Patiala Babes 21st February 2020 Written Episode Update: Minnie Trashes Kewal

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Patiala Babes 21st February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie asks teacher what was Kewal speaking to Arya. Teacher says he was inside school and even fixed tube light. Principal says she had suspended. Minnie asks how can they let a criminal in. Teacher says he knows everyone here, so must have entered easily. Neha’s father asks what is happening. Minnie reveals that Kewal was physically abusing Arya since many days and she and Minnie and Vinita aunty complained against him to principal, so he must have kidnapped them to take revenge. Husband scolds Vinita and says if he had known before, he wouldn’t have let her and Neha come here. Minnie calls Lala and explains whole situation. Lala informs Geeta who gets worried hearing that and informs Neil and whole restaurant staff.

Biji with Rani stands on road waiting for Minnie and Arya and trying to call Minnie. Mrs. Sandhu and Pammi ask her come into their beauty parlor. Biji says she is fine. Sandhu insists. Biji informs that Arya is missing from school. Sandhu comments she should control her granddaughters, else their image will be tarnished. Rani confronts and warns Sandhu and takes Biji away.

Lala brings Kewal to school. Minnie brutally trashes him asking where he has kept Arya and Neha. Media reaches and covers the story. Neil reaches and consoles Minnie. Minnie cries hugging him. Kewal pleads that he doesn’t know where Arya and Neha are. Minnie then with whole staff searches Arya and Neha and seeing locked store room gets it opened and finds Arya and Neha there. She runs and hugs Arya and asks if she is fine and says Neil came to meet her. Arya asks if she informed everything to Neil. Neil says he knows everything, then says he knew Arya was missing from school, so he came to search her with Minnie. Arya tells Minnie that she thought Minnie broke sister promise. They get out of school and inform Biji that Arya is safe and they are returning home. Neil tells Arya that he will follow her on his bike for her safety as he is her genie. She smiles.

Biji asks Rani to switch on TV and in news sees Minnie beating Kewal and reporter says its a child abuse case. Dadaji with NB returns home and scolds Minnie for exaggerating the issue, because of which Arya’s name came in TV. Minnie argues that instead of supporting her, he is scolding her. He says practicality is different than theory and whoever the girl is, it is difficult for her to live in society after such issues happen. Minnie continues arguing while Dadaji continues fuming on her.

Precap: Minnie vents out her anger and cries. Neil hugs and consoles her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Ok…
    Now we find out that mini was also molested ????
    when did that happen???
    Looks likr serial going the same as isharo isharo mein

    1. How?
      And really Mini was also molested I thought it was shown in some starting of season 1 and I started watching this show post leap.

  2. So can we related it as that mini was molested and that’s why decides to learn karate?Because I don’t think a conservate mother like babita, who cared so much about what society thinks, decided to have mini,
    learn karate.

  3. Verma4

    Ashnoor Kaur’s a great actress. Kamo and Mrs. Sandhu you f**king sl*t/b*t*hes . Well done Rani. So Biji and Dadaji are ok with little girls getting molested but the name should not be dragged into mud. What will the society say ??

  4. Today’s 24th Feb episode explained so much about Minnie. Her rebellion, her anger, the smile she had pasted on her face with tears in eyes. Like some trust had been broken deep inside. Did not know she was molested as a child. Amazing acting by Ashnoor. Really spot on about what happens to girls when mothers do not pay attention or listen to their fears. Our society has double standards, it places all sort of rules and limits on girl’s freedom even if it related to studies or hobbies, but will not speak up against the so called relatives who molest their daughters. Very important to bring this out, this hypocrisy. This molestation is more common than one thinks.

  5. Today’s episode 24th Feb explained so much about Minnie, her anger, her fight for justice, her tears with the smile pasted on her face, as though a trust was broken. Ashnoor is a brilliant actress. Did not know Minnie was molested as a child. So good of the show to bring out this hypocrisy in our society where on one hand they put limits on a girl’s movements to protect her chastity and on the other, they do not thrash those relatives who molest their daughters because why should they trust their girls? Men are above contempt for them. Unbelievable! But this is more common than one thinks in our society. Just wish Minnie had reminded Babita about this incident and what a bad mother she was when Babita told her she was Ashok’s daughter. Can’t believe Biji did not confide in her husband when she came to know about it. Who needs enemies with relatives like these?

  6. Hello Great show but no updates???

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