Patiala Babes 21st August 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanuman’s Gifts For Babita

Patiala Babes 21st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

HS tells Minnie that he should thank her instead as she filled his life with happiness, he was living a sad life without Imarti, now he feels to rush home to see Minnie’s happy face. Minnie asks if there no other reason. HS shyingly says she embarrasses him and should maintain discipline in his house. Minnie asks how. He says she should wake up on time, do exercise and Japani kushti. Minnie says its karate. HS says he is a strict father and will join her in police. Minnie asks what is this now. HS says imagine father thanedar, mother hawaldar, and daughter.. Minnie says IPS officer. HS salutes her saying thanedar Hanuman Singh reporting sir. Minnie says he saluted her today without hesitation. HS says he wants his daughter to be in much higher position than her and make him proud of

her. Minnie says she is getting late for college and even he is getting late for police station. HS walks out and cleans his bike. Babita opens door and walks towards him. HS shyingly gazes her. Their romance from eyes starts. Minnie walks out. Babita walks in and closes door. HS tries to start his bike unsuccessfully. Minnie says she will drop him as his bike and love life will not go smooth without her help. HS asks what will people say if he pillion rides behind her. She asks not to bother about people.

Kammo informs Khatri that Babita doesn’t need a new rented house as she got her own house now. Khatri says she earned so much so soon, she is fooling Kammo and others by making them work hard and reaping profits alone. Kammo asks why can’t one get a house after marriage, reveals that Babita and HS are in love and are marrying soon. Khatri says he will provide them a package wedding deal. Kammo reminds that he is into real estate business. He says his business is only profit, be it from wedding or funeral, and makes package on his computer.

HS informs Laala about him proposing Babita. Laala excitedly hugs and congratulates HS. HS says Babita didn’t speak to him after that as she is shy. Laala says he must have not tried. HS says he gifted her whole house’s keys. Laala says he should gift her something else and reminds him what Babita suggested to gift his fiancee. HS remembers Babita suggesting to give rose, veil, or earrings from mela. HS says same. Laala says he should gift her all 3.

Minnie drives scooty home with NB pillion. NB yells that she broke her bones with rash driving. Biji and Dadaji return home. NB asks where they had been. Biji says Babita gave them good news in the morning, so they went to bring earrings for her. Dadaji says they don’t have any source of income except Lovely’s monthly sent money, so they could get only this. Biji asks if Babita will like it. Minnie says she will love it.

HS calls Babita and says he wants to send her a gift and is concerned that she will like it or not. Babita says she will like whatever he sends. Minnie enters and seeing her on phone thinks she is busy getting catering contracts, Biji and Dadaji must be reaching anytime to give her gift, so she will inform her to get ready before that. HS tells Babita that she will get gift in a few seconds and should inform him if she liked it or not. Minnie shows her Biji/Dadaji’s gifted earrings, but Babita rushes to door, takes HS’ gift from constable and runs to her room. Minnie walks to her, and she hides gift. Minnie walks to her again and shows her earrings, but Babita is engrasped remembering in HS’ words. She gets HS message to open door as he has arrived. She excitedly wears HS’ gifted earrings, throwing away her worn earrings and runs down to open door. Minnie stands perplexed picking earrings from floor.

Precap: Babita tells HS that seeing him she remembered his bitter words. HS apologizes her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. SsiyAa

    again the episode was unpredictable…. what surprised me more was khatri’s reaction, i was expecting kammo’s soft but little tough expression on learning this but she was so excited but more on that i was expecting khatri’s some creep reaction as if taking this as opportunity to berate babita but he was so casual to it.. lol.. still thinking about his business profit and not berating them… waah…
    i’m just having one question here, if our society takes such things with ok-type attitude (unki life unki marzi) or pind/community does interfere by berating them with not-ok type attitude (humare samaj ke khilaf)… is it that whatever way we fear about society is feeded in our mind by television melo-drama and in real people does only talk in them(some good some bad) but doesn’t interfere or come ahead to harm… what is the real face of society? does they have any face or we all have myth?

