Patiala Babes 20th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie’s Wishes

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Patiala Babes 20th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

After a 5-year leap, Minnie is seen enjoying life in Manali with her friends. She camps at night with friends and flies Chinese lanterns. Ek kudi…song..plays in the background. She reminscs time spent with Preet, Mickey, Babita, etc. Her friend asks if she wished something. Minnie says its a secret wish. Friend asks like all her wishes. Pari says like all her wishes. Friend asks if she still thinks like in childhood all her wishes will be fulfilled. Pari says in life there are only 2 options yes or no, she needs endless possibilities in life. At midnight, Pari’s phone rings and her friend informs her. Pari picks mobile and sees her Babes’ call. She says in Australia it is early morning and her Babes doesn’t know she is in Manali. Friend says her Babes wakes her up each morning. Minnie describes how Babes used to wake her up with alarm. Friend asks if she misses Babes. Minnie says no and asks her to sleep now and wake up early morning.

In the morning, Pari enjoys paragliding and then clicks pics. She sends them to her magazine editor Camellia who rejects them, fumes how dare she is to reject her pics, she took them with so much passion and difficulty. Friend says Camellia is leading Australian magazine’s editor and has right to reject, she can reclick pics and send again; in fact, she should cover love stories. Minnie gets more angry and says she hates love stories. Another friend asks why. Friend says because Minnie has seen them failing. Discussion ensues and friend asks if she will not call or meet Babes at least once. Pari says no. She then starts clicking pics again. A mother and daughter duo request her to click their pics. Pari clicks their pics and requests if she can click a few pics with her camera. They agree and she clicks pics and sends them to Camellia who loves them and replies she filled life in these pics which was missing. Friend insists her to call Babes as she has not gone home since 5 years.

Minnie calls HS’ landline, but nobody picks. She gets disheartened. She gets a call back and asks Babes to speak. HS says its him and asks how is she. She says she is fine. He says looking at her voice looks like… Minnie says she has come to Manali on a project. HS asks if they developed so much distance that she cannot come home from Manali, at least tell where she is in Manali; reminds her of her promise. Minnie asks if there is no problem if she comes home. HS insists to come home and says her mummy is bathing and once she returns, he will call her back. Minnie wishes bye and disconnects call emotionally. Her friends returns asking for charger and seeing her emotional asks reason. Minnie says parents make them emotional. Friend asks Babes.. Minnie says HS. HS calls back. Minnie says she is unable to control her emotion speaking to HS, she will break down more if she speaks to Babes, so she will call her tomorrow. She falls asleep, wakes up nervously and seeing 3:30 a.m. in mobile gets tensed that Babes didn’t wake her up today. Friend asks her to wait till 7:30 when Babes wakes up.

Minnie wakes up early morning and waits for Babes’s call while a slow motion song plays in the background. He hears HS calling her Veer Balika and coming in front of her. She gets emotional seeing him and asks if he really came. He says she called him and he came; says he missed her a lot, what went wrong that his most gorgeous girl went far away, requests to hug him and clear all their differences. Minnie walks far away. HS walks behind her and hugging her says her mummy has also come. Minnie calls Babes. HS asks not to look behind. NB calls her repeatedly, picks call and asks why is she calling repeatedly. NB says her Babes and HS met with an accident. Minnie asks not to lie as they both are standing in front of her, asks HS why is he looking at her like that. HS and Babes disappear. NB says truth is Babita and Hanuman are gone.

Precap: Minnie attends her parent’s funeral where she meets her sibling so says she is papa’s Veer Balika and not mamma.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. So the writers never bothered to reveal dirty khatris truth. What a joke. Now decide yo kill of the parents. Great what a pathetic storyline

    1. Killing off two characters who drove the show was a pretty stupid idea. A lot of viewers will probably drop the show if they are not there. I wonder what drove them to write the characters off?

  2. Very very very bad story. I dont like really

  3. What a boring stupid end to this series by killing of Hanuman and Babita,this series was best to watch till the wedding,after wedding series went down.

  4. I really didn’t like it… They changed the storyline…what was the use of their separation then…

  5. Is it a dream

    1. Utter nonsense.. Earlier mother’s behaviour was illogical and now the death of the parents..So girl’s whole life will be in the grief…And struggle and taking care of sibling…This is story or joke?

  6. Bye👋 Patiala babes thanks but no thanks for ruining my fav. Show. Plz change the title from Patiala babes to something else as it is meaningless now.

  7. Im shocked myself, How they killed the main leads all of a sudden? Weirdest show ever

    1. RS and KK fascination with Bacheri Mini/Ashnoor.
      And Paridth had called them out on why her Character was not going the way that they promised. And RS and KK did not like and than for the last 2 Months have butchered Babita and HS to being props and sound board for Bacheri Mini.
      Than season 2 was about Bacheri Mini but changed due to the bavklash and introduced Arya to bring in HS and Babita fans and also some has to be the sound board and prop for Bacheri Mini thr great one. Hope they don’t use Arya and here Sony need to step in and close the show down.

  8. I repeat to say mini is unwed mother, first to her own mom n now to her sister..Utter nonsense, spoilt life of such great intelligent girl..i don’t understand what ws the reason of showing she went abroad when she is back in next episode..agn she wl struggle to raise the kid n god knows what..

  9. I didn’t want HS and babita to die. I think they should show mini sister growing up with mini and few years later HS and babita return (They were not actually didn’t die but were in coma or you know memory loss or something.

    1. No it will be reverse Minnie becoming like babes and the sibling like Minnie in her youth. Its a utterly shambles of the show. Loose ends like patiala babes kathri. Did hs make a will and leave his havili to Minnie or is it a dream I wonder. Or is Minnie going to take back patiala babes. How she does not turn like babes. What happened to saroj babes brother etc.

  10. The worst ever episode.. more than that the writers have not left any chance of killing the story. From best to worst. Why kill the main the two leads??

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