita after the marriage. Its like they have become two completely different individuals now
    Like i said, the show has turned too problematic. I dont why the writers suddenly decided to mature up mickey and butcher babita and hanuman’s character development. Patiala babes was progressing brilliantly with the earlier storyline. But since imarti death case and marraige track, nothing is the same anymore. All relations and bondings have become weak and disjointed. Nothing feels nice abiut the show anymore

    1. Oh God what to say about babita and HS’ character Arc!! I think initially babita’s progress was planned but somewhere along the line they decided to focus on Minnie. Remember in some award show nomination Ashnoor’s name was sent as lead actress and Paridhi as supporting actress?
      From last 2 months, HS and babita’s characters are twisted in such a way that every time Minnie is right. HS babita always turn out to be the bad guy. No doubt they were planning a leap with Minnie in focus. Otherwise most of us were invested into babita’s character.
      Also Minnie’s lectures gets on my nerves even though I agree with her on the most point, I’m still not liking her character because of the unnecessary arrogance Minnie has about her opinions. Unless things go her way, things are going wrong and she’ll throw a tantrum.

    2. Exactly Michelle. Weird scenario isn’t it? I agree with what Minnie is saying and still i dont like her character. Truth is… if the writers wanted to bring in a leap with Minnie as the sole lead, i would have still watched it if the pre-leap track had a satisfactory ending. If Minnie was allowed to still have flaws and be wrong at times, if Babita and Hanuman were allowed to have a complete arc that gave a meaning to their journey till now, i would have still considered watching the show post leap. But the writers made such a mockery of the characters that it has left a bad taste in my mouth. Wont watch the show at all from here on

  3. Babita and HS has been asked to quit the show. After leap HS n Babita won’t be a part of the show. She said in an interview, she had already decided to quit the show even if they have not asked to quit since the storyline was not good from the last two months.

    1. Thank god for this news. If babita and hanuman leave the show then i can peacefully quit the show too. I liked minnie’s character till the marriage track. But the writers hve started glorifying her so much that i cannot tolerate her anymore. Definitely not watching minnie’s story. Will be waiting for paridhi and aniruddh’s next project

    2. They are leaving the show ,that’s why they are trying to make babita and hs looks that nobody will ask their return.they are trying to do Minnie and friends look great but I don’t think it does , Minnie looks like arrogant.otherwise there is no need of babita to be at home.she can still manage both.hs was one of the best but there is limit of butchering his character so sad.

    3. i agree Neha. I find Minnie irritating now. everything starting from her ‘i am always right’ expressions to her fake smiles… i dont like anything anymore. And i really liked Minnie in the beginning and waited for her scenes to come, i liked her outspoken nature and how she always stood up for what she believed in… but now she is simply irritating to me. the more the writers try to show good Minnie and wise Mickey, the more irritating they become

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