    1. Hi Siya… regarding your last question it really depends on what part of society you belong to. Like if you consider the really rich people, who is going to bother them? and as if the rich would care. Common people would be just like ‘rich people things’ *roll eyes* and forget about it…
      But if you are middle class like it is shown here, things seldom become so easy. I have heard of people like this, divorcee with daughter and single man, who wanted to marry but couldn’t due to various reasons. Here first of all Minnie is so understanding, but the truth is often in such cases the children become the biggest opposition. Also you will have to search with magnifying glass to find a father-in-law like Bauji. You will have to take the same magnifying glass to find a man like Hanuman too… basically, here all the characters are too nice. But in reality you will get some opposition from somewhere. If Hanuman’s father was alive, he would have raised a huge issue that a police officer like HS ‘deserves better than divorcee’.
      And if Kammo knew from before her reaction would seen reasonable now. But in reality you will find many ‘friends’ who are happy with you as long as you conform to societal expectations. But as soon as you put one step out of line they will be like ‘I have no idea the girl was like this, i better avoid her now.’ I personally have this experience. When me and my friend stayed in a rented room for our masters, we had a married neighbour who was very nice to us and always sent us homemade food since we both were staying so far away from home. She was maybe 3-4 years our senior. But in one family function of her, Didi’s mother did not like something about my friend (apparently she shouldn’t have talked to the gents so much) and warned didi to stay away from my friend. After that we could feel that our neighbor was cold to us and kept her distance from both of us. Back then we had no idea about the reason. We were all friendly one day, shut off the next… This is how abrupt and mean society can be. I had expected something similar from Kammo. the show went a different route
      If you want to go to the other extreme, we all know the truth about honor killing in some places. So yeah. some shows dramatize remarriage too much while Patiala Babes is presenting too simplistic a view. I am not complaining. In fact, if everyone behaved like characters in this show, our world will turn to heaven. so i enjoy it, but its not a very good indication of what actually happens in society. the initial portrayal when Babita left home and was shunned by everyone was rather a better representation

  2. Episode was just fab

  3. SsiyAa

    episode was laughter dose… from starting to end…. their romance on call was like teenager just turned adult… every dialogue had some hidden but lot to say in it, like minnie telling hanuman “abhi toh logo ne bahut kuch kehna hai, taiyyar hojao”…. .
    but end portion was something deep, this phase is something different not only for babita but for minnie too… variations in babita’s thoughts, words, behaviour gonna affect minnie too… now minnie will have to share her babes with someone in all aspects and that can bring complications in trio, but i hope all goes well.
    now minnie is worried and confused for babita’s unpredicted behaviour, she was expecting babita to get excited, happy looking at biji’s gift but she got no reaction at all… she wasn’t expecting babita to be busy on call for long and in fact was almost ignored, by not getting greet the way she was to till now by her mother.
    this is next chapter of the same journey where relations will be change and we’ll get to see how it affects their emotions.

  4. SsiyAa

    today only i learnt that writer for this serial is female and name is RAJITA SHARMA… may be producer too… but the story writing credit goes to her and video link i shared in previous episode written update comment box where paridhi shares how the script is given to them sometimes with drawings (sketch) of each shot.. ??????? … hatoff to the creativity of RAJITA SHARMA …. applaudable ????????

  5. MeTooPatialaBabes

    In the beginning of the episode itself it was easy to find our old HS. HS words were very true and well expressed. In fact, if you see few episodes after the entry of HS, HS watching Babita hiding (chupke chupke) and today’s episode what HS told Mini, you could easily find the difference as well as similarity. The time when HS way just passing his life in the early episodes and the change that came. Remember the scene when HS entered and Mini started talking about her talks about college and all! The same situation is now. The thing which has been added is the name of the relation that they have and the strength of the bond between HS-Mini-Babita. We love to see father-daughter relation after we saw mother-daughter more than father-mother. Every father wants his child to progress and achieve what he had never got. Same I saw in HS. I really touched my heart. It reminded me of my father and his expectations(wish because he does not load me through his expectations).
    Why would HS wear sunglasses while cleaning his bike? May be just adding more romance to the scene of may be else? But anyway, the scene was good. It seems it is like first time they are marrying and Mini is their friend/sister. Babita completely changed! I mean she now expresses what’s inside her. She is happy, she’ll show. If she is romantic, she’ll express it. If upset, then tell HS about his abusive words. She is living her life without any worry, without any burden of relations (like earlier Mini and her future was). I could say from today’s episode. She’s like a free bird.
    Mini told “If she is not there then neither his bike nor his relation with Babes is going to move ahead”. The scene was enjoyable.
    Finally from tomorrow’s episode, people will be going to know about their relation. Hope their relation is strong enough to sustain (the precap sometimes makes afraid). I believe that Khatri is behind money. We can see it clearly. But I feel that he too is having a story of himself. May be since the story is about relations, his trust from everyone might have gone and he turned alone and money is what is needed at that time. Well, it just in my mind!
    So, once the proposal is accepted, for the first time they might have talked on phone. Like most of the couples do, they talk, chat, give gifts, meet alone, they are now progressing towards it. Will be enjoyable to watch it.
    I think jhumka wala twist is just for drama. I mean, it’s like a dilemma for Babita once she realizes about it. Well, I think it’s temporary.. I mean their relation with no one is going to change. I think so.
    But an amazing episode seen today!

