Patiala Babes 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Minnie and Neil’s Romantic Moments

Patiala Babes 25th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neil continues crying that he missed watching is daughter Kia growing. Minnie calms him down, makes him sit on bed, and offers him water. She then touches his feet and tries to massage it. He stops her and makes her lean on his shoulder. Kuch na kaho..kuch bhi na kaho….song..lays in the background. Their slow romance continues, reminiscing their past quality moments. He wiggles his fingers through her hair and holds her hand. They smile and continue resting. He falls asleep. When he wakes up, he finds himself in Minnie’s lap and Minnie sound asleep. He wakes her up and asks if he was sitting here whole night. She says he told not to move from here and walks away saying Rani didi must be coming.

After sometime, Neil reaches Patiala Babes restaurant and gets emotional seeing Isha and Kia there. Surmayi ankhiyon me nanha munha….song…. plays in the background. He watches Kia hiding. Kia notices him and signals Isha.

Precap: Isha greets Neil. Neil asks why did she come here.
She says he wanted to meet them. Minnie asks NB why did she call Isha here. NB says Neil cannot disconnect from his past and gives her a locked trunk. Isha tells Neil that she wants him back in Delhi.

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  1. Is it not amazing how quickly she forgive and spend the night with him. But this disgusting daughter could not forgive her mother because she called her Ashok daughter which she is. This yuk romance with the boodha Neil is enlightened love of poor Mini RD and KK have really done it now, forgives in 1 day. End this rubbish

  2. This serial need to end soon. It’s no point of dragging this rubbish moves. I know it is Isha is backstabbing Neil. It is no love it is just the show off.

  3. Verma4

    Come on Kia, Neil is your dad and we men do have feelings as well Isha #b*t*h. For what’s it worth IMO this should be put to rest. It has run it’s course.

  4. Krishna sadhvi

    Hey how did you get episode in Sony liv it is not coming. Today episode

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