Patiala Babes 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Pranks Hanuman

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Patiala Babes 18th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman Singh/HS pays samosa vendor after eating samosa. Vendor says Khatri already paid for everyone today. Khatri walks in with his typical laughs and asks HS to enjoy sasomas. HS says he will not mend his ways even after warning and is bribing people. Khatri says forget what happened and see how people are enjoying samosas and are on his side now. HS continues scolding him. At home, Babita speaks to Nayeem Bi over phone who asks her to fill her society president election nomination form saying she cannot hear or write properly, else she would have filled form herself. Babita asks her daughter’s name, she says Rubina and Babita asks Safina. HS enters and says it is Rubina and gives NB’s husband and son’s names. He remembers Laala’s advice not to keep into Babita’s eyes and speak, so he wears googles and turns around. Babita insists to look into her eyes and speak and removes his goggles saying who wears goggles at home. He wears towel on his face. She asks what is he doing and pulls towel, it hips his eyebrow and it swells up. She insists to show his eyebrow and applies icepack on it, then asks why is he hiding his face. He reminds her about facebook comment incident and she getting angry on him. She says she was joking and played prank on him like he and Minnie played prank on her. HS relaxes. Babita says pulling legs is common among friends. HS gets happy hearing that.

Mita waits for Ashok till late night and opens door hearing door bell. Khatri brings inebriated Ashok home who walks in blabbering. Mita asks what is happening. Khatri says Ashok got heavily inebriated, so he brought him home and tries to pass on lewd comment on her. She warns him to leave.

Makhan/Mickey walks to Minnie and informs that her father wants him to select a girl for marriage and has sent one. Babita hears that and says he is still a boy and has not matured yet for marriage. Mickey says she is right, he does not want to marry so early but his papaji ordered and Pind fathers just order. He continues his ordeal and asks how to meet a girl. Minnie enacts how a girl’s mother introduces her daughter. Mickey asks Babita what did she feet Ashok when they first met. Babita says samosas. Mickey says she should upload samosa making video then. Babita excitedly agrees.

Next morning, Mita confronts Ashok for coming home late night inebriated. Ashok yells at her that he is tensed seeing her rude behavior and hates to speak to her. Their argument continues. Ashok as usual uses fowl language and continues yelling at Mita.

Minnie with Mickey sits for video editing and sees her camera battery dead. She decides to borrow camera from her facebook friends who have camera. Mita while cooking reminisces Ashok’s misbehavior and burns her finger. She sits on dining chair sadly when she gets Minnie’s camera request and calling Minnie offers her DLSR camera, but Minnie rudely rejects. Minnie contacts all her friends, but does not get any help. Mickey says they can shoot from mobile camera. Minnie says they will not get quality video. Babita returns home after shopping samosa grocery and says she is excited to show her talent to all her facebook friends. She goes up for preparation. Minnie says they will upload video tonight at any cost.

Precap: Minnie suggests Mita to take charge of her life and take her own decision. Inebriated Ashok knocks door and shouts at Mita. Lovely tries to open door, but Mita stops her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. SsiyAa

    thanku for quick update ??,,..
    i’m feeling sad that mita will leave.. *?????

  2. Please don’t go meeta , I really like your character and acting skills

  3. i find the show so cool has to laugh with babes and hs greetings from germany

  4. Thanks for the quick update,
    So so sad that Mita’s character going too soon. This is terrible. Idk, like all of these are so sudden.. Babita should know what happen to Mita at least, then knew that the hatred she gave to her have to be erased. Okay, I know that’s so difficult and takes time, but, it’s important

  5. Does anyone know how soon mita’s character would be exiting? Her arc was do different from typical shows. She came as the other woman, the supposed villain and yet she surprised everybody. She is not a goody goody but she was such a genuine and real character, and the acting was fantastic too. The writers introduced her parents and everything, now the sudden exit would make it seem like something is missing in the show. A miscarriage, trauma and growth would have been more appropriate instead of sending her away… It will mean ashok’s second child will also grow practically fatherless
    Today when minnie and mickey were talkinh abt video editing, i thought minnie would find out hanuman’s voice note too. But the plot went a different route. Wonder when minnie will listen to the audio…
    This ashok is getting more and more obnixious by the day. Now he is turning into a drunkard as well. I know mita shouts at him all the time now, but ashok completely deserves it

    1. SsiyAa

      no idea… she herself stated it’s makers decision to wrap up her role… i just wish makers change their mind.. and think about miscarriage kinda plot.. in precap i just hate lovely for always opposing mita… i know she don’t like mita but should have sense of right and wrong… i’m sure she will blame mita only for ashok’s mischievous act…

    2. yeah i knew that typically that ashok would be the reason of the mita departure such fool girls fall for wrong person and later repents

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