Patiala Babes 25th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita looking for money to expand business

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Patiala Babes 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie tells Babita that she is not going to trust, so what and why she should tell her. Babita says she will trust her, she’s her mother in end. She was scared from the world, scared that Minnie’s heart might break, but she forgot that Minnie is all grown up now. In childhood, she wasn’t leaving Minnie’s hand with fear that she might fall down and she would get hurt. But then someone asked her to trust Minnie and leave her hand. She then let both her fear and Minnie’s hand let go and she learned walking. It’s that time again she does same. She may get hurt, but she trusts that Minnie will be able to handle it. Babita further says that she will always be there for her. Minnie hugs her and cries saying she will leave Mickey, won’t even look at him. Babita says she was talking about her and Minni and then ties friendship band. Minnie does same. They both smile and are happy. Hanuman comes asking how’s the daal. Minnie says she didn’t even taste. Babita says she didn’t taste, but by seeing, she can say it’s perfect. Minnie asks what’s going on. Will anyone tell her or talk in code language? Hanuman and Babita laugh.

Babita comes to police station to drop food. Police staff praise her. Some staff say they can’t eat because doctors asked them not to because of their health issues. Babita thinks she should have thought about it. Hanuman comes and says people will complain, she doesn’t need to listen. Babita says she needs to take care of everyone. It doesn’t matter if it takes more time for her to cook. Hanuman gets lost in thoughts. Lala asks what happened. He says only your own would care about you like how Babita does. Lala agrees you can’t say when Babita makes someone hers.

Mita tells Ashok that Mr. Wadia got arrested and she’s very happy that Ashok will be saved. Ashok asks whether she’s really happy or acting. He’s mad as Mita didn’t ask her parents for his bail money. He calls her selfish. She asks what’s in his mind? He says she got happy that he got arrested. She thought to take over his business and run away. She doesn’t trust him, that’s why she wants to know everything about his business. She says he’s gone mad. He further says she never intended to marry him, that’s why she never talked to her parents. She gets message from her dad and she gets happy for a moment. She tells Ashok that she had planned to talk to her dad saying their business is set and talk about marriage, but now what she will say. He tells her to say whatever she wants, but just stop her drama in front of him.

In college, Minnie confronts Preet. Preet says she told Babita everything for being Minnie’s friend only. Minnie says really? that is why she broke friendship with her earlier. Now because of her, Babita will stay in tension all day. Preet says she doesn’t think she did wrong by telling all to Babita. She further tells Minnie that by roaming around with guys, her impression isn’t any good in college. All girls talk about her. Minnie says it’s just in her mind only and that too Kittu put all that trash in her mind. Preet says she’s provoking her again against him, but this time she won’t listen to her. She knows he loves her a lot. Minnie says he doesn’t. He just wants to own, control her. Mickey comes and asks why they are fighting. Preet says here comes Minnie’s hero to save her. She blames Minnie for separating her brother from her and her mother being right about Minnie knowing very well how to make guys run on her fingers. She walks away. Micky asks that’s her best friend? Minnie asks him to stay out. He says it’s good, her and her friend fight, and he gets to face anger. Minnie says that’s how she is and asks him to leave her alone. She further says they can’t be friends now either. He asks what happened, what’s his mistake. She says mistake is that he is a boy and she is a girl and they live in society who doesn’t understand that boy and girl can be friends as well. He asks why she’s shouting. She says she’s requesting him to stay away, otherwise, Preet will go to Babita and God knows what all she will say. Micky says ok and walks away. Minnie cries.

Hanuman distributes sweets in his police station. He offers to Babita as well. Babita asks what’s that for. Hanuman says his senior praised his idea of arranging food for police officers. He asked whether food can be delivered to all police stations in Patiala. Babita gets happy, but then worries how she will arrange money for initial investment. Hanuman and Lala say they have some. They can give her as loan. Babita says that won’t be enough.

Babita and Nayeem Bi come to Khatri to get stall money, but Khatri says it will take time. Babita quietly tells Nayeem Bi that they don’t have time. Khatri feels something is not right and asks them to tell him if they need any help. He might be able to provide it.

Precap: Babita waits for Minnie thinking she would have figured out a way. Other side, Minnie is in trouble in college.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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