Patiala Babes 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Mini Trashes Khatri

Patiala Babes 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mini meets Bobby at a restaurant on his request and they enjoy ice cream. Bobby asks her not to mingle with boys. He asks if he is not a boy. He says he is her friend. She says she will leave now. He insists her to wait, gets her rose kulfi and runs to get soda. Mickey is locked into a room with a pr*stitute by his friends. He thinks it is his girlfriend Tanya, but then is shocked to see another girl. Girl tries to lure him, he asks if she does not have any brother or father. She says no. He says he is her brother then and runs out of room. His friends follow him. He rushes into restaurant and sits in front of Mini. Mini asks who is he, get away. He requests her to save him from his friends. She asks to say please. He does. She opens umbrella. He is surprised to see his umbrella and

starts staring at Mini. People watch them and think them as couple. Khatri’s assistant identifies Mini as the girl who came with her mother. Bobby returns and is shocked to see Mini with a boy, misunderstands and runs away. Mini closes umbrella and walks away with Mickey. Mickey asks who was that boy. She says a childhood friend who is helpful in needed. He says her friend loves him. She says what rubbish and leaves in her scooter leaving umbrella with Mickey. She then returns home and describes whole incident to Babita. Babita says he must be a thief. Mini says jokes he was holding AK47. Babita says Bobby and anyone around would have misunderstood, she should not have opened umbrella. Mini says she was just helping.

Next morning, Khatri’s assistant informs him that Mini was romancing Mickey in a restaurant. Mini walks in with Babita and gives him filled form. He tells Babita that her daughter was romancing a boy in a restaurant and half city watched it, he does not want to help them. Babita pleads, but Khatri continues yelling and tarnishing Mini’s character. Mini warns him to mind his tongue, she does not need his help. Babita feels dizzy and slips. Mini helps her sit. Khatri says she got low BP hearing her daughter’s heinous act and asks Mini to get cool drinks for her mother. Mini says she will never leave her mother here. Khatri insists. She rushes to shop where shopkeper is busy on call. She finally gets cool drinks and rushes back.

Khatri starts misbehaving with Babita and holds her hand. She slaps him. He holds her hand again. Mini returns and is shocked to see Khatri misbehaving with her mother. She brutally trashes Khjatri. He runs on road. Mini continues trashing him, picks hockey bat and continues. Police reaches, arrests them and takes them to police station while Babita runs behind jeep. They reach police. Khatri asks constable where is their inspector. Inspector walks in and identifying Khatri as his neighor asks what happened to him. Khatri says this girl brutally trashed him and he did not revert back thinking her as girl. Inspector asks Mini why did he trash this good man. Mini asks to ask this leach how dare he is to touch her mother…

Precap: Ashok bails out Mini and tells Babita that Mini will repeatedly make mistakes and he cannot repeatedly rescue her, how will manage Mini’s education and upbringing without a husband.

Update Credit to: MA

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