Patiala Babes 23rd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Saroj’s Dirty Game

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Patiala Babes 23rd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neil dries his clothes listening to FM radio and stops seeing Minnie’s clothes on string. He thinks he should control himself. He then picks Minnie’s tea cup and smiles looking at her lipstick marks, thinks she is not getting out of his brain at all. Minnie is sound asleep when Saroj comes to meet Arya and brainwashes her against Minnie, asks if Minnie slap her hard. Arya says yes. Rani asks not to lie. Saroj acts as feeding her and says Minnie is very ruthless and used to beat her friends, who knew she would torture little Arya, if Babita was alive, she wouldn’t have hit Arya. Rani says Babita used to hit Arya a lot. Saroj says its mother’s love, but Minnie is very ruthless. Minnie walks out and warns Saroj to stop her dirty game. Saroj says Minnie used to hate Babita as she married HS and hence she hates even Arya. Minnie warns her to stop her drama. Saroj continues. Arya angrily looks at Minnie. Minnie asks her not to look at her like that. Door bell rings. Rani walks down and opens door. Biji walks in and says she brought laddoos for Arya. Rani informs that Saroj came and a big verbal argument broke out between Minnie and Saroj. Biji asks her to bring down Arya soon. Minnie continues confronting Saroj and tells Arya that Saroj is lying. Arya reminisces Minnie slapping her. Rani walks to Arya and says her school bus will come soon and Biji has brought laddoos for her. Arya resists, but Rani takes her down. Minnie asks Saroj why she is behind them. Saroj says they are her dear ones, so she comes here even after getting insulted repeatedly. Minnie says she saw her concern. Saroj says Minnie will leave this haveli after marriage, so only Saroj will be left to take care of Arya then.

Once Saroj leaves, Biji tells Minnie that she knows why Saroj is behind Babita’s daughters and states that Saroj’s alliance come for Ashok and they agreed for that, but then Babita’s alliance came and Ashok liked Babita and married her; so out of guilt, they got Saroj married to Pinku; she didn’t know Saroj will continue her vengeance till now. Minnie reminisces HS telling Babita that her one guilt is continuing wit her whole life. She tells Biji that a small issue stays in mind forever. Biji says she doesn’t know when will Saroj stop her vengeance.

Minnie walks around house and Neil follows her. She asks why is he following her. He says even he is searching solution for his problem like her. She asks what. He says he is born smart like she told Saroj that she is born shameless. Minnie warns him to stop pestering him. He continues walking along. She she shouldn’t have slapped Arya in front of everyone and shouldn’t have been hyperactive, she never thought Arya would feel bad. He sits and smiles. She asks why is he smiling. He says he is listening. She says she lost trust in Arya’s eyes because of Saroj’s nonsense. Neil laughs and says Arya is a small kid and small things make them happy. She asks things like? Neil prepares omlette for Minnie asks her to taste it. She asks what did he add in it, did he do black magic. He frowns. She tastes omlette and says its amazing. Neil suggests to cook food and convince Arya. Minnie says she is a bad cook. He says he knows, but there must be something which can bring smile on Arya’s face.

Precap: Minnie serves Arya’s favorite dish. Arya pushes her and warns her not to touch her. Biji asks her to behave with elder sister. Arya shouts she should be in her limits and dare not try to control her like she used to control mamma. Minnie asks if Saroj taught her all this. Arya shouts whoever it is, its none of her business.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. For her age arya is talking too much, giving bad impression on kids watching this serial..writers need to control..she also needs to behave with elders..also too much drama done by her on montos bdy..she should be beaten more fr her misbehaviours n back wl be good if she does it with saroj..

    1. Bachon ko marke sikhana hi galat hain behenji. Agar aise sikahenge to kuch nahi sikhenge, balki woh aur shaitaniyaan karenge.

      1. Arya was talking too much and sometimes to make someone quite its necessary to shout or hit but it’s nothing like incorrect in this . It was required to make Arya quite at that time that’s why Mini hit her which was totally justified. I think each one of us are sometimes hit by our guardians

    2. I think its bcuz Arya lost her parents at a very early age nd dont know how to react to things . It’s very easy to make hatred or love for someone in a child’s mind . Every child has anger among them and show tantrum . Sk Arya’s reaction according to me doesn’t seem out of the box

    3. Kids shouldn’t be watching serials anyway… they should be doing their homework and watching cartoons instead.

  2. Arya character is of spoil child She is arrogant with no manners Minnie should send her to boarding Very bad influence on children watching this show

    1. There’s nothing like that . Whatever you speak in front of them or try to fit in them they learn it very well whether its love or hatred . Like once when Biji tried to explain Arya that she should truly love Mini as she is her sister she got it nd started behaving nicely with her but any child will get furious if they get to know that who was the cause of her mother’s sadness. Children speak their mind out .

  3. I don’t like Arya’s character anymore. She is always hurting Mini. Arya is exactly like her mother and aunt.Such a manerless girl😠😠😠.

    1. Every child have some tantrums and she is also not very close to Mini that she will rwspect on her evry opinion. Any child will feel bad if they get a slap from someone in front of everyone. And that Saroj filled all the rubbish in her mind and anyone will get furious if they get to know the bad intentions of a person . And children trust anyone very easily as they dont know the difference between good or bad . She dont misbehave with others bcuz she is attached to them and knows them very well

  4. Arya’s behavior is not in sync with her age. She looks and talks like an 8 year old when she’s supposed to be 4 or 5? Mini should have let saroj ruin her Babes and now Arya’s life and left for Australia. Like mother like daughter, both Babita and Arya’s character ruined by writers. It was preposterous to show that a mother would neglect and suspect her own daughter after remarriage based on a third person’s suspicions. And now Arya’s rude outbursts. That kind of adult anger is out of character for her age

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