Patiala Babes 19th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita To Leave Hanuman’s House?

Patiala Babes 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie enjoys rakshabandhan with Pinku maama and takes nek from him. NB sees Biji tying rakhi to Dadaji and stops her asking how can wife tie rakhi to her husband. Biji says Dadaji’s cousin has sent one rakhi and one is sent by Lovely for Ashok and since he is not here, she is tying both rakhi to Dadaji. NB says even then. Dadaji says in old age, staying alone in old age husband and wife become father and mother, children, siblings, bestfriends, etc. NB says she will tie rakhi to Khurana saheb if he allows. Biji says why not, if blood relationships go far away, foster ones get dear ones. NB ties rakhi to Dadaji and says she needs both nek and eidi. Dadaji gives him 100 rs. NB asks thats all. Dadaji laughs and says as soon as she became sister, she started her complaints. He gives her 200-300 rs more and she thanks him.

Pinku apologizes Babita for breaking up relationship with her. She forgives him and ties rakhi to him. He next praises HS that even after being a stranger, he went to extremes to help them all. Minnie says HS and she share a relationship of pain and he is her family member. HS gets emotional hearing that. Once Pinku leaves, Babita meets Biji and gives sweets saying Pinku had come. Biji says she is happy to hear Pinku came for rakhi. NB suggests Babita to forget HS’ bitter words and start a new life with him. Dadaji and Biji also back her and say Minnie will get married soon and will leave, Babita has a long life to live. Babita leaves.

Babita returns home and informs Minnie that she needs to talk to HS. Minnie excitedly asks HS wait in his place as Babes need to talk. Babita walks to HS and thanks him for all his help. HS gets angry and says if she thinks so, even he is thankful to her for reading Imarti’s letter and explaining the feelings hidden in it to Baapu/Sardar Singh. A property agent enters and informs Babita that she has registration of her new rental accommodation tomorrow and she can shift tomorrow itself. HS angrily leaves. Babita tells Minnie that she did what she felt right, they will shift from here tomorrow. Minnie walks out and asks HS if he is angry. He says why should he. She asks where is he going. He says to police station. NB walks in and asks him to get his dress altered by tailor and he silently takes it. She asks why is he not fighting today. Minnie says they are going from here tomorrow, so he is sad. She requests HS if she can spend today with him. He hesitantly agrees and asks her to bring helmet. She excitedly brings helmet and leaves with him.

NB confronts Babita why she is giving excuses repeatedly, sometimes Minnie’s, sometimes society’s; she feels she is afraid of losing the happiness she has gained, but god is showering happiness on her and she just wants empty veil. Babita says she has decided to stay alone. NB says she knows it is not her fault as she did not see happiness for long, her past life is like a sunlight which she cannot catch even if she tries. Babita says she is right. NB says she will try once, once’s adamancy can get anything; if she tries to hold sunlight with closed fist, she can\not, so she has to open her fist and let it fall on her; samething with happiness, she has to grab the drops of happiness in her life. Khatra Khatri milti hai…zindagi hai behne do…song…plays in the background. Babita tris to hold sunlight in her palm, reminiscing HS’ fondness and care for her and Minnie. She reminisces NB and Minnie’s words that HS wants to fill happiness in her life and HS didn’t mean to hurt her feelings.

Precap: HS tells Minnie that he doesn’t need a tentant but owner in his house, asks her to ask her mother if she will marry him.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. SsiyAa
    sbs hints the entry of ashok in babita and HS marriage.. while i read nothing about this anywhere till now….

