Patiala Babes 24th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Saroj Brainwashes Arya

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Patiala Babes 24th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neil tells Minnie that something must be there which Arya likes and will get smile on her face. Minnie says she knew how to make Babes smile. Neil asks her to think Arya as Mini Babes and think how to get smile on her face. Minnie says Arya likes watching horror movies, so she will get horro movie CDs for Arya. She then asks Neil to take care of restaurant today while she enjoys with her sister; she will pick up Arya first. She waits for Arya and asks her school friend who informs that Saroj took Arya with her during school’s last period with principal’s permission. She stands fuming. Biji asks if she is waiting for Arya, where is she. Minnie says Saroj crossed her limits, she took Arya with her. Saroj buys pizza and juice for Arya. Arya says pizza is yummy, if its her birthday today. Saroj says there is no need for birthday to have pizza and asks her to come and stay with her for sometime to escape from Minnie’s torture. Arya says Minnie beats her a lot. Saroj says it is really bad. Minnie with Biji rushes to Arya and says let us go home. Arya says no.. Minnie says she took off from work today and they both will watch horror movies. Arya resists. Saroj tries to provoke Arya. Minnie gets angry on Arya and warns Saroj not to interfere. Biji pampers Arya takes her along. Minnie warns Saroj to stop interfering. Saroj says she is dragging the issue, for her both Minnie and Arya are same. Minnie warns her again and leaves angrily.

Minnie reaches home. Rani informs her that Neil sent her sauce for nachos. Minnie says its dip and says Saroj is brainwashing Arya, she doesn’t know what to do. Rani says she should convince Arya and reconcile with her. Biji brings Arya out holding nachos. Minnie says even she likes nachos and has pizza also for her, they both will watch comic horror movies, she got even her favorite orange juice. Arya says she doesn’t want anything. Rani asks says Minnie brought snacks and CDs for her, she should calm down and enjoy them. Arya continues her adamancy. Minnie gets angry. Arya shouts that Saroj Mami told that Minnie troubled mamma, hated papa and even her, she will go to Saroj’s house. Minnie stands fuming while Arya throws snacks away and walks to her room.

Neil returns and seeing Minnie weeping asks what happened, who threw snacks. He walks to Arya’s room and seeing her packing bags asks where is she going at this time, it is very cold outside. Arya says she will go to Saroj mami’s house as mami asked her to come and stay at her house. Neil says what Minnie did was wrong, but even Arya is wrong for throwing away snacks, he had sent her nachos dip. Arya asks is it, but she is going and walks out. Minnie stops her. Arya continues her adamancy and fights with Minnie saying she is arrogant, not her mother to command her, they are sisters and equal. Minnie says they are not. Arya insists to go to Saroj’s house. Minnie insists her to remove her bag. Biji asks Minnie to calm down. Arya gets adamant. Minnie forcefully removes her bag and locks her inside her room.

Precap: Arya tells Biji Minnie frightens everyone, but she will not get afraid of her and listen to her. Biji says Arya did a mistake and should reconcile with Minnie. Minnie tells Neil that if she accepts Arya’s demands, she will think she can always win, so she will budge to her demands, never.

Update Credit to: MA

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