Patiala Babes 22nd November 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie Wants To Leave

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Patiala Babes 22nd November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie sitting on her bed reminisces Arya shouting at her to get out of her room. Jazz asks what is Arya’s age. Minnie says she doesn’t know, 4, may be 4.5. Jazz says Arya is more mature than her age and gives Minnie’s bag which airlines staff returned. She asks if Arya knows she is her stepsister and where will she stay with her. Minnie says she doesn’t know. Jazz asks what does she mean she doesn’t know, who will take care of Arya now. Minnie cries that she herself has shattered knowing her Babes is no more and she herself is not coming to the terms, who will console her. Jazz asks her to be brave. Minnie says everyone ask her to be brave, but nobody knows what she feels. She continues pouring her heart out emotionally. Next morning, Minnie wakes up imagining Babita ringing alarm and waking her up. She realizes Babita is no more and walks out to balcony where she sees Arya praying tulsi plant and helps her, but Arya alone performs pooja and leaves without speaking to her.

Jazz meets Biji, Dadaji, NB and asks if they informed Arya about her parent’s death. Biji and Dadaji say they don’t have courage. NB says only they can reveal the truth. Biji cries how to tell a small kid that her mother whom she used to wake up hearing and her father on whose shoulder she use to ride on are no more. Jazz says they cannot hide the truth for long, else girl will be hoping that her parents will return. Biji says Arya also silently cries and is unable to express her feelings like Minnie. Biji asks Minnie if she will reveal truth to Arya. Minnie asks Jazz, Preet, and Bobby if they can go out. Biji says she cannot out as they are mourning. Minnie says them that she cannot tolerate her pain and wants to go out in fresh air. NB says let her go as when they cannot tolerate, Minnie has lost her parents. She asks Bobby to take out Minnie, Jazz, and Preet for sometime. Biji asks Minnie to take out even Aryan. NB says with different environment, Arya may open and reveal what is going on in her mind. Minnie asks if she is sure as Arya doesn’t like her. Biji says she will bring Arya.

Minnie sits in Bobby’s jeep with Preet and Jazz. Biji and NB bring Arya out. Arya says she doesn’t want to go with strangers. Biji says they are friends, Preet, Bobby, Minnie, Bobby. NB also tries to convince her. Minnie tells Jazz that she doesn’t know why Biji and NB are forcing Arya. Jazz says to break the ice between them. Minnie says Arya is a kid and she doesn’t know to handle kids. Jazz says she has to mingle with Arya. Biji and NB convince Arya. Bobby asks if she is Arya Singh. Arya says she is Arya Babita Hanuman Singh. Jazz says such a small kid with such a big name. Bobby asks her to sit next to Minnie. Arya says she doesn’t want to sit next to Minnie.

Precap: Minnie tells Arya that their parents have become stars.
Arya says she heard someone telling they are dead.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. The turn Patiala Babes has take is ridiculous, I have watched some serials, I don’t like to watch many as they are scattered. but a few of them, I have seen they keep on distorting the plot. suddenly the main characters change. same thing happened here.
    I have no interest now. If you can’t handle it, you should have closed/ ended it sending Minnie to Australia. Why this accident / all that stupid turn. I don’t like without Hanuman Singh.

  2. I can’t understand that why the story line of Patiala Babes became shit…only to promote a young actress or anything else…the only show i watched as i was not fond of tv serials..if there were any problem with lead actrors..the producers can cover-up in an other tune…so unproffetional ..disgusting..

  3. No more hanuman Singh and no more patiala babes??? Stopped watching the serial..

  4. Pàtiala is boring without babita and hanuman,

  5. They have destroyed the beautiful story which had so much scope. Really sad by the way they have handled it :(.

  6. Hmm…instead of killing off characters they could have had one getting sick…And unlike Imarti have her recover..that would have bonded the family more…Then deal with the half sister dynamic..

  7. Lol where is Mickey

  8. Mini is.not stepsister.arya and mini are half sisters.means they have.the same mother .

  9. Where is Mickey?

  10. Missing HS .He has such a nice personality in this role . When he spoke English /Haryanvi every part of his body sang and danced . he made viewers happy by being so natural and vibrating personality . Without him show is nothing . We do like mini but miss that bond which they all had before this dreaded wedding . Where is Micky .

  11. Now the serial is going in a wrong way. Without Babes and Hanuman singh how will this serial go to success. All viewers are expecting Babes and Hanuman singh. The Patiala Babes team will reconsider this issue. We have no interest to watch the upcoming episodes.

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