Patiala Babes 23rd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanuman’s Emotional Speech

Patiala Babes 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Biji explains Babita that Minnie along with mother’s love needs father’s protection. Babita says she has protected Minnie both as mother and father. Biji continues explaining that Minnie needs a caring father and the way HS cares for Minnie, he can be the best father and a best partner for Babita as she also needs support. Nurse informs Minnie that she is getting discharged tonight and asks where did her father go. Minnie says her father is not here. Nurse asks if the person who sleeps on bench daily and takes care of her so much is not her father. Minnie nods no and gets emotional remembering HS’ love for her and she insulting him. HS walks in and informs that she is getting discharged tonight and says he will do whatever she says and once she gets well, he will ask Laala to

find a new rented accommodation for her and her mother. He continues his emotional speech that he should have realized his limits and not crossed it, he loves her a lot like his daughter as his daughter also would have been of her age if she was alive. He promises to find her a house without informing her mother and walks away saying he wants to see her happy always. Minnie cries emotionally lying on her bed while HS walks out and cries.

Babita with HS takes Minnie home. Biji and Dadaji get happy seeing her. NB performs her nazar. Babita helps her climb stairs, but she feels weak. HS says let him take her. Minnie says its okay as she is heavy. HS says he took her to hospital, lifts her and drops her to room and tries to leave. Minnie calls him. He says he promised her to find a house once she gets well. Minnie says thanks for everything. Babita walks in and asks HS if he felt a lot of trouble helping them. HS emotionally says a lot, but its okay and walks away. Babita asks Minnie if she is still angry on HS. Minnie reminisces HS telling he will find a house for her without informing her mother and even she should keep this a secret, nods nothing..

Babita goes down and sees Preet, Bobby, and Mickey coming to meet Minnie. She sends them to Minnie’s room. HS asks Laala to draw a curtain around his bathroom in the morning and guard it while he bathes as people barge in without notice. Minnie gets happy seeing Preet, Bobby and Mickey. Bobby chats with Minnie while Preet and Mickey are busy with each other. Minnie notices that and asks since how long they have been dating. They say since 1 week. Minnie asks then why didn’t they inform her. Mickey says he tried, but she did not listen. Minnie confronts him that he was behind her and then suddenly he is behind Preet, all men are smae. Bobby asks not to categorize all men as same. Mickey says he had feelings for her, but then when she rejected him, he accepted Preet’s offer. Preet says if Minnie wanted Mickey, she should have informed first, she would have backed off for their friendship. Minnie says she does not like Mickey, but is hurt seeing them hiding the fact from her.

HS gets ready in the morning and asks Laala about pending cases. Babita walks in with breakfast. HS seeing her scolds Laala to arrange his clothes properly in cupboard. Babita offers him breakfast. He says he does not want to disrespect food but does not need any favor from her hereon.

Precap: Mickey tells Minnie that even Babita feels same as HS feels for Babita. Minnie says it can’t be. Mickey says it can.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I’m glad Mickey stopped spinning around mini. I hated the way mini was scolding Mickey and preet. Who the hell is she to decide whether her friends should date or not. I also think both babita and mini should be snubbed by Hanuman. You can’t take a person’s feeling for granted all the time. Either accept him or reject him but put and end on confusion. Make your stand clear. Let him move on if you are not interested in a serious relationship. The way current arc is going Babita and mini are making relationship with Hanuman kind of toxic. I am not liking it at all. It feels so immature.

    1. Yvonne Codner

      Michelle, I am in total agreement with you! Mother-daughter duo has hurt HS feelings on multiple occasions and he has forgiven them. You are right, this hot and cold attitude is oh so tiresome now. After helping them, Babita is thanking HS for his ‘trouble’…I think that hurts him a lot. Maybe it’s best that they leave, maybe he can find someone who will appreciate him.

    2. You’re right. I personally think though Mini is the so-called heroine of the show, Preet is better for Mickey. Preet at least learnt from her mistakes. HS is too good for mother-daughter and they don’t deserve him

  2. I think Minnie still needs to learn a lot more when it comes to matter of love. Often times, we need to accept that as humans we will always make mistakes. However, I didn’t expect so much immaturity from Minnie. Babita should definitely be independent, but this also means that Minnie should allow her Babes to take her own decisions and be there to support her.