  6. Can I expect a beautiful love story between Hanuman Singh and Babita, lots of love and respect

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    Forgot about rest, but I feel for sure Minnie will feel left out, as what babita did in end was wrong, she almost threw earrings and wore another as soon as Hanuman msged her… Hope minnie stays positive this time as well

    1. i dont think it was ‘wrong’. Babita was just in a hurry and wasn’t paying attention. I dont think she even listened to a word Minnie has said. She didn’t even register that she was wearing different golden earrings than her normal ones. She just put on Hanuman’s gift and rushed downstairs… Its a romantic la la land separate from everyone and everything else right now

    2. SsiyAa

      Yeah.. She isn’t wrong was just in her own world, this is all something first time for her.. It will take sometime to make balance.. Let her live her moments… The problem will be when minne will have to understand that she has to share her babes completely with someone.. As till now they were the world to each other but now it has to be shared.. Let’s see how it goes..

  8. All the scenes were so pleasing and lovely… i liked so many little things. Like Babita was so focused on looking at HS that she bumped into Minnie and then both of them realized they were in public and corrected their expressions… or in police station when Lala asks did you give her a ring? And HS replies i gave all the key rings what more do you want and Lala says you didn’t do even this properly lol. I also liked when Hanuman finally calls Babita and asks ‘i have so many things to say, dont you?’ and Babita replies ‘No’ while smiling… And Babita was so happy to get the earrings and she lied down on her bed and held them above her to appreciate… Its all exactly like how you behave when you are entering in a relationship for the first time and everything seems rosy and every little thing makes you ecstatic and you are lost in your own lovely world…
    the first scene where HS immediately gets happy imagining Minnie as IPS officer was so on point. Just goes on to show that the future marriage is now only a formality for society. Otherwise from heart these three characters are already deeply connected with each other
    I was surprised at Kammo-Khatri interaction. I was expecting drama. But here both of them took the news so casually. Lets see what happens further
    I think never before it had happened that Minnie stood at the door and Babita walked away disappointed upon finding her there. Babita was completely focused on her talk with Hanuman and curious about this new gift. Neither was listening to anything else nor she paid attention to what others were doing… This is a lovely phase for her but Minnie will take some time adjusting to it. When she first found out and got upset it was because she thought this new love would hurt her babes and destroy their relations. Not once she considered how this might change her relation with her babes. She thinks things will continue the same, but till now Babita always maintained her distance from Hanuman. Even when she cared she would do it indirectly through Minnie. But now she is talking with HS directly and she will spend a lot of time with him. Minnie has never shared her babes attention with anyone. Ashok was always away and Minnie was Babita’s life. That will change now… And Minnie will have to learn to accept that. Hopefully the good that comes along makes up for it and Minnie stays happy
    I am glad that in the precap they finally brought up the words Hanuman used to insult Babita. Looking forward to see how they resolve that

  9. Perminder Virk

    I think that Mini is new to this love thing but she has never seen love between parents so she be taken back by it and maybe a talk with Nayeem be or her grand Parents she might understand them and give them space as well.

  10. This is first time in Babita’s life that she is being loved, respected and admired by someone as a partner. She is enjoying every moment of this and rightly so, she deserves a lot of love and happiness which HS can offer. Mini is smart and intelligent enough to understand that her mother has for the first time someone in her life who really loves her and she should give that time and space to Babita to enjoy hr new life. Well acted by all actors, great show!

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