Patiala Babes 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Nayeem Bi Wins Election

Patiala Babes 20th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie and Hanuman Singh/HS give martial arts training to Babita, Nayeem Bi/NB, and Kammo. Zindaa haito…song…plays in the background. Rogue boys eve tease Preet again. Babita, Nayeem Bi/NB, and Kammo trash them and teach them a nice lesson. Preet slaps them, and mob claps for Babita, Nayeem Bi/NB, Kammo, and Preet.

HS heads society president election and calls Khatri to elaborate his points. Khatri starts that he will make a few changes this time, he will discontinue security guards and save those expenses to the society and he will reduce from 4 cleaners to 1 and save even there as they don’t need too much cleaning; if they select him, he will make sure they are in profits. HS calls NB next who addresses that she married and came to this society around 15 years old and has spent her life with them and considers them as family; cleaning will be at most important task for them and she will fix dustbins on road; regarding security, even with security guards, neighbor society’s rogue boys enter and eve tease our girls. Khatri comments they should keep girls at home as horse will get tempted seeing grass. HS warns that girls are not grass and they should kick out the animals. NB says she will teach girls self defense and Minnie will teach them for free. She continues her point when people get up and walk away.

Lovely starts yelling at Dadaji and Biji that whole society saw inebriated Ashok’s drama and are badmouthing about them, it is all because of Mita. Dadaji warns her to shut her mouth. Ashok comes out. Biji scolds him followed by Dadaji. Lovely asks where was he whole night. Ashok says why did not they open door. Lovely says Babita did not. Ashok angrily walks into his room and sees Minnie’s message on Mita’s mobile.

NB asks Babita and Minnie if she will win election or not. Minnie says she will win for sure. Their discussion continues. HS tries to calm down NB when Laala enters and says there is bad news. Everyone nervously asks what is it. Laala says NB cannot scold or roam carelessly in society from hereon as she has become president. NB scolds him and says it is her love. They chant hip hip hurray.. and celerbate NB’s victory. Khatri’s employee plays Kaliram ka bajgaya dhol…song. Khatri scolds and dismisses him from job. Employee says he does not give salary on time always, so he will join new president NB. Kammo walks in, Khatri says something is fishy, else whole society is in his favor. Kammo suggests him to mend his ways as everyone are with Babita, Minnie and NB due to their good behavior.

Ashok walks into Babita’s house and yells at her. Minnie warns him to behave with her mamma. He shouts at her back.

Precap: Ashok alleges Babita that she is interfering hin his married life. Babita slaps Minnie. Ashok then locks Mita in her room as a punishment.

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    2. SsiyAa

      Hii.. Do share your views like me ?.. Even i liked the today,s episode… The attempt to show babita learning self defense was good.. The best part about this serial is, it doesn’t stick to one track for weeks… Like yesterday they rise the topic and today they ended it..

  2. SsiyAa

    Episode was good… Was happy to see khatri’s face on lose… I feel like the writers of this show also live the life of chahracter they are trying to present on screen… HS was looking handsome in today’s episode.. .. There was so much just in one episode in quick mode.. They are not intrested in dragging the track.. One by one they have something to show… Today first babita lernt self defence, they fight with eve teasers was enjoying when they were getting beaten, nayeembi and kammo even joined them… Nayeembi won election on two points with no fake promise but honest words, kammo making khatri understand and the lines she spoke were perfect fit for him, ashok blaming others for his spineless actions…
    The precap scared me…i already knew ashok will create ruckus but this is too much… He blamed minnie, babita and mita, he locked mita in room knowing she is pregnant, shaahh!!!.. Shame on people like him…he is such a shame… Blaming others for his sufferings… Coward..selfish..spineless, obnoxious, etc etc etc.,,, even god can’t help such people…