    Minnie cannot throw such public tantrums every time she finds out something shocking. Similarly to the way she acted when she found out that Babita asked Hanuman to take back Ashok’s FIR for Meeta. I was a little shocked, too. However, Minnie completely overreacted and said in front of Preet and Mickey that Preet likes him, when Preet clearly was not comfortable with sharing her feelings yet.

    She cannot have everything go according to her perception and way and expect everyone else to follow her (e.g. like the way she acted with Mickey and Bobby today). It seems that Mickey has made it clear to Preet that he is willing to move on with her and forget about Minnie. Since Mickey is so honest with his feelings and is not hurting anybody, what problem does Minnie have? These problems of hers should also be addressed. I am pretty happy with everyone, and I can only hope that Minnie accepts that it’s time for her to develop as a character, too.

    1. SsiyAa

      Hi suhani.. I agree with your point too.. But one thing is to be considered that she is highly affected by all the happenings that took in her childhood… She has just developed little hatred and intense fear against love and marriage..
      She isn’t like that.. This is just her painful fear that comes out in impulsive way… She is just a kid it’s Okk to react like that and have such conclusions after suffering all that.
      . For a daughter her father is inspiration but in her case her father ruined everything… That too on name of love-shov.. All that siyyappa have affected her…
      But that’s what makers want to show us that how this hatred and fear with such conclusion will be change now… This is a phase where Minnie will have realisation that not all men are like ashok and not every love imbalances the equal.. Sometimes it does balance.. Bas insaan sahi hona chahiye… 😘✌… This is that part where we’ll see Minnie’s thoughts changing.. Till now she only want things to be balanced and stay as it is currently.. No more disturbance in her or her babes life… For any cause or because of any person just protective for not allowing the past to repeat for any reason.. That’s natural

      1. SsiyAa

        *imbalances the equation

    2. What do u expect from a 17year old that saw all what her mother went through in the name of love and need counselling and word of all the way from nigeria.

  3. Minnie is very selfish, she is proving she is Ashok’s daughter.

  4. Damn, Mini still not mature yet. What kind of situation can make her be a better person smh.
    Seems the writers want us tonhate her for a while now haha

    1. Minnie is too much. Babes also should take decisions not alway Minnie said this Minnie I Minnie said that. Babes lacks capabilities to make decisions. Minna should come out of this anger mode concerning love.

  5. SsiyAa

    Again a good episode… 👏👏..
    Conversation between babita and biji was exact we all used to discuss on this TU platform… Glad that it’s biji who openly came ahead and open heartedly accept the fact that babita needs to settle and rethink about hanuman…
    Then that emotional talk between hanuman and mini… Happy mini expressed gratitude to hanuman….
    Well Mickey tried to tell Minnie about Preet but situation wasn’t in their favor, so she can’t be angry on him like this…
    Don’t you all feel it’s too quick to hold hand and be so close and cheesy especially in front of friends… Not to forget her brother was also there 😂😂😂..
    Well friends do get angry when their best friend hides such secrets from them.. Com’n yaar atleast he/she being a best friend deserves to know…
    Sometimes I feel preet forget how much her friend suffered and deserve her warm presence.. But they could had their romance outside, why Minnie’s room when she is a patient and you guys went there to meet her.. Just to meet not romance.. Right!..
    So now hanuman will try to create distance from them but ultimately will be more closer… Will see 👀… Hope Mickey would be able to make Minnie realise what her mom feels… Will see 👀

  6. just because Minnie does not believe in this love shuv she should not impose her belief on others. she needs to grow up big time. so will she hate her babes because she’s in love and has liking for HS or will she go into one like she did with Preet and mickey. Minnie yaar take off your dark shades and look clearly u will see the reality and the happiness your babes feels with hs and vice versa. and mickey is right when he said she does not know about babes feelings for HS .

  7. Hi all I’m new and I follow from the begining. Ya mini’s attitute is cannot discribe because she and her mother over come many obstacles.
    She just started to accept Hanuman as family. suddently, The recorded message of Hanuman’s feeling turn’s her into fear, after few moments of khatri’s attact. She told khatri that her babes and hanumas’s relationship is purely friendship. But now how to face the public exspecialy khatri’s bad mouth. The word of khatri to komo inside the close door what happen who knows? As for mini and babes can except hanuman but what the others may say is the fear?

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