Patiala Babes 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanuman gets upset with Babita

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Patiala Babes 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meeta asks her parents why they went to Babita without asking her. Meeta’s mother says they were concerned for her. Her father says Babita is so good that she didn’t say anything bad about Ashok or her. She only said that Ashok was never a good father or husband. Meeta says so they judged Ashok based on that? Her mother says Babita just answered what they asked. Meeta says she could be jealous too. Her mother says she was not and it’s them who went to her. Her father explains her that it will be challenging to spend life with Ashok. If he can betray Babita, then he can do same with her. He asks her to return to London with them. She is ruining her life. He doesn’t care what world says about them. They can get divorce. Meeta reveals that she is pregant. Her parents get shocked.

She asks whether he will still accept her? He says he will accept her if she aborts Ashok’s child. Meeta tells her mother to tell Ashok family that their daughter-in-law is coming.

Micky is waiting for Minnie. Minnie comes with Preet. Preet says she was not able to thank Babita properly, so she came to talk to her. They sit to talk. Preet asks them whether they are dating or anything. Minnie says no way. They then talk about love. Preet says from all this, she learned that Kittu wasn’t her prince charming, it might be next one. Minnie says she is sure there won’t be love in her life. Micky asks what if it comes? She says she won’t let anyone come close. Micky and Preet ask her what true love is? Minnie can’t answer.

Ashok and Meeta get married tradionally with only family members’ attendance. Biji remembers Ashok and Babita’s marriage and has tears in her eyes. Papaji asks her not to recall past and be strong. While their marriage is going on, a letter comes in mail. Sukhi receives it. He opens it and it reads that Ashok’s business partner is arrested and all his companies, funds have been frozen. He gets tensed. Ashok takes out mangal sutra. Meeta recalls Babita’s words that mangalsutra couldn’t give her happiness, maybe it gives happiness to her (Meeta). Marriage is completed.

Babita and Nayeem Bi are counting money. Hanuman says he will make nice tea for them. Babita gives Nayeem Bi’s share to her. She then gives Hanuman and Lala’s share to Hanuman. Hanuman says he can’t take it. He didn’t give money to get profits in returns. He just wanted to help. Babita says he already did so many favours and now this… He feels bad and tells Nayeem Bi that Babita means he does favous to ladies. She didn’t think that Hanuman can also have attachment… He then gets quiet and resumes.. can have attachment with Minnie. Nayeem Bi takes Hanuman’s side. Babita says if he had done anything for Minnie, then it was understandable. Hanuman says that’s unfair with him. It means he can’t feel for anyone. Babita is confused, but Nayeem Bi observe Hanuman’s words and tone. Babita says fine, she won’t give his share. But she will return money that he gave her as soon as she can. Hanuman again gets upset saying she’s talking about money now. If she wants to return, then she can return time he spent behind her to make her understand, emotions that he spent behind her. He further says that he gave her so many advices, but she couldn’t understand any of that. She only thinks about money. Before leaving, he asks her to add ice cream money as well that they ate together. Nayeem Bi smiles as he leaves. Babita asks her what happened to him. She didn’t say anything bad.

Hanuman is outside. Nayeem Bi comes and asks he started having feelings for her? He asks what? She asks him not to hide and tell her everything that’s in his heart. She can read everything on his face. He asks really? She says yes, love cannot be hidden.

Precap: Lala encourages Hanuman to propose Babita. Babita is in kitchen. Hanuman comes to her.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. If Hanuman listens to the people around him and proposes now, he is going to be rejected badly. I am afraid Babita might even decide to move out because financially she now has the capacity to find her own house. Hanumna has started liking Babita but all these grown men and women should understand that Babita is not even thinking of marriage or love. She is enjoying independence for the first time in life and is really happy… I dont want to see Hanuman heartbroken. He deserves happiness but the time is not right now 🙁
    Mita is going to face the whole burnt of Ashok’s daily anger and abuse once they get to know that all their business has been sealed. Mita will regret her decision very very much. Her father was ready to take her back even today, she had one last chance, and she let it go

  2. It was a truly wonderful episode.. The hurt, the feelings of HS were so touching, my heart went out to him. His words touched the soul.
    I think the makers should not hurry up with HS proposing to Babes. The romance can be subtle, giving them the time to understand how important they are for each other, how much they love each other. Ashok and Imarti are their past, will remain engraved in some corner of their brain.
    But they will learn to love, acknowledge their feeligs for each other.
    Would love to see HS courting a blushing Babes (both acting like teenage Lovebirds).. Maybe with some tips from Micky / Minnie will be refreshing .
    Make this about HS being a rock solid support to Minni and Babes, them flourishing in their business and Minnie accepting HS as a friend, a father figure in her life whom she also will feel as the apt life partner for her mother.
    The love between HS and Babes can grow in the background and provide a lovely progress to the story.
    A track on the relation between Minnie and Mickey can prove an interesting addition.

    Babes has never known true love neither has Minnie. HS can give them the love they deserve; only that he should too accept the truth that Imarti is gone and he should not look for her in Babita.

    I am a hardcore romantic and would love to see the romance slowly blooming between both as they start understanding their feelings and love for each other.

    Would love to see how confess their love to each other.

    1. I think Babita will reject him outright. I’d love to see this bond develop, nicely. I think Babita has a soft spot for Hanuman, might be love but she’s obviously not aware yet. I don’t want Babita moving out because she’s angry with Hanuman.

  3. I think, Babita is going to realize that her bad relationship with Ashok has made Minnie opposed to love.
    She will have to show Minnie how to make place for love in an independent life. Poor HS will get babes but only because she wants to help Minnie.

  4. Perminder Virk

    I think that Babita is still struggling to get of years old habits that she has been bought up with. So for her it will come only when she falls in Love. Than only should she Propose.
    But Mini is far too young and valuable in her present state. She needs to study and then think of a relationship. I think that showing them in love this early is stupid and this s where trouble starts. Ruining your life etc for the sake of puppy love. Grow up first. Mickey is a no no.

    1. SsiyAa

      agree.. but i guess they want to show all reality based issues in this serial so i think teenagers infatuation/ relationship is also a big topic.. so even if they show we should be prepared for those contents..

  5. Well at least this time babitha should stop donating her hard earned on that selfish family. Ashok business gone kaputh and their house on mortgage. Soon Lovely n beeji will n cry and babitha will donate all.

    1. SsiyAa

      even i’m in same doubt… also it is going to be very difficult and challenging for mita to live with ashok as he always play blame game and very toxic person….

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