  3. MeTooPatialaBabes

    I am here again after a long time! Today’s episode was refreshing and at no time in between the episode I felt that it was boring and can be skipped.
    Starting with, Babita’s face and expression was like; it touched my heart. The way the topic was produced was very well written as well as showed. One thing which needed improvement is how Mini shows her Karate skills. I know that she is not a black belt but her character needs some extent of touching to the perfection level (Mini is black belt!). I am personally a black belt and so can see clearly that she is doing a desi fight or more like a white belt student. Well for others who haven’t much knowledge about this may find it okay. Other thing is, Karate teaches simple techniques more than building power. Like Babita threw Hanuman. If the show raised such important topic, it could show some of those techniques(Just 1 or 2) to teach other women who are watching their episode. It’s frankly a suggestion.
    Anyway, the first 5 minutes if the episodes included self-defense training and some HS-Babita romance. It was really cute and natural. In last, Preet was walking like her life has become a hell. She was so
    moodless and afraid of. In yesterday’s episode she at least spoke something when the boys teased her. This time she did nothing until the ladies caught them and arrested them. I really do not like these type of girls but yes they exist.
    One more thing that I do not understand that which type of lady is Lovely. She is also like Ashok. She cares for no one other then herself. Both brother-sister are same.
    Mita! Hearing her name itself is enough for sympathy and pity. It’s too much now. She is even more worse condition than Babita was. I don’t understand had ever Ashok loved Mita? I know that Babita will understand her. She need to support her like Mita did when she used washroom. After all both are woman.
    I think that instead of wrapping Mita’s role, the show should her rising also. In short showing Mita as an independent women, all alone after a broken marriage. She also matters to the viewers. I thought to show after miscarriage, Mita supporting Biji-Papaji in a new house where they 3 live together. No dependency on Ashok! After all, they are with Ashok just because of financial problems and Mita is sufficient to handle it.
    It will be interesting to see upcoming twists and yes! HS-Babita together as friends or couple…

    1. Kudos to you! I am so much awed by people who know karate. I had once joined a school which had karate classes for lower classes. One day, one of our regular teachers was absent and the karate teacher came to our class as replacement. Naturally many of us had q for her and she asked a few of us to try and do one thing. We had to make her change her position. She stood staright and we tried to push her or pull her, gave our full force but we coudn’t bulge her even a little bit. I was so impressed and still remember it. She was even the same size as us but seemed to have so much strength and confodence. Its my dream to learn karate too… Today’s episode i was also disappointed because when the women confronted the boys they did not use any karate skills at all. It was in broad day light so the boys were already cautious and the women were basically beating with sticks, pulling hair, slapping… Yes it is important to stand up together against hooligans, but i had expected babita will actually learn a lot of self defense from minnie over the course of weeks. I dont know if it will still happen

  4. I was left unsatisfied with todays episode. I like the results, but i dont like how it got there. The track was too fast. I was hoping to see babita learning martial arts over weeks and not one night and morning. When the episode started i was still okay because i thoughy she was training for a few days maybe… But the scene with ashok showed that it was only next day. So babita started rotating sticks like ninja in two hours? Even if she did train that extensively she would be tired and exhausted beyond words. If a person has never exercised and then starts training rigourously for hours on the first day, he or she would be exhausted and unable to walk even… And i am saying all this because i always praise the serial for being realistic but today they showed it to be too easy. They should have shown babita training little by little over weeks and then fighting when such a incidencr happen again in a lonely dark place. What they showed was like a fairy tale
    Same thing with the election. Khatri and ashok are not the only bad men in the world. Kammo likes babita now because she worked with her but there will still be others who would badmouth babita or be against her. There is no shortage of judgemental people in society. Nayeenbi screams at everyone, she is a woman… There are still selfish people in society, and khatri fooling people over years would not have been defeated this easily. When i first heard about election, i had imagined a close and intense competition. Khatri is a pervert and would have tried several backhand ways to win (like he tried to bribe that businessman for catering service). He would not have relied on one speech only… The writers just made everything too easy
    I still like the messages in the show. But i dont want it to become superficial or just brushing the surface of problems. The realistic portrayal of struggle makes it interesting. Otherwise it will become positive to the point of impossible. Babita still needs to be shown struggling. Just because she has become confident doesnt mean she can do anything easily. If she trained so hard for few hours, how did she complete the orders for the catering service for the day? She is now serving bith the police station and the corporate man’s office everyday. Is not facing any business trouble? Just four people working in an expanding business would be short on labour too. Dont make babita a super woman. There should ba balance of good and bad
    Ashok needs to be smacked on his face. As do lovely. Both of them accomplish nothing but find fault with everyone else. Throwing tantrums as if they are kings and queens of the world. Huh

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