Patiala Babes 19th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita’s Job Interview

Patiala Babes 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie calls Hanuman, Laala, Nayeem Bi, and Preeto and informs them about Babita’s job interview at 1 p.m. Hanuman says it is very simple. Minnie says let us act as interviewers and question Babita. Babita gets nervous. Hanuman asks what is her name. Babita gets more nervous. Minnie says her Name is Minnie Khurana. Babita says my name is Mrs. Babita. Minnie says she is divorced and Ms. Babita. Hanuman says Ms. Babita sounds good and asks police training related questions. Nayeem Bi scolds him to ask relevant questions. Minnie asks Preeto to question next. Preeto asks where she sees herself after 5 years in this company. Minnie says this is irrelevant question and says it is AC selling company and how will Babita convince customer to buy AC. Babita asks what.. Minnie says Patiala

city uses coolers most, how will she convince customer to buy AC. Babita says they will buy if they want. Minnie says this is not the way. Babita continues panicking and Minnie trying to question her. Hanuman says enough now, he cannot understand this mother and daughter duo, one proposes and opposes always, he does not know what they are up to. Nayeem bi takes him aside and scolds that scolds that he frightened Babita with his rude behavior. Hanuman says he was trying same tactic which Nayeem Bi used on him in his childhood, frightening him to have food, else monkey will eat his food. Nayeeem Bi smiles.

Babita confronts Minnie that she cannot learn everything in 1 day and needs some time, Minnie is just using internet uncle and questioning her. Minnie says interview uncle says not to get nervous and if she does not know answer, she should accept it as honesty is the best policy. Babita gets ready for interview hurriedly, Minnie with Preeto helps her. Nayeem bi takes out Babita’s nazar. Minnie rushes Babita to interview venue. Babita gets nervous seeing young candidates than her. Minnie asks her to be confident as she is more experienced in life than them. Receptionist calls candidates. Minnie fumes seeing delay. Receptionist calls Babita next.

Babita walks into interviews’ cabin and greets them. Lady interviewer checks Babita’s biodata and asks if she is Ms or Mrs Babita. Babita gets nervous. Lady sees sindhoor and says she is Mrs Babita then. Male interviewer says usually they get experienced candidates or college pass out young and energetic candidates, so she 35 without experience, how she considers fit for this job without any experience. Babita says she is a housewife and a housewife goes through many phases in life like daughter, wife, mother, daughter-in-law, etc., and tries to excel in each, so she will learn with her 100% effort. Lady asks if she means if she is a housewife, she can learn job soon. Babita says she did not mean that, she means her wish to learn will make her succeed in this job. Interviewers continue questioning her and say she may leave. Babita walks out nervously.

Precap: Minnie asks Babita about interview. Babita says she got very nervous and was about to cry, but she replied confidently, badly needs this job. Interviewer comes out and announces that they selected candidate on the basis of sincerity and wish to learn, so they have selected 2 candidates.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I dont understand why Babita is still putting on sindoor. She is no longer married, she has oulled off her mangalsutra, then why not the sindoor? Is she doing it out of habit? Just looks odd… I feel Babita will get the job…
    Everyone keeps saying Babita is foolish and childish, but Mita is more foolish than Babita. She is an educated idiot, who chose to trust a cheating man and is still with him after witnessing his abusive nature. When Mita came in the beginning, Ashok supported her, but now i see no love towards her from his part. After divorce, he is not even talking about marriage. I am sure, one day, in between his continuous shouting, he will tell Mita to get lost as she is not his wife.

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