    1. I hope not… I want able to watch the episode since i am out of town for two days. But reading the update i feel the pace has become too slow. How many times will they show minnie/nayeen bi trying to convince babita/hs. I hope on tuesday episode atleast the differences are resolved. The story needs something fresh and new now

    2. Wasn’t able to*
      Today i realized that while watching the episode the acting and music is so good that we dont focus on the story much. But if read only the written uodates it will look like nothing actually is happening for days…

    3. SsiyAa

      haan.. even i don’t want… but god only knows what makers are planning!…
      i was just wishing to see something fresh other than their love story… but promos and serials portal shows as if it’s going to revolve around their love story…
      why don’t you try to watch it on sonyliv in your phone.. it don’t require subscription… i watch it there only…
      written update sometimes miss that depth or details or say, they don’t get words to express the way it is… i guess this the only serial among all which becomes difficult to pen down by writers because of so much realistic emotions in episode.
      and i agree dhara,… patiala babes doesn’t have that dramatic story, it’s like a life like ours and is flowing.. i mean this hardly have any story that can be talked about, ye hua phir aaya twist phir ye hua..twist revenge suspense..etc etc. to which we can stick like a glue to watch… the story is predictable and rhythm is almost similar to like any of our life. See before week too there was talk about HS-babita, today also… Before also NB was trying to explain HS-babita, today also same, Minnie was trying to set them, today also… biji before itself asked babita about HS and today the same….. the same thing happens to all of us, since it’s a serial still has enough pace (slower comparative to other drama series) but still our lives pace is much.. much..much slower than this. that is the reason when we read the written update we find like nothing much happened but when we watch the episode there is a journey of emotions.
      . if you observe people like me, you, lakshmi and many, talk here about emotions related to characters in the story more than predicting what will happen next in the story because we are enjoying their journey of emotions but yes as viewer and still it’s a drama series we want something to happen new and different in the serial not considering us as emotional fool by maintaining some pace.

  2. This serial is getting boring and repetitive now and should end soon.

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Full of emotional episode… Hope precap is not dream

  4. i appreciate the return of ashok # we want villan to torture the couple and then win # masala theme in patiala babes

  5. MeTooPatialaBabes

    The story is not overdramatic. It does not have any story. But it does have a track of relationships and emotions. In today’s world, most of the breakup and disjoining of family is because of not understanding both of these terms. Like Nayenbi and Dadu became brother-sisters. Poonam became Mausi. Mini got a Nanu: Sardarsingh. HS was accepted as son-in-law. And many such. It is not just a love story. It is a story of relations and emotions. How should it bee handled in the situation. Repetative calls of one scenes are must. Because if they do not show us, we’ll only tell that they forgot that part. In realistic mode, such things happen. Often our parents, friends and relatives suggest what should they do now whether or not we like or not. They’ll tell again and again until we accept it or totally reject it. Still Babita did not have a clear answer to Biji’s question.
    For Babita everything is in confusion. Her choice is different but she has to do according to the situation that she faced when Hanuman insulted her. She obviously will feel ashamed and feel that why I liked HS though he is a good man, she should stay away from her. She now might has understood that everything he was had a reason. But her heart was hurted. And she could not share her feelings to anyone. Nayenbi did not know about it and Mini, she could not talk about such things. In between came Imarti plot. She might have felt that HS do not trust, so as to share the truth of Imarti’s death. Why? I have the right to know. If not I am nothing to him. And so happened. She heard everything from Nayenbi and not HS. Neither HS discussed about it. He just ignored. I remember when he said abusive words, he brought “Sharab ki bottle”. She will feel that my feelings has no meaning. He will do what he will want.
    Everyone including HS believes that she should take the first step. Alright. But first at least HS should ask for forgiveness or give a signal. He convinced Pinku but she might have felt that may be he did for Mini.

  6. Shade
    I am not sure whether this scenes come b4 or after Hanuman’s proposal. If it’s after proposal, I think Babita should leave the Haveli.

  7. Very well said siya and metoopatialababes about how the show focuses more on relations and emotions rather than plot… Siya, my phone has many memory problems. I dont have any apps dowloaded still… I will try to watch from laptop after i return. I will miss today’s episide too ??
    Shade i hope hanuman decided to propose after his talk with lala. He was talking aboyt anger and expectations. He got angry today when babita thanked him and maybe he expected babita to resolve the issue rather than leaving… Hopefully that is what happens. Btw, i must say anirudh talks a lot differently from his normal way for the character hanuman. Its evident he puts a lot of thought into his work

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