Patiala Babes 23rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie’s Changing Behavior

Patiala Babes 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita replies Mita that Mita will not understand her point as she is not a mother; she does not care if Ashok rottens in jail for whole life, but it affects her daughter Minnie as Ashok is Minnie’s father; though Ashok is a bad example of a father and always brought disgrace to Minnie and made her head bent in shame; Mita can bail out Ashok with this money and ask him to behave like a responsible person from hereon. She continues her explanation and walks away. She then returns home and informs Minnie that she returned Lovely’s money. Minnie asks why. Babita says she read Minnie’s mind and could not see her ordeal. Their emotional discussion continues. Finally, Minnie asks how will they manage catering business without money. Babita says with previous salary, savings, and aloo tikki stall 25% profit share, they can manage 40,000 rs. Minnie says why don’t she take advance from police department and speak to Hanuman uncle regarding that.

Babita with Minnie reaches police station and requests Hanuman if she can get advance amount. Laala says they gave advance to Khatri for uniforms before. Hanuman says reads a long list of rules and says they cannot give any advance till month completes. He asks what about the money she received from Lovely. Babita says she gave it back to bail out Ashok. Hanuman says he saw senior citizen and Sukhi in court bailing out Minnie’s father and taking him away. Minnie shouts she does not care and walks away fuming. Babita says Minnie was very tensed regarding her father in jail, so she returned money to bail him out. Hanuman says he can understand Minnie’s mental state, she hate her father but cannot see him in trouble. Babita hopes she finds new friends after Preet broke up with her. Hanuman offers her 20,000 rs loan.

In Minnie’s college, a boy walks to her and introduces himself as her classmate. Minnie identifies him and asks him to sit. He starts conversation and says he is throwing a party tonight. Minnie asks if he wants to invite her. He says no, but he needs item from her. She asks if he means drugs and shouts how dare he is. Boy says everyone knows her father is a drug peddler, so she can get some income for her father and drugs to them. Minnie warns to mind his tongue. Boy continues insulting Minnie. Minnie angrily slaps him. Mickey interferes and drags her away. Minnie warns she will complain principal. Boy continues. Minnie trashes him royally. Mickey drags her away. Preet notices that and senses an opportunity to take revenge from Minnie.

Babita describes her financial crisis to Nayeem bi. Nayeem bi expresses her desire to invest 20,000 in Babita’s business on a partnership basis and suggests her to even accept Hanuman’s 20,000 rs loan and take him also as partner. Babita says then they will be 1/3rd partner each. Nayeem bi says she is so innocent, when she has invested 65,000, she will get bigger share, Hanuman and Nayeem bi will get less share. Preet calls Babita and badmouths about Minnie that Minnie has gone arrogant nowadays and is fighting with everyone in college, she has even befriended rogue Mickey and is roaming with him bunking classes.

Precap: Babita catches Minnie with Mickey, drags her home and warns she will never meet or speak to Mickey again.

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  1. time for babita and hanuman to romance leave minnie she is digging herself deeper

  2. yes move the story now i think mother and daughter have gone through a lot . let them move on as have her ex has . bring happiness for them and less of all this problems . Babita should think before ranting at Minnie because Preet called to say lies about Minnie surely Babita should know if what she is being told is true and if Minnie is capable of anything that will bring shame to her babes. i really like the way Hanuman has logic answers to all problems for mother and Daughter. show less problems and move the story on bit more and not the same old track problems problems. .

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