Patiala Babes 25th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Dadaji Feels Guilty And Apologizes Minnie

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Patiala Babes 25th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Biji tells Dadaji that she used to sense Minnie’s ordeal, but kept mum. Dadaji feels guilty for not understanding his granddaughters’ minds and couldn’t hear them, he has lost his courage. Biji says their kids need their support and they will not let them unheard. Pari cries in front of Neil and vents out her frustration. Neil hugs and tries to console her. She says let her speak and vent out all her frustration, she wants to forget her past but cant forget that man, his ugly touch… Neil consoles her, drapes blanket over her, pampers her, brings her coffee, and wipes her lips. Minnie falls asleep on cough while he falls asleep on floor sitting near her. In the morning, he wakes up and leaves. A sad song plays in the background.

Minnie asks principal and trustees if victims will not get justice. Trustee says he already gave his decision and she should gave false statement in front of media. Minnie wakes up hearing door bell. Rani opens door. Dadaji and Biji walk in and say they brought prasad for their kid. Rani says she will wake up Arya. Biji says its for Minnie. Minnie reminisces Dadaji’s words, walks to them, and extends hand silently. Dadaji asks if she will take prasad like this and scolds Dadaji to apologize his granddaughter. Dadaji apologizes and asks if he should touch her feet. Biji says he should if necessary. Minnie says stop their drama. Dadaji says he loves her a lot and didn’t realize what she went through and now feels guilty. Minnie hugs and consoles him. They both feed her prasad.

Minnie informs Neil about Dadaji’s apology. Neil says if he would have been around that time, Dadaji would have killed him with his taunts. Minnie says Dadaji is just protective for her. He says he is nonviolent and a simple guy. Arya walks to them saying he is beautiful. Minnie says men are handsome. Neil says they are getting late. Arya asks if they are going to restaurant, can she accompany them. Minnie says they are going to school as principal called them for some minor formalities. Arya agrees. They both reach school where school’s trustee scolds Minnie and Neha’s father Mr. Mehrotra for calling media and making situation worse, if they had approached him, he would have kicked out peon Kewal. Minnie says she didn’t call media and asks if he doesn’t think Kewal should be punished. Trustee says he cannot tarnish school’s reputation, so Minnie will give statement to media that she didn’t mean what she stated. Minnie asks if he is threatening her. He says he is educational institute’s trustee and is not threatening her, but he cannot take a chance with school’s reputation, so she should give statement to media and get school out of it.

Precap: Media asks Minnie if it is true or school is covering up. Minnie says true.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Verma4

    Minnie should tell the trusty to go f**k himself.

    1. f**k

  2. f**k f**k shit

  3. but then that’s the reality of Indian schools brush it under the carpet because it will give school a bad name, think of it as a bad dream etc when society changes their mindset that the girl is telling the truth and not making things up and must be believed maybe things will start to change. what a load of rubbish. Minnie should speak up and not cover it up like the school trustee is doing. kewal a nice decent person really I wonder if that trustee will say the same had it been his daughter or granddaughter or niece. double standards no wonder girls are abused left right and centre all the time as the culprits know they will get away. they are plenty of leaches like kewal , Khatri we don’t want more . when will the truth come out about Khatri , hope soon. never a day goes by when in the news u hear about rape , molestation etc on the Indian news channels , its heart-breaking and one pls don’t get offended no one can run from the reality of it by saying its not true. I am sure u all watch the news channels.

  4. Sir update for 24th is missing. We tamil speaking people depend much on the updates to understand the serial. Moreover short updates donot help us much. Pl see eloberate meanings of the hindi conversations r given to us. Pl help us to understand fullywel and enjoy the story. Thank u.

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