Patiala Babes 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Lawyer Questions Babita

Patiala Babes 21st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mini takes back her lended money from her friend Preet and says sorry for asking money suddenly. Preet says it is her money, she did not mind and anyways Happy was very excited to return her money and was telling he can even sell his kidney to help Mini. Mini laughs saying Happy is mad. Babita enters and offers Preet’s favorite lassi. Preet says her granfather is missing Babita’s dishes and their smell. Babita says she can come here often as Mini will also feels happy seeing her. At Ashok’s house, Lovely and Sukhi return from vacation. Biji cries saying Ashok wants to divorce Babita and she cannot help Babita in her bad times. Lovely shows gifts. Dadaji scolds that Biji spoke about serious issue, but Lovely is showing gifts. Lovely says this had to happen some day.

Hanuman with Laala brings lawyer and after a bit of jokergiri introduces him to Babita. Lawyer says he will ask her simple questions and asks since how long she is married, how long her husband stayed with her, howmany children she has. Babita says her husband stayed with her for 1 month after marriage and then left for London, she has one 17-year-old daughter.

Lovely walks into Mita’s room and gifts her shawl. Mita thanks her and says there was no need for it. Lovely says she had to bring gift for Mita as Mita is boss of this house now. Mita gets angry and tongue lashes her that she is blaming her for all the issues and not her cunning brother, considering her as villain and Babita as victim, etc. Sukhi reverts her back with his explanation.

Lawyer continues questioning Babita and asks when was last she got intimate with her husband. Babita feels embarrassed. Hanuman walks in and asks if he questions his mother similarly and scolds him. He says any lawyer would ask same and if he does not, judge will ask same question. Hanuman continues scolding him and send him out and then apologizes Babita for hiring such cheap lawyer. Babita says that is okay, society must be having same questions and she has to bear all this if she needs divorce, she is not afraid of these questions now and is ready to face them. Hanuman tells Laala that she was so shy when she came here, but now she is bold and can face any situation..

Precap: Mini thinks they will lose 30,000 rs in court hearings. Babita informs Nayeem bi that she spent all money she had and does not have money to spend on court hearings.

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  1. I dont understand why Babita and Minnie spend so much. When they decided to move to rented house, Minnie said they had around 20-22k which should be enough for six months if they spend judiciously. But it has hardly been a month and they have spent all their money already. No surprise there… with beautiful curtains, and flour spent to make wall-hanging dolls, numerous utensils and feeding delicacies to everyone who come to their house… ghee, kesar… all these dont come cheap! And neither of them have even thought of doing some work… with their situation changed, they should have been more careful with their but they went on spending like royalty

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