Patiala Babes 21st November 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita And Hanuman Bid Adieu

Patiala Babes 21st November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie shatters when NB informs her that her Babes and HS are no more. She panics and cries more loudly reminiscing Babita’s words. Her friends try to console her, but she continues crying loudly and reaches home with her friend, Preet and Bobby. Ek kudi jidaa naam mohabbath….song.. plays in the background. She says she will call once and see if Babes will reply. She then enters home and sees Babita and HS’ dead bodies carefully. NB cries hugging her, and she consoles her not to cry and everything will be alright. Biji then hugs her and insists her to cry, but she doesn’t. Dadaji then hugs her and cries. She says she will freshen up and asks Preet to get her luggage from transit. She Pinku mama says they need to perform didi’s last rights. Minie says that is performed by men and walks to her room, takes shower reminiscing Babita’s words that for her she, Minnie, and HS matter most; reminisces HS’ words. She then comes out of bathroom in bathrobe and hears people taking away Babita and HS’ bodies chanting Ram Naam Satya Hai. NB shakes her and says people are taking bodies. Minnie doesn’t react and fixing earphones listens to music and falls asleep.

At night, NB wakes Minnie up and says lawyer has come. Minnie asks why. NB says he wants to talk to her. Minnie asks what she will wear, opens Babita’s cupboard reminiscing Babita warning not to touch her cupboard, their nok jhok and laughs, etc. She looks at her Babita’s photo reminiscing Babita telling when she was born, she was very small and used to touch her hair, cheek, nose, etc., with her tiny fingers. She then cries loudly holding Babita’s clothes and shouts Babes.. After wearing Babita’s clothes, she walks down to living room where lawyer informs her that Babita has transferred her property, jewelry, shares, mutual funds in her name. Minnie says she doesn’t need anything and NB can keep it herself or transfer it to charity; she will leave from here in a few days and doesn’t need any property or jewelry.

Minnie walks towards her room when a girl holds her hand calling her mamma. Minnie looks at girl. Girl says she is papa’s Veer Balika and not mamma. Minnie reminisces HS calling her and informing that she got a baby sister who looks exactly like her with small pink cheeks and lips, small fingers, etc., when she touches her he feels Minnie is touching her and is with them still now. She further reminisces NB introducing her sister Arya when she returns home after 2 years. Minnie tires to speak to Arya, but Arya hides. Minnie smilingly says its okay, she can’t handle children anyways. Biji asks Arya to meet her Veer Balika sister. Arya sees garlands on her parent’s photos and asks to remove them as mamma gets sneezes with flowers. NB says this is photo and not mamma. Arya insists. NB removes garland, and Arya throws it away and runs to her room. NB then informs that Arya slept with Biji and was angry that Veer Balika took away her parents and mamma loves only Minnie.

Minnie wlaks to Arya’s room and sees her looking at her parent’s and her photo. Biji gets her favorite porridge/dalia and asks her to have it, else she will see ghost in her dream. Arya says she is lying as papa told there is nothing like ghost. Biji says she is papa’s favorite, papa will be angry if he finds out that Arya didn’t have dalia. Arya says Papa will not find out. Biji requests her to have it. Arya pushes her hand away. Minnie asks if she should feed Arya. Arya shouts at her to get out of her room and throws toys on her. Minnie says fine she is going. Arya pushes her out and locks door.

Precap: Minnie tells her friend Jazz that Arya is a small kid and needs support, who will support her. Jazz asks Biji, Dadaji, and NB if they informed Arya that her parents are no more. Dadaji says no one yet. NB asks Minnie if she will.

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  1. i had stopped watching Patiala Babes but still thinking that Hanuman and Babita died… makes me so sad. I had so many hopes and expectations from these two characters but since their marriage nothing went good in their lives. everyday fights, arguments, cries, melodrama… the writers proved that second marriage only brings trouble for everybody. Babita’s character was mistreated so much. She never learnt the true face of her sister-in-law Saroj… today in the flashback Hanuman was holding the baby and talking to Minnie on phone, he was still in the Haveli. so did he or did he not get promoted and move out of Patiala with Babita? Babita sold the shop mainly because she wanted to go wherever Hanuman would go…
    and the less i say about Minnie, the better. Minnie forgave Lovely every time. Minnie forgave Meeta. Minnie forgave her Biji for the injustice towards Babes. Minnie forgave every character who had hurt her. But for five freaking years she could not forgive her Babes? Babita called her every morning according to Australia timing… but year after year after year Minnie kept ignoring Babita? So much hurt? Babita never gave up for even one day and Minnie didn’t weaken for even a moment? She lived in Australia, completed her studies, went on trips and holidays… where as her parents kept begging her to come back, to meet them at least. And Minnie didn’t once soften? she could lecture Irfan about caring for parents but she herself never once thought about Hanuman or babita’s tears? what’s the point of feeling guilty now? the writers skipped over those 5 years of Minnie being a shitty person. Now Minnie will again be the bechari who lost her babes and will be called mahan and sacrificial for looking after her kid sister… where as the last memory of Babita in viewers’ mind will be of a selfish, angry person. The writers did not even give one proper goodbye scene to Babita. All flashback scenes are only with Hanuman.
    Patiala Babes has become so bad and just like every other serial. even small things have changed. when the show began, Babita or Minnie would hardly be in any make up. They would always be with a realistic look and Minnie would even say ‘i dont like open hair, i dont do make up’. But look at Minnie now. Her BABES dies. Maybe it is acceptable if she is only putting on a hard, emotionless exterior for others. But a perfect winged eyeliner in every scene? Yup… the character sin this show might as well wake up with heavy jewellery in the morning like every other show.
    Patiala Babes has ended for me. Hope Paridhi and Aniruddh soon take up some other project. Will be waiting for Beyhadd2 now.

