Patiala Babes 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie Leaves Home

Patiala Babes 18th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita reminisces Minnie confronting her and crying. Kammo calls her and she calls why did she call her. Kammo taunts her and says she got her first business, so she wants to send dahi balle to her. Babita warns her to disconnect call. Kammo taunts her that at last she is getting rid off her first husband’s daughter and made her prediction true that she will feel Minnie troublesome. Babita shouts to shut up. Kammo continues taunting her and says she is worried for Minnie. Babita angrily disconnects call. At NB’s house, Mickey with Preet helps Minnie with Delhi accommodation and visa arrangement. NB offers them tea and biscuits and scolds them to have it soon in her own style. Babita walks to them and yells at Minnie that she is doing all this under Mickey’s influence and is meeting him even after her warning. She drags Minnie and says she will not go anywhere and after her studies, she will get her married soon. Minnie frees her hand and says she doesn’t want to marry. Babita continues yelling at Mickey and then blames NB for supporting them. NB reverts back and says Preet and Mickey supported Minnie when Babita married and left Minnie alone thinking she can control both Minnie and HS and make them dance on her tunes. Argument ensues, Babita continues yelling at NB. NB says it is better she leave now as she doesn’t know what she is speaking. Babita says even she should not come to her house. NB says she will not as she didn’t after Imarti left and now after Minnie leaves, she will never step into that house. Babita warns Minnie to follow her. Minnie says she will not and will not change her decision.

Minnie cries reminiscing Babita’s rude behavior. A sad song plays in the background. HS asks her to join him for dinner as her mother served plate even to her. Minnie nods no and walks to her room. HS also leaves his plate. Minnie looks at her room carefully and packs her bag reminiscing HS gifting her camera, time spent with him, etc. Babita walks around home crying while HS sits sadly. Next morning, Babita walks to Minnie’s room while she is asleep and pampers her emotionally. She imagines Minnie hugging her happily, etc. When Minnie wakes up hearing alarm, Babita rushes out of room. Minnie feels her presence. Laala briefs today’s events to HS while he and Babita look at Minnie’s room eagerly. Minnie walks down holding her bags reminiscing HS hiding Ashok’s letter, Babita scolding her, etc.

Precap: Minnie tells Babita that she is going and to take caer of herself. Babita hides turns her back on Minnie and when Minnie leaves looks at her going out.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Nice story line keep it I’m waiting for written update

  2. The writer’s have assassinated Babita’s and HS character. At last a character like Kammo and Khatri won. What a defeating end to Season 1.

  3. Not happy with the ending
    Wish writer had given apportunity to Hanuman to make Babita realize her mistake and then together allow Minni to go for further studies

  4. Hopefully minnie is only dreaming …like the infamous jr’s dream in dallas … the main characters should be allowed to bring it together …babita must reflect in her immature and selfserving behaviour, … divorce and second marriages should be given a chance, despite the prejudiced perceptions of an insular and sick society … the nightmare would give minnie a chance to reconnect with her family …comeon script writers …too much doom and gloom in the world already.

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