Patiala Babes 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Apologizes Hanuman

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Patiala Babes 21st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman does pushups angrily after Babita alleges him of trying to snatch away Minnie from her and warns not to interfere between mother and daughter. Minnie walks in and says he is doing pushups wrongly. Hanuman says only mother and daughter knows what is right. She jokes to calm him down and asks what happened. He explains what Babita told. Minnie is amused to hear that. Hanuman says Babita has gone arrogant after getting supervisor’s job and gave lecture to thanedar Hanuman. Minnie walks to Babita and confronts her. Babita angrily shouts if she is confronting her mother for Hanuman and trying to prove Hanuman right. Minnie sits silently seeing her anger.

Next morning, Babita walks to balcony smilingly. Nayeem Bi greets her holi and asks if she wishes Minnie or not. Babita says

says no. Nayeem Bi suggests her to go and speak to her. She calls Minnie and explains her whole situation. Minnie says that is why Babita is not talking to her. She tries to prepare gujiya/sweets with Nayeem Bi’s guidance over phone. Babita watches her preparing it wrongly and goes to help her. Minnnie asks if she is angry thinking she is not paying attention to her and paying attention to Hanuman uncle instead; she loves her a lot and nobody can snatch her from her.

Babita sees Hanuman still angry and scolding Laala for trying to apply him holi. Minnie asks to go and apologize and calm him. She walks down with Babita and tells Hanuman that Babes is feeling guilty for her behavior and wants to apologize. Babita apologizes. Hanuman says he does not need her apology and confronts that she called him children grabber. Babita says she is worried after the recent incidents and losing her husband, in-laws, brother, etc., and cannot bear losing Minnie. She continues her ordeal and apologizes him again. She says she knows Minnie has other preferences also as friends, well wishers, etc., and she cannot hold her.

Hanuman suggests Babita to forget her past and celebrate holi. Babita says no. Minnie says there is a reason behind it and explains when her papa left for London, Babes waited for Papa ji to return to celebrate holi with him, but he did not, so she took oath not to play holi again. Babita says she had many colors in her life as her in-laws, her brother, Minnie, etc., even then her life was colorless. Minnie says let us fill color in her life again then..

Precap: Hanuman suggests Babita to play holy forgetting past if she wants her next generation to celebrate holi festival. Babita agrees.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I get why Babita got so insecure. a few months ago, she was literally swimming in relatives. But now look at her. Everyone she trusted just left her to fend for herself. Bau ji and Bee ji so easily decided that they will now get Mita and Ashok married. Babita’s brother, who once used to chant didi didi all the time, now doesn’t even look at her. Babita can talk openly about herself only with Nayeen Bi and Minnie now. and Nayeen Bi is only a neighbour. Now she is afraid that one day Minnie will be gone too and Babita will be left entirely alone. I liked what Hanuman said. That Babita shouldn’t focus entirely on Minnie. Even now Babita is working because her main concern is Minnie should get educated and have a happy future. But Babita should think about herself also…
    I know the serial gets a little slow sometimes and people stand and talk for long. But i like the messages they give through this show. Even Mita is not a typical vamp and always acknowledges the fact that she did wrong to Babita. And neither are all men screaming, blaming idiots (just see the men in other shows). And i also like the fact that Babita and Hanuman are not shown ‘falling in love’ out of the blue. Right now, i am not even sure that they will ever get together. Hanuman still keeps talk about his ‘imarti’ and Babita can never even think about remarriage at this point… But i feel like they will make a nice couple, respectful of each other and helping each other grow

    1. SsiyAa

      completely agree….

  2. Nice but slow as ever.

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