    1. Show was showing how a woman can struggle and become successful but it ended very badly for main characters and why is younger sister shown angry with Minnie and if Minnie came back after 2 years did she meet her parents

    2. You are so right. I only accidentally started watching this when Babita was about to get married. I thought wow, at last a realistic show. But I could not believe how they changed Babita’s character last few weeks, making her so stubborn, that she could not see from Mini’s side at all. Now jumping 5 years and killing off Babita and Hanuman is just ridiculous. It’s become like any other unrealistic show on Indian TV. Yeh Hain muhabbatein was similar. It started off so well, but a year or 2 later story lines became ridiculous. I don’t know why Indian TV showmakers learn something from Pakistani dramas. The Pakistani dramas are excellent and not more than 25-30 episodes.

  2. Don’t like how the story Is taking turns. HS was the only interesting character in this serial. I liked the way he spoke English or all his gestures when he was trying to explain something. With Minnie now as main character this serial has lost its charm. Personal I would have loved to see the story of blended family fighting agay the society. Minnie did more harm to HS and Babita marriage than Khatri.

    1. Totally agree

  3. SsiyAa

    O my god.. Nothing can be worst than this… What makers will achieve by behaving so mean, sick and disastrous to their immortal characters. Did anyone saw this episode? There wasn’t even a fair goodbye to their lead actress. They didn’t even felt to showed her face live or dead. I don’t know what kind of myth they are living in, why so much obsession and expectations with ashnoor kaur! I never said ashnoor isn’t good actress but she was never the first reason for people to watch this show. Makers feel she is young and growing face with continuous increasing popularity and reason for their serial rising trip but they are wrong, at least I believe so. Just because she received few albums few awards, make her the main lead and throw others out! Now it’s very clear the only reason to spoil babita hs type characters so that people only live under impression that minni is sufferer and so strong to handle everything on her own. She is the real heroine and others are selfish. God never felt tired of giving pain only to minni…. Seriously!!…… In order to make minnie character more popular they spoiled first babita and then hS day by day so that people start to have soft corner for minnie and can forget paridhi easily.
    C’mon yaar! already 16yr girl playing 18yr was too much for us now making her do 23yrs age…
    It’s a waste and big no. It’s not like I ever left this show intentionally but my life was so busy after joining first and new job that I hardly got time to comment on TU or watch episode. But I was expecting good from this serial and was in mind of missing it but when I saw in news they are planning to kill paridhi hs character to end their role after leap I thought it’s rumour today when I saw new promo I made time to watch episode too and I was so much HURT not bcoz episode was emotional but from bottom I felt bad for these two actors. Honestly speaking episode was dramatic, materialistic and Feelingless to connect with us. And don’t feel it can work for long. I’m feeling bad for paridhi and aniruddh, what they got in the end? You put your soul in your role, you trust and truly follow the script demand with hope makers know better than you and may have something good ahead but what did they get. It’s equivalent to disrespecting them asking them to leave. I have strong feeling paridhi may have refused to shoot for further episodes and for that reason she is not there in any recent episodes and not also her face or boy i

    1. Totally agree. It was the three’s relationship and struggles that endeared the viewers to the show. They might have been better to just end the show giving it happy ending and started a new show if they wanted mini to play lead.

  4. SsiyAa

    *body was shown.
    Hii @Dhara i really missed your comments. It was such a good interaction with you. I never got moment to express this and sorry to go missing all of sudden for so long. I hope you missed my comments too ??. Thankyou for making the portal so open and elocution type. So, many people joined us to share their views from their personal experiences, their emotions and their sufferings. No was her pyscho or cringe type fan followers speaking awww or wowww but pouring their heart.
    I really have no idea whatever all have happened here in 2 months in comments section but all I know I may not come back here as for me serial has finally ended and it no more exists. And I’m hardly a serial lover neither have time to watch especially something negative or over dramatic. But let’s hope everything best for all us. All the best guys… Do take care everyone and be positive!…ALWAYS……. ?????????????????????⭐⭐??✨✨✨?✨✨…. and keep SMILING ALWAYS…. GOODBYE ????

    1. They killed Babita character since the day of marriage, they never intended her to continue this show, there are so many angles this show could have gone without turning her character so selfish against minni, that was too unfair, this is the end of me and this show

  5. Really today night I could not sleep after death of HS and Babita. Very sad

  6. I am Chairperson of the TV Watchers society, having 2,400 members.
    Members have not appreciated removal of Babita and Hanuman Singh from the TV Serial PATIALA BABES.
    We are therefore boycotting PATIALA BABES till these characters return.

  7. Really didn’t like the way story of Babita and HS ended up.Felt so terrible while watching the episode.It was very very sad.Their story could’ve been more better and a little less sorrowful.I can’t enjoy the show now when two lead characters are gone.Worst episode of my once fav serial ??.

  8. Thought Babita would continue her business and fly high in her life and learn to live independent. Nothing happened.

  9. Yes, please do. They have destroyed the beautiful story which had so much scope. Really sad by the way they handled it :(.

  10. Shame at the way the director and story writers have ended the characters ,Babita and HS. Just a simple “accident” given as the cause of their elimination. So damn awful is the least I can say.!!
    I am sure the TRP’s of this serial will drop ,sorry…not drop …they should slide downhill….
    Agree with all the others here …

  11. Shubhadarshini Singh

    Seems like the actors just walked off and things were hashed up Anyway Babitshe must have felt like it. a had become so selfish and mean that

  12. Its sad the two main characters had an abrupt ending. Lost interest. A happy ending would have been nice in todays messed up world.

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